Grab Your FREE Walkingmama Stroller Fitness Guide and get my latest articles delivered to your email! You will end up by looking for a new diet to lose extra weight gained after the diet (I call it after-the-diet syndrome – putting on some extra lbs). I know some new moms, who have stopped breastfeeding and chosen a combination of pills and diets and ended up very badly: one with harsh depression, another with disorders in her metabolism.
I know there are millions of moms, like me, who do not have luxury of going to the gym whenever they want.

Going to a gym is a challenge, as moms need time to squeeze a workout and have extra budget to pay a baby sitter.
Stroller Walking has become my sport and the way of life for almost four years: I've walked with the baby stroller more than 5000 miles, as well as developed Strollnetics and promoted Fitness Rollerblading for Moms.
Besides that you can perform invisible exercises right on the go – for a whole body workout. Strollnetics Stroller Fitness Guide – download my fitness ideas how to become slim and sporty while being a busy mom.

In fact, I haven’t invented anything, I just rethink the way a mom can do more sport and have more freedom staying with her child. Usually these pills break a precious balance in the body and often mind.Taking vitamins and food supplements is the only thing acceptable for new moms.

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