Once you set aside Thanksgiving as a cheat day, your next step is to go in with a game plan. I always workout on Thanksgiving morning because my family usually gets together for lunch. A former camp counselor has shattered anA Extreme Weight Loss record, losing 109lbs to reach his goal weight faster than any former cast member during the ABC show's 90-day boot camp - while his co-star became the first client trainer Chris Powell walked away from.Dan 'Panda' Smith, 27, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, overcame his emotional eating and lost a history-making 109lbs in the first three months of his transformation.
Eating his feelings: In addition to his obesity, Panda was also battling past traumas from his childhoodA 'They will defend him to the death,' Panda said.
Moment of truth: Panda's weigh-in revealed that he weighed 313lbs and Chris gave him the goal of a 90lb weight loss in 90-days. Different man: John started turning to food, and the more weight he gained, the harder it was for him to be motivated to get his body back to what it wasA He explained that he wished Panda would reach out to his brother, but he knew he wouldn't do it on his own. Extended family: Two-and-half-years ago, John learned that he had fathered a son in 1990 when he was serving in the military.
You imagine yourself standing nervously by the veggie platter, hanging on for dear life to a few stalks of celery while your family and friends gorge themselves on turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie.
Having a game plan will also make it easier to turn down unwanted second (or third!) helpings from overzealous, if well-intentioned, relatives. At the end of his year-long journey, Panda, who is 5'7", went from 313lbs to a lean 187lbs, getting his body fat percentage lower than his trainer's.And while Panda was breaking records, his co-star John Robinson, 45, from Waldorf, Maryland, was neglecting his workouts and sneaking junk food. The outdoor educator realized he was gay when he was in sixth grade, and while grappling with his sexuality, he was tormented by his brother David.

After two seasons in the Arena Football League with the New Jersey Red Dogs, a back injury put John on the sidelines for good.A A 'I lost my dream at that my point.
Panda said he has told his mom (right) about his older brother's aggression toward him, but she said that David has always denied itJohn was also dealing with the death of his mother. The running back explained to John that he was the number one high school football player in the United States until he got hurt.A LeSean explained that he was also depressed and gained weight. A A A 'Do you realize you could crush your brother,' Chris asked him.Chris then started packing weight onto a bar bell. Chris kept calling his brother David, but he wouldn't answer the trainer's phone calls.At Panda's 90-day weigh-in, Chris was amazed by his progress. She always struggled with her weight, and he knew it was her wish to get his own weight under controlA Chris wanted him to show some sort of emotion when he confronted him, but John gave him nothing. Before turkey day rolls around, figure out what your overall calorie goal for that day will be. A A 'I decided to go into the camping world because it gave me that sanctuary, and I want to give that sanctuary to other kids as well,' he explained.A Panda was working with his campers when Chris surprised him dressed as a bear. He noted that she too struggled with her weight, and she desperately wanted him to lose weight.A The registered nurse was at work when Chris pretended to be a patient and hit on a hospital bed under a sheet.
Although the amount of weight intimidated Panda, the coach convinced him that he could lift it, making him yell that he is strong.'It hurt. A A 'You legitimately could be the very first person that I ever worked with who finished in 90 days,' he noted.

At first, Panda thought it was one of the other staff members messing with him, but he was thrilled to learn that it was Chris.A The teacher had his first weigh-in in front of his kids, learning that he weighed 313lbs. The whole hospital helped the trainer pull of his surprise, and when John pulled back the sheet Chris revealed that he was about to embark on the transformation of a lifetime.When John took Chris home to meet his wife and kids, they all screamed with joy. It hurt real bad but I did it,' Panda said.A John was also taking emotional strides, reaching out to Anthony and inviting him to his welcome back party after boot camp.
He would be taking him to visit the plastic surgeon to see if he would qualify for skin removal surgery after only 90 days.A A 'This was the first time that I was truly proud of what I had done,' Panda said. A A 'I don't think mom and dad knew what to do with me because I was so hyper,' he confessed. Once you’ve figured out your target calories, come up with a list of possible foods you might want to spend your calories on. Using this strategy will give you more calories to spend on calorie-heavy treats like stuffing and pie.

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