Many people are following best low carb diet because it allows them to eat as much of their liked foods as they may like.
The best low carb diet is naturally low in calories because this is based on eliminating those foods which have sugar or are calorie-dense.
Initially low carb diets were considered quite dangerous but these have now gained widespread acceptability. To date, no conclusive scientific studies have been undertaken to understand the long term impacts of this best low carb diet. Just as with any other diet or workout plan, eating proper meals is what makes prescription hCG Diet an effective weight loss program.
The hCG drops diet plan integrates a calorie-restricted, low-carb diet to trigger and improve natural hormonal process.
Typically, the diet lasts for several weeks where the dieter should strictly stick to a 500-calorie per day plan.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has proved that diets that are high in protein and are low in carbohydrates satisfy hunger more than a lot of other low-calorie weight loss plans. When you eat less processed foods, you are likely to have better and optimum insulin levels which means optimum blood sugar levels. Institute of Medicine now endorses that a higher percentage, up to 35 percent, may be food rich in protein.
It is quite possible that internal organs may be stressed out because of eating too much protein all the time. This then aims to burn and distribute adipose tissue, or fat, throughout the body, resulting in loss of weight and increased energy levels.
However, American Heart Association still issues warning that people should stay away from even best low carb diet because of the fear that by following this diet, people will eat too much of dairy products having saturated fat. Best low carbohydrate diets induce a process in the body called ketosis which means that body is taken to such a situation where it starts making use of fat stored in the body.

White meat poultry, extra-lean ground beef, egg whites and bison contain low percentage of saturated fat but being low carb too at the same time. It is also possible that people get tired of the limitations over a longer period of time and switch back to eating a lot of carbohydrates which would mean weight will return.
This can be avoided by changing protein sources every now and then and consuming little amount of healthy carbohydrates daily.

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