The following is a gallery of all the 2015 NAHBS Award winners, beginning with category winners and moving on to overall winners. You know those daydreams you have of you andA a group of buddies packing into a local pub for some good beer after a sweet ride?
Despite this state-of-the-art new facility, Velocity still manufactures all of their wheelsets by hand, and by employing the same six experienced builders.
Exemplifying Velocity’s versatility as a wheel component manufacturer are the two rim models Ruiter identified as their flagship models. At the stout end of the scale is the Cliffhanger touring model designed for the growing discipline of adventure riding and racing.
White Industries hopes happy customer after happy customer will spread the word about the care and precision that goes into the design of the products this family owned and operated establishment produces. For the second year, iconic Italian brand Campagnolo sponsored an award for the Best Campagnolo-Equipped bicycle. Drew Hager is the I9 Graphics Designer, and there is something impressive about theA swag at their booth. Casey Sussman, builder of Mars Cycles,A studied the art of fillet brazing at The Bicycle Academy, in Frome, England. Only about 25 frames hold the Mars label, but the one Sussman brought to Louisville with him ended up winning the People’s Choice award. Sussman cites Virginian Aaron Dykstra’s Six-Eleven Cycles as a major inspiration for his own designs. Altruiste Bicycle Company come from the far east of Canada; the village of Notre-Dame in New Brunswick to be exact.
United Bicycle Institute, based in Oregon, has been teaching frame building for over 25 years. You can learn to build bikes at UBI as an avocation or leisurely pursuit, or it can become a full-time business.
Stop by the UBI booth (#307) and see the work from some of their instructors and graduates. Rolf Prima has been building wheels since 2002 in Eugene, Oregon.A A They hand-build high-end, performance based bicycle wheels for road, mountain, gravel adventure, cyclocross, track, tandem, town, folding and just about any type of riding you are into. Despite the Germanic or Nordic-sounding name of the wheels’ original inventor, Rolf Prima wheels are as American as apple pie. Rolf Prima’s signature characteristic is theirA paired spoke technology, that allows them to build with fewer spokes and lighter rims. The wheels with the signature paired spokes also pair well with their handbuilt frameset brethren.
The polished chrome of the drilled-out high flange hubs house bearings that never soil or gum up from grit. If I wanted to go for the hour record, I’d choose a Cherubim like this one because the hand of God and the wings of angels would push you along and friction would not exist. Not sure how this translates in Czech, but it just might be a good English tagline for this new NAHBS exhibitor from Prague. Mikolas Voverka represents the modern silver-brazed steel frame specialist, and explains that reports of steel’s death are greatly exaggerated.
Due to the epic snow storm just before NAHBS this year, many bikes were delayed in transit to the show. In the case of Steve Potts, only one of his three booth bikes, a partially painted gravel grinder, had made it to the Kentucky International Convention Center (though he also has bikes featured at the Campagnolo and Paragon booths).
In a bind, Steve asked a friend and recent customer in North Carolina to throw his freshly built 29er complete in the back of his truck to bring to the show.
One of the many booths to have weather delayed shipments this year was the CeramicSpeed booth.
In this case, the delayed package contained their highly anticipated Titanium pulley wheels, arguably the highest tech pulley wheels that have ever (or perhaps will ever) exist. Co-developed with the Danish Technological Institute over four years, these pulley wheels are 3-D printed with hollow inner cavities, making them substantially lighter and more durable than their aluminum counterparts. See these pulley wheels, accompanied by a cut-away sample so you can inspect the hollow interior, at the CeramicSpeed Booth #347. Cambridge, Mass.-based Sinewave Cycles produces USB chargers for cell phones or other electronic devices, as well as dynamo hubs that generate power through the motion of pedaling. Sinewave proprietor David Dean’s love of touring and randonneuring inspired the creation of his products that enable the self-sufficiency required by those pursuits. Sinewave’s chargers are impervious to the elements by being completely encapsulated in epoxy.
This provides peace of mind for the touring cyclist who may be trying to ride through the rainy Cascades, or across Australia’s Outback, where the sun can be harnessed by bike-mounted solar panels that will power the charger. A particularly ingenious solution to problems of space on overly-cluttered handlebars is the Sinewave Reactor charger. Should a cyclist find himself in fading light, or even during the day when many cyclists are now adopting their use, a Sinewave charger can be used to power bike lights. Josh Simonds, wearing the iconic black, brimmed bowler featured by the a€?Breaking Bada€? character, is the developer and hand-mixer (and hand-bottler, and hand-labeler) of the artisan lubricant brand. Looking at the hundreds of beautiful bikes, it’s difficult to really stand out, but then you see the Samurai. Built to showcase their custom laser engraving and titanium welding, this bike looks like it comes from a modern art museum – from the future.
