The good: Green tea is proven to help increase your metabolism, therefore possibly burning fat faster than normal. Mega-T Green Tea has become quite a rage recently with their proclamation of ?Lose up to 20 lbs*? Eleuthero, Bladderwrack, Fo-Ti and Gotu Kola are there mainly for increasing the attraction quotient. The average cost of Mega-T Green Tea is $14.95, though we have seen it for $39 and even $50 markup. Mega-T Green Tea does not contain a large quantity of green tea, has a little bit of garcinia cambogia though not in Super Citrimax form, and guarana without the Yerba Mate and Damiana. Editor and customer reviews place Phentramin-d at #1 Diet Pill on this site and many others.
I bought the same kind of pills from walgreens for about $6… i excersize regularly and noticed ive been loosing weight a little faster and have a little more energy since i started taking these.

An active ingredient of Garcinia Camogia, Super Citrimax is an HCA and is responsible for Garcinia Camogia?s weight loss properties. I don’t wear snug clothing, so I would say there is a winning combo in these pills, and the mega-t company should pay me for promoting it! Irrespective of its packaging which appears much like a cold medicine, Mega-T Green Tea is just an average diet pill. The main use of Chromium is that it helps regulate blood sugar levels that can aid manage weight problems. It is beneficial to add other components when using the HCA as it is only an extract and you can obtain better results by doing so. Though it is mentioned ?up to?, most of the consumers tend to focus more on the 20 lbs part. There is enough research to prove that it helps to increase the body’s metabolic rate.

If you choose Chromiun then it is better to go in for the patented formulation ChromeMate, which is used in products like Anoretix. However, the dosage of green tea present in Mega-T Green Tea is not adequate to give substantial benefits of weight loss. Even though it is not explicitly stated, Mega-T Green Tea?s contention can be constructed to be correct if the user ends up losing just a pound or two.
I had asked my pharmacist about the ingredients in 3 leading brand diet pills currently advertised on tv,trim spa, some other popular one and some liquid stuff that was from the african desert, (Not hoodia, some other unheard of stuff) and the pharmacist said the only effective ingredient was chromium.

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