What is the one thing you’re not doing that’s preventing you from getting to the body you want ?
But to better understand what it is you need to do I’m going to share the biggest problem that most people have with lowering body fat percentage quickly.
Not a lot of people know this , but because I grew up being a fat kid it’s something that I’ve always had trouble overcoming . The first step to understanding how quickly lower body fat percentage; it’s best to know the formula for how to get fat.
I can go on for days on the science behind all these things listed, but I will give you the practical knowledge necessary to understand the basic concepts. What is the one thing that you’re not doing that’s preventing you from getting you to the body you want?
The first step here is to build enough muscle mass to allow your body to become a better sugar burning machine. In a nutshell I just basically said, lift hard and heavy, don’t eat junk food, but if you do eat junk food be smart about it. Efficiency is great when you’re running a marathon but not when you’re trying to lower your body fat percentage by losing body fat. Sides: some head rushes, increase blood pressure, wanting to sleep in, bit more irritable (I strongly believe these are all from the dbol).
I had my glads removed 30 years ago and I still get sore nips on TRT and I thought Tren made E - 2 go up also ? A well-defined mid-section is generally perceived to be attractive, healthy and athletic looking. The myth that crunches, sit-ups and other direct abdominal work are the keys to a washboard stomach is flat-out wrong. Most men will need to diet down until their body fat is in the single digits before their abs really start to show through. When you compare these two pictures keep in mind that I’ve pretty much got the exact same level of ab muscularity in both shots, the difference in how they look is simply a function of my body fat.
I recently started directly training my abs again, but that’s only because direct ab training (for strength) can be extremely beneficial in my favorite sport (mountain biking).
Obtaining a six-pack is not complicated, but for most people it does require a pretty strict diet. The solution for me was a medication called flowmax + an anti-inflammatory (I can’t remember the name of this one, it was something special though, only used for kidney stones) for a couple of weeks.

FYI, I went to my doctor about four months ago thinking I might be dealing with kidney stones. Whether you are an obese individual trying to drop some serious fat pounds, a normal weight individual with a high body fat percentage (“skinny fat”) trying to drop some fat and add some muscle, or a skinny “hard gainer” with a low body fat percentage trying to pack on the muscle, you should always keep one thing in mind. Whether we like it or not, evolution has conditioned our body to make overall survival a priority over how we look in a bathing suit or bikini.
Bottom line is that in terms of survival our bodies look at fat (with its 9 calories per gram) as a precious commodity and muscle (with only 4 calories per gram) as an expendable luxury item.
With his metabolism no longer in a suppressed state, David’s diet was modified once again, this time to match his new, unsuppressed RMR.
I’m going to teach you how to beat it and I’m going to do it in way that is actionable right now.
When you eat your high sugar foods at this best time, you actually stimulate your muscles for growth and you minimize the chance for getting fat. Eat lean meats and lots of veges for nutrient dense food to maintain a strong immune system. Ripped abs are also becoming increasingly rare: more than two-thirds of the US population is currently overweight, obese or morbidly obese.
Unfortunately you can not control where the fat comes off–your genetics are responsible for that. I hope this information helps those of you who have done a million crunches and can’t understand why your abs are still not showing.
My doc didn’t feel that was the problem and, suspecting it was muscular, he prescribed an anti-inflammatory (Mobic). It’s impossible to positively manipulate your muscle to fat ratio if your metabolism is suppressed…PERIOD. This evolutionary survival instinct was a great thing to have when sitting in a cave with no food 250,000 years ago, but more of a nuisance today with a McDonald’s on every corner. So for David to be able to make any significant changes he was going to first have to get his metabolism out of suppressed survival mode. Metabolism testing helped David convert his metabolism from an enemy to an ally, ultimately making it possible and easier for him to realize his personal health and fitness goals of adding muscle and dropping fat. Most of my adolescent life I was on the bottom of the talent pool when it came to playing sports .
If you really want to know the science of how it works, you can read this article I wrote previously.

I didn’t do a single crunch, leg raise or any other direct abdominal exercises to achieve those abs. For most men the mid-section is the first place we store fat and the very last place we lose it.
Abs are just like any other muscle in your body (although they tend to recover from training more rapidly than most other muscles), and they can be strengthened and enlarged through training.
When I finish my pre-summer cut in a couple of months I’ll be between 6% and 7% body fat and will have a six-pack regardless of whether or not I do direct ab work. During the entire three months I was on the NSAID I experienced zero flank pain (and I rode a lot), so that would seem to rule out kidney stones (at least according to my doctor: he indicated that the anti-inflammatory meds would not completely eliminate the pain if it was caused by kidney stones). Based on his initial MetabAcheck metabolism test, David was immediately put on a Dr Jay Fitness “metabolic repair” modified eating plan.
If you’re working hard in the weight room and doing lots of good compound exercise like deadlifts and squats, then your abs are already getting a pretty darn good workout.
I wasn’t new to biking (5+ yrs exp) but I was pushing my riding into new areas including free riding so I just thought it was soreness from impact absorption on landings. It turns out that normally people get these types of stones and pass them without ever noticing them. His body mass index (BMI) was in the normal range, but his body fat percentage was high (this condition is often termed “skinny fat”).
However, being in my standard riding position was cramping the tube between the kidney and bladder which caused the tiny kidney stones to rub. This lead to inflammation which in turn made the tube more sensitive to the rubbing and the cycle continued until it resulted in pain.
What was even more amazing about David’s rapid metabolic transformation was that he achieved it almost entirely through diet manipulation (i.e he did not lift a lot of weights and add a ton of muscle to his body in this first 10 weeks).
Despite watching what he was eating and periodic exercise with his trainer, he was unable to do either (add muscle or lose fat). His metabolism was in full force “survival mode”, and until he changed that status, he would continue to struggle to lose fat or gain muscle.

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