Jointed welds (rather than bends) give this bike an angular aesthetic inspired by the Japanese warrior it’s named for.
Katatana symbols and custom logos accent this stylishly designed bicycle notable for its trussed symmetrical aerospace grade titanium. With the high-grade frame materials, expert craftsmanship, and eye-catching design this timeless frame will inspire riders and builders for years to come. For 2015, Campagnolo’s revered Chorus, Record and Super Record cable-actuated gruppos are modified to accommodate changing frame designs and to mimic the characteristics of the electronic EPS groups. Starting with the Ergo shift levers, the body shape remains unchanged with a modified hood texture and new underhood waffling for vibration dampening. The 2015 crankset retains the Ultratorque Hirth joint bottom bracket, while evolving to a 4 arm spider.
Finally, the Bora wheelset receives a facelift with a wider 25mm profile and less carbon for lighter weight.
Pair bike enthusiasts and experienced builders with an eye on modern design and functionality and you get Zen Cycles. David Woronets and Jonathon Sieber – A a€?bike geeks at hearta€?- have developed Zen Cycles as a project of passion to create the types of bikes they love to ride.
Normally producing small batches of exceptional bikes like the Lemond Washoe or the Turner full suspension model, Jonathon and David exhibit an eye for detail when it comes to creating bikes that have an excellent blend of geometry, materials, and components.

Three models: Road, Trail, and Cross, exemplify the blend of practical use of steel or aluminum metals with their applications and riding styles. In Portland, biking is taken seriously, and David and Jonathon have done Stumptown proud by offering their expertise in design and state of the art manufacturing facilities. As it has become de rigueur for major makers to offer at least one fat bike model, the 2015 NAHBS presents diverse visions concerning the burgeoning fat standard. Several offerings reflect a maturing of fat tires into a more traditional trail machine, such as the Eriksen Ti with carbon Borealis fork. Kisha€™s striking pink-accented Ti build also offers a singletrack-oriented character around the now popular Rockshox Bluto fork. Wiseman Frameworka€™s steel fat bike, as stated by the framebuilder, was designed with the Midwest in mind, with a geometry matching the needs of the tight, rooty, rocky trails found throughout the Midwest. Northern Michigana€™s Quiring brought a full range of fat options including tandems, with several designs moving between 29er+ tires for the warmer seasons to 4a€? or 5a€? for wintertime in the snowy north.
While some makers strive to make fat bikes more trail-specific, numerous other examples highlight the fanciful and adventurous heritage of going fat. Black Sheep Bikesa€™ Speedster screams a€?Adventure!a€? with its truss fork, long, removable rear rack, and nicely accented, laced frame bag from Andrew the Maker.
With a background in racing from Cody Stevenson (CyclingNews Team, Jittery Joe’s), and with Bill Holland and Charles Wells handling manufacturing and custom wheel sets, each bike is a perfect fit for its rider. Exogrid tubes beautifully match the properties of titanium and carbon to cancel out vibration in the frame while providing maximum stiffness. With a custom fit for each bike and the eye-catching diamond carbon and ti pattern these bikes are sure to give other riders whiplash as they are passed by. Now, your local club, team or coffee-shop run posse can experience custom, pro-level graphics and quality.
OK, so the paint is a little nineties-gaudy, but it brings me back to a happy time in my life. Anyone who has owned a Titanium bicycle will confirm the following statements: they are strong as hell, and when properly crafted they will last a lifetime.
Anything made from Ti is fair game for Eriksen: custom road, mountain, cyclocross framesets and even seatposts too.
A member of the a€?Original Sixa€? NAHBS founding members, Eriksen and his wife Katie Lindquist-Eriksen have been at every NAHBS since the very first one. Close partners in love, life and the running of their business, Katie and Kent answered our curveball question as a team. Vincent Rodriguez of Velo+ and Maps Coffee Roasters in the Kansas City suburb of Lenexa sees the combination not as some illicit menage a trois, but as a family of products that are best when crafted artisan-style and with a common attention to detail. Also a steel frame builder who showed at the NAHBS New Builder Table in 2013, Rodriguez left his career with a major coffee company after 18 years of service to start his own bike shop, Velo+. Selle Anatomica, of San Diego, works to improve on traditional saddle technology through the use of alternative technologies and approaches.
