Despite being a life long ectomorph, the tall skinny body-type who can usually eat as much as they like, I’ve been putting on weight since I turned 45 last year.
Through my twenties, and thirties my natural adult weight of 55kg (121lb) was defined by most weight charts as underweight.
Even after giving birth to my two boys I lost the huge amount of weight I gained during pregnancy which was a whopping 20kg or 44lbs each time.
I gave up a lot of other bad habits last year and took up many healthy ones but I ate far too much chocolate on a daily basis and, even though it was dark chocolate, eventually the weight crept on and stuck around. I still wasn’t overweight though and when summer came I started wearing loose floaty dresses to accommodate my bigger body. Even though I knew my legs were muscular from exercise I had saddlebags and my bikini bottoms were digging in around my hips. I substituted chocolate after dinner with fruit salad or fruit mush, which is fruit and nuts blended with plain yogurt and tastes a lot better than it sounds.
I have a friend who says losing weight is easy for him but that’s not the case for me.
Weight loss for women over 40 might be harder than it is for younger women because metabolism does slow down with age. There  are support groups and plans like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig but at the end of the day weight maintenance and weight loss all comes back to us. But you also have to take responsibility for your own health, for controlling your food intake no matter how hard that is and for finding a healthy eating system that works for you. Tracking my weight with the Full Fitness app because that gives me feedback on my progress so I’m not working in the dark. Being flexible in my new eating plan so I won’t be too hard on myself and I know any small failures are just a hiccup on the path to success.
Using a body weight tracking chart like the one above (a screen shot from my weight loss chart with the All Fitness app) can help you track of your weight so you can reduce your food intake and lose weight at a pace that’s right for you.
But weight loss is possible when you’ve over 40 and you can find a balance between deprivation and over-indulgence while still enjoying the food you love from time to time. Now is the time to embrace a healthy lifestyle and eating habits that will keep you feeling fabulous and ready for adventure in your forties and beyond. Get a weekly injection of tips to help you be more adventurous, have more fun and feel fabulous in your forties and beyond in our newsletter.
As much as I know that I should accept the age factor, I still find it very hard to do so…and it’s been a few year since I was forty! Ah yes, it is easier over summer when I’m happy to eat lots of big salads but come winter I crave hot food.
Even though I’ve never done more exercise in my life the weight has been slowly piling on. I used to do anything to avoid people seeing my unclothed body, with ribs, hips and shoulder bones sticking out sharply as they did, and to avoid their unkind words.
It settled naturally around 60kg (132lbs) which put me in the normal weight range for the first time in my life and was fine with me.

That might sound quite extreme but I wanted to try a lose variation of the Paleo diet although I’m still eating things like potatoes and bananas for carbohydrates as well as nuts, dairy products (mostly plain yoghurt, milk and some cheese) and lots of fruit.
Something I would never have done with chocolate which I used to eat regardless of whether I was full or not and usually despite the fact that I was full. Most women over 40 have given up bad habits like smoking or drugs which kept weight down when they were younger. All too often, when faced with the harsh realities, challenges and demands of adults life, we replace our childhood dreams with whatever is close to hand that makes us feel better and often that’s food. There are replacement meals like protein shakes, low calorie ready-made meals, endless and ever-changing diets that change their names from Atkins to South Beach to Raw Food as the years go by. I exercise because I love it but, no matter how much exercise you do, you won’t lose weight unless you watch what you eat. Last time we had a discussion around chocolates and it proved your consciousness towards weight. My medication requirements have been reduced dramatically, and I no longer live in constant, physical and emotional pain.
However, there is something about surpassing the age of 40 that makes what would normally feel like a challenge seem downright impossible.
I started to appreciate the flavours and textures rather than just see it as a substitute for chocolate. But now I’m working on eating less and kicking yet another life-long addiction of comfort eating, over-eating and relying on chocolate to boost my mood and energy levels. Things like like pushing out a 5kg (11lb) baby at home, body-building or even just a gentle swim are no mean feat. Stick with it and remember… it does NOT happen overnight, but it WILL happen if you are dedicated. There are a number of factors at play after 40 – a slower metabolism, busier daily schedules and less mobility and flexibility. It’s amazing how horrible that extra 5kg feels and how extraordinarily hard it is to shift.
I like your idea of keeping just a couple carbs available (maybe potato and quinoa) in small amounts. I actually haven’t weighed myself for ages because seeing that number can do awful things to my mind.
It comes down to knowing what works best for your body and how hard you are willing to work to achieve your fitness goals. Instead I gauge my weight on how my clothes are fitting and they are way to tight at the moment.
Like you I exercise most days but I know without a doubt it is the extra food that I am putting in my mouth. My downfall is rice crackers with blue vein cheese and quince paste before my dinner every night – YUM. For example, hypothyroidism is common issue for women over the age of 40 who find they cannot lose weight by traditional means.

Just these extra calories can add up to a whole days worth of eating over a week and as you said when you are over 40 these extra calories are hard to shift. I love your tips they make perfect sense to me so I am joining you on the journey to get back to my feel good weight. A physical will rule out any health-related problems that may be causing weight gain or hindering your weight loss. You also want to ensure that there are no physical limitations of which you should be aware before embarking on an exercise program. After 40, it is also important to get plenty of fiber in your diet, which can be accomplished through the inclusion of fruit, vegetables and whole grain products, such as whole grain braid and steel cut oats. Add cinnamon to your Greek yogurt for a sweet treat can help the body to metabolize sugar and reduce blood sugar levels. Drink as much water as possible and when you think that you’ve had enough water each day – drink at least another glass. Not only does this help with the feeling of fullness to prevent overeating, but staying hydrated is key to optimal health while on a weight loss regimen.If you eat a great deal of fast food and junk food, now is the time eliminate it from your diet completely. Cardio is important – walking, running and high intensity movement – but strength training is as well. In fact, strength training is essential to build up muscle mass that burns fat and increases metabolism. At least 30 minutes of exercise is also conducive to good heart health and mobility, important factors at age 40 and beyond.It is important to realize that as you lose weight, you may contend with looser skin than you had when you were younger.
As you age, particularly once you pass the age of 40, your skin doesn’t always retain the elasticity that it once did.
For this reason, strength training and toning exercises are key and can help to firm it up a bit.
However, this may be something with which you have to come to terms as you lose weight, particularly if you are losing in higher numbers. The health benefits are far more important.Finally, there are tenets of general good health that will aid in weight loss. Plenty of sleep, eating a balanced diet and reduced stress are factors that will affect the ability to lose weight after 40 but also health in general. It may take longer for your body to shed the pounds after the age of 40, but with diligence and persistence it can and will happen. Weight Loss on a Budget Tip #25: Save Money at the Doctor’s Office How Is High Blood Pressure Connected to Weight Loss?

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