Eliminates the hazard of any eyecup to re-circulate polluted eye wash back into the eyeball socket, nor trap it under the eyelid. Neutraliser™ will provide immediate First Aid rinse to eyes and skin to flush away caustic material in approximately 3 seconds, not 10! Antiseptic and high-capacity buffer agents immediately flush away caustic materials, acid or base (a better counter-action than just saline 0.9% Sodium Chloride). According to the National Safety Council study in 2011, 54.5% of eye injures are caused by chemical burns, 70% at work and 30% at home. Neutraliser™ passed the Freeze Test as an extra performance specification important to remote installations, military, marine and EMO that stockpile chemically critical First Aid supplies like eyewash and contractors that keep these supplies in utility vehicles and trailers that service their work-sites.

A unique antiseptic skin-rinse that kills germs and reduces further infection at the wound site, applicable in both the eye and on broken skin. Product group UNSPSC #4618180 compliant for Vendors to the Canadian military, NATO, or local government EMO contractors and Specification Developers. Instead of bleach in the exquisite herbal balance Prevents growth of bacteria cause tears ???? cleaner to clean the eyes. Prevent the growth of bacteria to bleach in the exquisite herbal balance but not cause tears ???? cleaner to clean the eyes. Neutraliser™ responds to all types of injuries, on broken skin as well, acid or alkali with ONE "all risks" formula.

Dirty dog eyes, keeping clean in h'erbal solution, reduce the growth of bacteria, we will not tear or injury.
FDA literature recommends 500mL as a minimum rinse volume compared to just 50mL, for chemical burns.

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