An award-winning writer and editor, Rogue Parrish has worked at the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun and at newspapers from England to Alaska. Zumba Fitness instructors typically see the same eager class participants week after week, who almost melt before their eyes as the pounds disappear, based on an activity that burns an estimated 300 to 800 calories per hour. Instructors have complete freedom to choose the playlists for their classes, usually a mix of songs from DVDs sent to them as part of the Zumba Instructor Network as well as their own favorites and discoveries. Adelicia Villagaray, a licensed Zumba Fitness instructor in Baltimore, Maryland, says you can wear a heart-rate monitor to get a precise idea of your calorie burn during Zumba. Zumba Fitness instructors typically recommend two to five classes a week to maximize weight loss. Maximizing your weight loss on the HCG diet is essential when you are trying to lose a significant amount of weight. Remember that you can always repeat the diet if needed, but if you manage to lose the most weight every time that you try the diet then you hopefully won’t have to repeat it very many times, and you’ll accomplish your weight loss goals more quickly. When you purchase the HCG diet from Nu Image Medical we include an up-to-date protocol that covers everything that you’ll need to know for the diet. Although there are several requirements of the protocol such as avoiding cosmetics with lotion, avoiding certain over the counter medications and more, the main requirement to follow is the diet requirements for what you can and cannot eat.
If you follow the food requirements for the diet and carefully count your portions, you’ll be much more likely to have success during Phase 2 and you’ll lose the most weight possible. For example, if you eat 2 oranges, 2 1 cup servings of cabbage, and 2 3.5 ounce portions of chicken breast and one Grissini breadstick for one of the days of the diet, just as the protocol allows for, you’ll probably end up at around 500 calories or so. Be sure that you choose a medically supervised HCG diet because there are several diets out there that won’t necessarily work for you.
Other diet providers that sell the diet without medical supervision are doing so at the risk of their patients’ health, and they often are not able to answer questions about the diet or offer any form of educated advice about it as well. Avoid those retailers at all cost and purchase the diet from an established licensed provider with real medical professionals on staff. Cheating is the biggest cause of weight loss issue while on the HCG diet, and although it is difficult to avoid cheating while on the diet, it is necessary in order to guarantee that you’ll lose the most weight possible.
This might mean getting rid of all the junk food in your home and pantry or locking it up until the diet is over.

Try as many HCG diet recipes as you can before you start the diet itself so that you can come up with a list of favorites. One way to help ensure that you have success with the diet is to make it as fun and pleasant as possible, even though it is just three weeks long, and if you are eating at least a few of your favorite foods then you’ll be less likely to want to eat junk or something else to satisfy your taste buds. Another crucial requirement for losing weight on the diet is to follow the injection protocol properly. You will want to start injecting the hormone during the first three gorging days as well as during Phase 2 of the diet on every single day of the diet.
Be sure to ask your medical provider questions as well if you are unclear about any aspect of the diet or run into a plateau or other health problem. For more information about the details of the HCG diet or to ask any questions at all, or to find out about the diet’s requirements, click here to speak to a medical provider at Nu Image. This world adventurer and travel book author, who graduates summa cum laude in journalism from the University of Maryland, specializes in travel and food -- as well as sports and fitness.
And unlike the sweating cyclists in a stationary cycling class, the serious lifters by the dumbbell rack and the focused treadmillers glued to a heart-rate display, smiles wreath the faces of the class’s dancers.
Instructors perform high-intensity dances, with a mix of cumbia, merengue, reggaeton and other Latin steps for an experienced class, and simpler versions for a class of mostly new students.
Villagaray advises Zumba Fitness five times a week for anyone who wants to lose weight quickly, with two rest days as part of the schedule. Keep one foot on the ground, she advises, instead of leaping with both feet, to reduce impact on the joints.
Whenever you try a round of the HCG diet you want to lose the most weight possible of course, and although the diet can be a bit challenging, if you follow the requirements of the protocol properly and maintain your injections, you’ll see the maximum results possible. You’ll need to familiarize yourself as much as possible with it prior to starting the diet, and you may want to take a few hours to read it over at least twice because there are a few details to learn. You won’t even necessarily need to count every calorie as long as you are following the food and portion requirements. Just be sure to truly stick to HCG approved foods only during Phase 2 of the diet and you’ll see the maximum results. A medically supervised diet will have the medical professionals and advisors available to help you through the diet if you run into any rough spots or if you have any questions at all about the requirements.

Some providers don’t have any protocol at all, leaving you to wonder what to do on the diet and basically selling you a low quality or possibly contaminated hormone product without giving you specific advice on how to use it. At Nu Image Medical our HCG diet protocol has been professionally developed by licensed medical doctors and it is based on the original Simeons protocol which is by far the most proven and safe protocol for weight loss. You’ll need to do whatever you can to avoid cheating while on the diet, at least temporarily.
You might have to completely avoid restaurants or other environments that will tempt you to eat unhealthy food, and you will need to cook at home for Phase 2 and the majority of Phase 3. That will make it a lot easier to avoid cheating while you are on the diet, as it will make the food on the diet a lot more enjoyable. At Nu Image Medical we supply you with as much hormone as you need for the three week or six week HCG diet in careful dosages, and we also provide you with a detailed injection protocol and schedule to follow. Missing just one day can throw off your weight loss and cause hormone changes that can make it more difficult for you to lose weight.
For them, weight loss may have been their primary goal, but it has evolved into a happy byproduct of the exhilaration of boogieing to world-beat music. Songs and playlists tend to follow principles of interval training, interspersing frenetic lunges, steps and arm motions, with brief interludes of easier movements so you can catch your breath. Dana Cala, also an instructor in Baltimore, hears of a typical weight loss of 2 to 3 pounds per week from participants who follow her to three of her hyperkinetic classes a week or more. Our patients have had incredible results with our protocol and you will too if you follow it correctly.
During the main part of the class, push yourself to where you can maintain the exertion level with significant effort and conversing is difficult. With the Total Transformation DVDs, you can calibrate the intensity to your fitness level by pausing the provided 45-minute cardio workout DVD to catch your breath.

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