You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Low Fat Herb and Spice Cheese Spread is a great choice for someone watching their calories.
So if you still haven’t ever seen or used a Spiraliser, then you need to get involved! So the inspiration behind this recipe was down to the Lake District Dairy Co’s Quark. Freerunning chef extraordinaire, providing healthy, delicious, protein packed recipes and exercise advise to help you have a more exciting and healthy diet! A vegan friendly, supercharged peanut butter shake featuring Hi-Pro Nutrition - whats not to love! If you have followed my blog for a while you know I used to clear the shelves of quark each week as it was a staple in my diet.

The flavour of the quark itself was delicious, no more spices or herbs needed (other than a little extra salt and pepper) but yeah, I was super happy with how this turned out so give it a go an enjoy! Begin by chopping your red onion and chicken into small chunks, then fry them in a wok over a medium heat in a little spray oil (or your oil of choice).2. If you have any questions or suggestions as to recipes you would like to see made healthier, please get in contact via the details below! Its a very low fat, high protein soft cheese, similar texture to a greek yoghurt and LDDC sell a few different flavours, including these new garlic & herb cooking sauces. I was lucky enough to be sent out some to try, so I decided to throw together a few ingredients, and make something healthy, simple and delicious.
If you don't have a spiraliser you could use a grater, or just thinly slice it all with a mandolin.
Alternately you could make this with actual pasta but it would be much higher carb and calorie.3.

After 5-10 minutes when your chicken and onions are browned, throw in your peas and courgette pasta and cook this for 1-2 minutes so the peas defrost and the pasta begins to soften.4.
Reduce the mixture to a low heat, then pour over your sauce and stir this through for a couple of minutes but do not let it boil.5. I topped mine with a little additional parmesan cheese and more black pepper and it was so delicious!6.

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