Both their X-Series saddle (developed with their iconic comfort slot) and their NSX-Series saddle depart from traditional saddles of this type through the application of chrome tanned, rather than vegetable tanned, leather while utilizing only full grain type material – a robust grade that patinas rather than wearing out. Due to the water-resistant properties of their chosen leather, Selle Anatomica saddles cannot be formed into shape by aqueous process, requiring the US company that manufactures the saddle to apply a unique heat-forming method to give the leather its final shape. Look forward to an exciting developmental departure from them at the show on Saturday, when they show off an exciting new ultra-light prototype. Six-Day track racers of the 1910s and 20s used to race on wooden rims, the same material that lined the short tracks they raced on. Connor, from Denver, Colorado, is at his third NAHBS as a frame builder, and his process is anything other than anachronistic. When asked the curveball question, Connor replied, a€?Well if I’m not on wood, I need another organic material or trustworthy steel. The reality is that the handmade bike industry is just as technology-driven as the mass production bicycle industry is, or even more so. BikeCAD allows a local bike shop or consumer to develop a complete design of his-or-her dream machine, from fork rake to pinstriping. BikeCAD was designed and developed by Canadian Brent Curry, of Kitchener, Ontario, who began exhibiting at NAHBS in 2007, and has been to every show since then. Funk Cycles brought a substantial selection of beautifully welded Titanium framesets and bicycles to this yeara€™s show. Along side the shiny new 11-Speed offerings, Campagnolo has brought back their a€?Best Campagnolo Builda€? competition. The Campagnolo booth is literally stuffed with show-stoppers, adorned with Campy components. My personal favorite is the carbon LeMond Team a€?Za€? frame built and submitted by Calfee. Also standing out in the booth is a Sarto featuring 18K gold inlay (though, tragically, lacking a gold chain), a vintage Delle Santa, a Steve Potts road bike, a Shamrock, and others.
Look for other bikes in the competition at booths such as Pedalino, Peacock Groove, Ventus Customs, and Cherubim. According the Matt Ruiter, General Manager of Velocity USA, the company has always catered to the needs of custom builders and clients with special orders. No problem, you can still get rims from Velocity in a wide array of designs and hole patterns for a broad range of applications. At two times the weight of the Blunt SS, the Cliffhanger is meant for those situations far from home or even a cell phone signal where rim failure can literally be a matter of life or death. While Ruiter admitted certain advantages of carbon in road racing applications, price is certainly not one of them. While the company is mostly known for its high quality, absolutely gorgeous robotic buffered hubs (MTB, Road, and Track), it also manufactures high quality drive trains, pedals, freewheels, fixed cogs, bottom brackets, and tools. As a component manufacturer,A what better compliment is there that some of the most brilliant minds in handmade bicycleA design chose you? With 120-point engagement in the rear hubs, and the blaze of a varietyA of brilliant colors, these components are unmistakable on the road or trail.
He plies his craft from a shop in Oakland, even though he lives more than an hour a way in Half Moon Bay, Calif.
We try to outsource as little as possible so most of the element of the frames are made in house and unique. TheyA are a licensed (Oregon Department of Education) private career school teaching bicycle frame building and bicycle mechanics. My awkward angles in a tuck would be an insult to the poeticA haiku of its simple, clean lines. I can feel the wind at my back and hear the rhythmic zip of herringbone treads on fresh pavement. The beautifully minimalist Modolo Kronos brakes stop about as well as a pencil eraser on a spinning rim, but that doesn’t matter.

Among the highly anticipated bikes stuck en route was a 29+ titanium bike featuring a Paragon tapered steerer, rigid Type II fork.
Proprietary equipment has little favor with cyclo-tourists; Sinewave chargers will work with any kind of dynamo and many types of regular batteries as well. Featuring the same functionality as the standard Revolution model, the Reactor is integrated to the bike itself by also serving as a stem top cap.
The lube boasts 400 miles of use with only application of a few drops and is so quiet that users complain they can hear their worn chainrings. This formula, to be applied to low-friction pre-hub bodies, is newly available through NFS under the a€?NFS Speedgreasea€? label.
