Since the release of The Metabolic Effect Diet, a lot of people have been asking us how this book is different from other diet and health books.  They also wonder about the subtitle, Eat More, Workout Less and Actually Lose While You Rest. The question then becomes why?  If it is not calories that are making the sprinters more muscular and leaner, then what is it? Finally, each person is as different on the inside chemically as they are on the outside physically. In order to use the high intensity principles that burn fat, yet keep it safe and individualized, The Metabolic Effect Diet, uses rest-based training.  This is a concept we developed for Metabolic Effect Inc. The ME Diet is a lifestyle system that allows the use of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle factors to create the proper hormonal balance for sustained fat loss. Integrative Physician, Author The Metabolic Effect Diet, Founder CEO Metabolic Effect Inc., Health, Fitness and fat loss expert. Metabolic effects of estrogen conjugates to a low-potency GLP-1 analog and the CNS-specific effects of the GLP-1-estrogen conjugates.
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Department of Medicine, Comprehensive Center on Obesity, Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Molecular Medicine, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois, USA. It may sound like marketing hype, but the science actually supports our contention that you can actually consume more food, spend less time in the gym and reprogram your metabolism so that you burn fat more efficiently even when you’re not working out.
It is important to understand you may be burning calories and losing weight, but you may or may not be burning or losing fat.

This is why many people struggle with body transformation.  Because they are getting advice from doctors, nutritionists, and personal trainers who do not get the distinction of weight loss vs.
There is no one size fits all approach that will work for fat loss.  This is the key difference between The Metabolic Effect Diet and other programs.
If you eat a doughnut for breakfast vs a chicken breast which is going to keep you full, balanced in energy and free from cravings before lunch? This is why runners who get injured or can no longer keep up the mileage will often develop soft and saggy bodies. However, it is now being viewed by researchers as a hormone and it is highly correlated with the release of  human growth hormone a key fat burning hormone. The tools for weight loss, eating less and exercising more, are different than the tools for fat loss. When I say hormones, most people will think of the sex steroids including estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.  But, there are other hormones that impact hunger (ghrelin, leptin, CCK), brain chemistry and mood (serotonin, dopamine), as well as fat storage (insulin, glucagon, adrenaline, human growth hormone). Contrast that with runners who engage in weight training and other more intense activities.  In the later scenario, they are able to stay leaner and maintain more muscle mass. The more sound approach is to understand your unique metabolism, start out with a blueprint, and then use your own biochemical reactions to help you find the unique diet suited to you.
This makes the workouts employed in the book universally scalable for all fitness levels and physical abilities. These are Breathless, Burning, Heavy, and Heat.  Each of these parameters deliver a hormonal advantage to the exerciser. The fact that hormones impact fat storage is easily demonstrated by looking at the fat distribution of men vs. Before you think we are simply reverting back to talking about calories, consider what meal 2 does.

Longer duration moderate intensity exercise also causes hormonal changes that lead to compensatory eating reactions like increased hunger and cravings.
One additional benefit is the workouts only require a set of dumbbells and a small area of floor space. Remember the 8 egg white omelet?  It also involves exercising in a way that stimulates fat burning while you are resting, not just during exercise.  In other words, fat loss exercise is about working smarter not longer. They are confused because they usually understand long distance athletes like marathon runners burn much greater amounts of calories. High intensity programs built to simply work people into exhaustion or improve athletic performance usually don’t work for the average fat loss seeker. Similar to a weight loss diet and exercise approach, a healthy diet or healthy exercise habits are not the same as fat loss diet and exercise.  Finally, any approach to fat loss must take into account the unique genetic, metabolic and psychological sensitivities of the person. Keep in mind that long distance runners exercise for hours when training for and engaging in their sport.  Sprinters on the other hand exercise in short bursts lasting seconds to minutes and then have long periods of time where they rest and recover before they repeat. The ME Diet changes the weight loss approach to diet and exercise into metabolically charged fat loss leading to a more sustainable lifestyle and significant body change.
The calorie comparison between the two activities is not even close with marathon runners burning hundreds if not thousands more caloires. So, the idea that you can exercise less and still develop a lean muscular physique is something that is revealed in the example of these two athletes.

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