If you would like to lose up to 53 pounds, then here is how I did it in the comfort of my own home (no starving – no exercising – no hassles) and how you can do it too. My name is Raw Andrew and the first thing you should know about me is … I am not a doctor. Here is what happened: from what the doctors finally found out, it seems all the lactic acid – produced by the muscles while exercising – clogged my liver.
And what was my reward for all my exercising: almost no considerable weight loss and a near death experience (well maybe not near death, but definitively painful). After months of grunt work – making sure all the pieces fit together and are scientifically proven – I created a weight loss system like no other (at least that is what I believed then and I still believe now). After seeing my “miraculous” results my friends started pestering me, asking me to tell them the “secret.” They knew I had a hard time losing weight.
Because of the speed with which my system burns the fat off, I called it The Maximum Fat Loss In Minimum Time System.
The first mistake is improper preparation for losing weight (in most cases a total lack of preparation). Your weight loss success or failure is mostly determined by what you do before you start losing weight. I am not talking about going on a detox diet before starting to lose weight (even though that is a good idea). Your brain is your best fat burning ally (bar none) and you can harness its fat melting power fairly easy. There are a few simple things you can do before starting to lose weight – it takes you 1-2 hours max – that will make it almost impossible to stay fat. Unfortunately smoking also drastically reduces you life expectancy (I trust you know how unhealthy it is – I don’t have to tell you about it). Note: if you are smoking, my system will help you lose the extra weight even if you quit smoking. You can mostly eat to your heart’s desire as long as you follow the simple rules of my system. The food you eat generates a calorie-burning process that continues all day long … a complete 24-hour fat reducing cycle.
All day you eat a wide selection of tasty foods which are scientifically programmed to maintain a high level of fat burn off.
But let’s face it – the rapid and enormous reduction in weight and size is only part of the benefits of a faster metabolism.
The truth is you can lose all the weight you want … but … if in the process you don’t speed up your metabolism, all the weight you’ve lost will come searching for you once you stop dieting. Because my system practically guarantees a faster metabolism (all you have to do is follow some simple rules) it makes weight maintenance easy.
How to measure yourself so you get a clear picture of you weight loss progress – or lack of it, if that is the case. Speaking of health … did you know that according to the Surgeon General 300,000 deaths each year are attributed to obesity. If your doctor has told you to lose weight, it is because excess weight may be contributing to serious health issues. Read the label of packaged foods and make sure this one fat pilling ingredient isn’t present in them.
An amazing way to start losing weight – I bet you’ve never seen (or experienced) anything like it. You’ll learn everything you need to know to lose weight when you get my system … and, as I said earlier, I think I have figured out a way to almost force you to believe me when I say I am telling you the truth about this.
The maximum Fat Loss In Minimum Time Manual: The manual contains all the information you need to lose all the weight you want. The Fat Burning Cookbook: It is jam packed with mouth watering recipes that will make it hard to believe you are on a diet. Note: Besides the suggested dishes, you can also include some of your favorite dishes in your personalized meal plan. Ah … I almost forgot … if you like eating out, you will find plenty of foods you can eat at restaurants while losing weight using my system. The Maximum Fat Loss In Minimum Time Success Journal: Just print it up and fill it in to make sure you will hit all your weight loss goals. I included this as added insurance against the possibility of gaining back the lost weight.