Unique features include the short seat tube that curves into the frame to represent a the curve of a Shogun’s bow. 35 mm and 50 mm rim depths remain as options, however Bora 1 wheelsets use aluminum hubshells and USB bearings and Bora Ultras use three piece carbon hubs and CULT bearings. This all black rim features a hardened brake track, requiring special pads to handle the abrasive surface. Purported to be in the 22-pound range, its short, tight geometry emphasizes traction and climbing ability . Additionally, the Wisemana€™s baby blue paint with white and red accents is a welcome contrast to the overwhelming amount of bare Ti found throughout the show.
University of Iowaa€™s long wheelbase, studded tire, all Ti single-speed was built specifically for the winter. If the fat bike has ushered in a a€?do anything, go anywherea€? niche into the off-road world, then the Black Sheep Speedster certainly exudes that. The Holland HC, the road racing model, adds Ti dropouts and rear stays to a set of custom geometry tubes.
They build steel frames and forks designed for a specific rider and riding style using TIG welded construction. They specialize in European production of cycling, running and triathlon sportswear, and they contract with over 50 different private label brands, and several ProTour teams. We are logo free, and our production is all in-house, meaning that we do not farm out pieces of our process. It proves that a custom, handmade builder can make the template that a thousand corporate copycats will try to emulate. I was twenty, in college and spending my summer working the occasional shift at a bike shop between crisscrossing the eastern and midwest U.S. And while 40 years is not quite a lifetime, it’s safe to say that Eriksen is a proven performer in the art of custom bicycle construction, and a specialist in titanium. A This special processing, common in luxury goods, allows the final product to be more water resistant and more compliant out of the box than vegetable-tanned leather saddles of similar style.
So is the use of wood in bicycle manufacture resigned to the same dustbin of history where American Six-Day racing now resides?
Serving the needs of the custom builder, local bike shops and customers is BikeCAD, a free online computer-aided design (CAD) tool. The frame builder can then be given plans that can be readily interpreted by the builder, with tube measurements and angles. A According to Dan Harvey, Funk Cyclesa€™ resident finishing expert, it took 10 hours of processing by hand to complete the violet colored frame. A The road bike in the booth, for example, is styled with flowers, dog footprints, and a crest in a variety of colors to memorialize Muscianisi’s brother-in-law. A Featuring reinforcing carbon webs at the joints and appearing with a vintage-appropriate kit and tri-color fade, ita€™s a fun departure from the other offerings (ita€™s always fun to see a quill stem on a carbon frame). White refined his machining craft while working for United Airlines and eventually began making custom bicycle frames and components. All are robotically buffered to bring out the stunning luster of the machined aluminum used in their products. I9 components populate a wide variety of these handmade bicycles for theA simple reason that they are of the highest quality, as well as one of the most aestheticallyA appealing. We work with all sizes of builders around the globe to help create truly what the end-user wants out of their new bike purchase.
Plus, the USB connector itself features gold-plated contacts that will not rust or corrode.
It is popular in the the pro peloton, so much so that Silca has worked with NFS to develop a special low weight (though less durable) version of the formula for high-performance racing.
As with EPS, front downshifts are quick and require a second tap of the shifter for effective trim. Users of BB30 pressfit bottom brackets will enjoy the redesigned chamfering that is aimed at eliminating BB30 creak.
A self centering cam on the upper pivot adjusts to the trend of frames having a derailleur hanger further behind the axle. The all-black look (brake track included) should appeal to those preferring a consistent look. Its 197mm hub spacing front and rear provided the pilot numerous single cog configurations for the conditions. Shimano Dura-Ace components and a ENVE carbon wheelset complete the package and make this bike first in its class. I think I sold them to someone 15 years or so ago for pocket change after dual-pivot brakes had changed the game of stopping a bike. His first product brought to market was an elastic band that a cyclist could secure around the pant leg to prevent chain lube from staining the pant leg. This is undoubtedly the moniker characteristic of White Industries, as that signature shine cana€™t be mistaken when encountered on road or trail.
White Industries broadcasts no fluffy mission statement and attempts no aggressively intrusive marketing campaign or daily email digest. Spring tension and chain-to-cog gap is consistent up and down the cassette, which greatly improves mid-cassette shifts. The company relies mostly on the slowest, but most effective form of marketing: word of mouth and reputation. The Front Derailleur is all new with a wider body, molded carbon pushplate and 45 nm of shifting torque. With the proliferation of internally routed cables and issues with improper cable tension, a more powerful return spring is used.

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