Something I’ve noticed the past few months when I’ve gone to the grocery store is the apparent elimination of pre-packaged whole milk mozzarella cheese from the Kraft Foods product line. Big Food’s War on Fat makes no distinction between paleo friendly and paleo unfriendly foods. Addendum- Apparently cognizant of the disgusting, cardboard taste that part skim milk imparts on mozzarella, Kraft has recently begun offering it spiked with cream cheese.
When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Dominos Low Fat Mozzarella As it turns out, dairy products are the largest source of this artery-clogging fat in Americans’ diets and one of the top sources of sugar and sodium. At first I thought it might just be the particular supermarket I shopped at, but I tried multiple chains across the Metro Miami-Dade region with the same result.  Trips to Pennsylvania and Virginia revealed that it wasn’t just a regional thing either. The same cost cutting in the name of “health” that leads Kraft to pawn skim mozzarella cheese off on us is the same sentiment that motivates Kerry Gold to offer a “low fat” aged cheddar or Trader Joe’s to offer “low fat” Coconut Milk.

Thanks in large part to milk and cheese, one in five school-aged children now has high cholesterol — a precursor to heart disease.
Kraft’s shredded whole milk mozzarella product has disappeared from retail shelves across the country. And while the replacement of whole milk mozzarella for the abomination that is part skim mozzarella might not impact the paleo community directly, the sentiment behind it certainly does.
Companies will increasingly remove the healthiest and most expensive parts of real food, and then come up with increasingly exotic and depraved concoctions in attempt to artificially recreate the taste they themselves are responsible for taking away in the first place. A third of children are obese or overweight, and one in three will have diabetes in his or her lifetime. The fans really enjoy the half-time entertainment too,” says Community Imps Matchday Coordinator, Damian Froggatt. And we’re always looking to invite new schools to take part and experience the excitement of a match day at Lincoln City.

Department of Agriculture openly admits that “the Federal Government encourages dairy consumption.” Since the mid-1990s, the dairy industry has received more than billion in federal subsidies and has earned billions more through the National School Lunch Program. We aim to get your hot, fresh tasty pizza to your door in 30 minutes or less and by us monitoring ‘drive times’ the length of time our delivery drivers are on the road, we indentified that increasing traffic and ongoing road issues in Lincoln meant that to improve our service to our customers we needed to reduce ‘drive times’.
By adding our third store on the High Street we take an important step towards achieving our ongoing goal of a ON-TIME delivery every time. Also one can prepare a low-fat pizza using non-fat cheese, home-made pizza sauce and whole-wheat piazza dough.

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