Free Lifetime Updates: I am constantly looking for ways to improve the performance of my weight system. Doctors research for better weight loss methods and scientist are constantly working around the clock. This way you will always be in the loop, getting the best health and weight loss advice possible. As a bonus you also get The Practical Guide To Skin Care: what is the point of getting a slim body if your skin isn’t all soft, smooth and silky. Your Own "Daily Skin Care Regimen" That Will Drastically Improve Your Skin in as Little as 7 Days! As I’ve said … at the end of two weeks I lost 16 pounds … and I kept on losing weight until I lost 53 pounds.
To give you this system at the lowest cost I’ve had it transformed into a digital download.
You will be happier, you will look better and you will add interesting years to your life. I want to spread the word to doctors so they can use my diet system to help all of their overweight patients. But I need a lot of proof in order to get my article published and this is where you can help me.
So therefore, here is what I would like for you to do: if you or any member of your family is overweight, I would like for you to go ahead and order my system and test it for yourself.
I guarantee your experience with the system will be as successful as mine (at least) or I will refund your money without hesitation.
4) If at any time during the 60 day money back guarantee you feel like the system isn’t all I said it is … or it doesn’t work as I said it would, you can ask for a prompt – no questions asked – refund (and you will get it ASAP).
Anyway, if I am right I want you to call me and tell me how much weight you have lost and how you feel about my system. I can’t wait to hear your success story and rave reviews about how fast you lost weight and how easy it was. An Important Note: As your weight begins to drop, do not allow yourself to become too skinny. It is also very important to consult your doctor before commencing any weight loss program. PS: I have lost 16 pounds in two weeks using this system and I continued to lose weight until I lost 53 pounds (57 pounds actually after my latest weight in). PPS: Keen in mind that I have been overweight most of my life and I had a hard time losing weight. PPPS: Doctors, nutritionists and registered dieticians that want to ask me questions about my system can call me at 718 593 4487.
Jogging in the morning, hitting the gym in the afternoon and doing pushups, ab crunches and various exercises in the evening (at home).
I reread all the weight loss and self-help books I had in my library (almost 100 of them). I felt no hunger – in fact I felt full most of the time … and there was no need for exercising. The correct preparation is the all important ingredient that makes or breaks your weight loss efforts. By smoking each time you feel hungry you will drastically reduce your hunger … which in turn will help you lose weight. Have you ever wondered how come some people can eat whatever they want without gaining one ounce while others can just look at food and gain weight? Maybe your metabolism will never reach maximum speed, but you can put it into a higher hear – make it go faster. In fact my system is designed from ground up to speed up your metabolism and force your body to burn more calories each day. More importantly you will be able to maintain your new slenderness for life, with minimum effort. It will stop hunger dead in its tracks and speed up your metabolism (and keep it sped up for as long as you wish so you keep burning fat at a high rate).
How it can melt your fat away at blazing speed, make your life better and improve your health. Overweight and obesity are associated with heart disease, certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke, arthritis, breathing problems and psychological disorders such as depression.

It takes you by hand and makes fat loss ridiculously easy … and it doesn’t require more than 5 minutes of your time each day. This “mystery gift” will make it super easy to keep the weight off after my system melts it away.
Once you lose weight using my system, use this gift to eradicate the possibility of ever being overweight again.
The moment I find something new that works even better or boosts the fat melting effectiveness of the Maximum Weight Loss In Minimum Time System, you will find out instantly. The moment they find something new – that works – you can rest assured that you will find out too.
This is why you can get instant access to my system in under a minute (all you have to do is fill out a simple form and click a few buttons). To make a long story short, what I want to do is write an article and have it published in the various medical journals as I sincerely feel this is the best way to convince doctors of the value of my weight loss system. As soon as you get this fantastic weight loss system (it takes less than one minute) start using the easy to follow steps and see if it works for you.
All you have to do is click the button below, fill in the standard order form and click the “Pay Now” button (note: for your added convenience you can also pay using your PayPal account after clicking the button below – it is up to you).
As soon as your payment goes through (it takes only 3 seconds) you will get immediate access to all the materials. If this system worked so well for me, it is impossible to say how fast it will work for you. I took notes, searched for scientific backup for all the claims and read piles and piles of research papers.
Just imagine how it must feel to lose more than 1 pound a day … and to keep on losing weight after that.
So he hopped on my system … and sure enough … the fat melted off him just as it did off of me.
It will help you take control of your body and force it to do what you want, not what it pleases. Sure they help you keep your hunger at bay … but the health consequences can be dire in some cases (this is especially true if you use diet pills for a long time … and if you have to lose a lot of weight, you will be forced to use them for a long time). As a matter of fact, I even show you how to include some of your own favorite meals in the diet plan.
The simple action of speeding up your metabolism will most definitively help you lose more weight in less time. But since you don’t know me … and I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, I want to put your mind at ease. It is the information in my system you want, not a fancy weight loss course that is all pictures and no contents. My doctor told me I have added 15 years (at least) to my life by losing most of my extra weight. Frankly this or any other diet system will not work for everyone because a very small percentage of people have unusual problems. Many of them even accused me of taking pills or resorting to other more complicated (and dangerous) weight loss methods. Six months have passed now and he is maintaining his slender weight with no problem while indulging most of his cravings. They are an integral part of the system – working beneath the surface – melting fat each hour of the day. By the way, naturally you should check with your doctor before you use this or any other diet plan. You will be taken to a special access page from where you can get it (don’t forget to take the “mystery gift” also – it is important). Also make sure you do not go below the personal perfect weight recommended by your doctor. I would laugh … but … I didn’t think it was funny anymore than you would if someone made a joke about your weight.

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