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Metabolic effect es un programa de entrenamiento que busca cambiar la quimica de tu cuerpo a traves de la correcta respuesta hormonal. La mayoria de los entrenamientos que buscan un fin estetico estan focalizados en la perdida de peso. Metabolic effect es un entrenamiento especialmente indicado para aquellas personas que desean un cambio estetico definitivo. Lowering calories does not equate to burning fat (you could instead be burning a significant amount of muscle or glycogen stores). Some women even swear these areas actually get bigger on standard exercise and diet programs. Either you are in it for the long-term lifestyle change, in which case you will definitely see success, or you are someone who still believes you can lose fat and keep it off by changing what you do for a few months, in which case you will continue losing and regaining the weight ending up fatter each time. This article is for those who are in it for the long haul and just want a few exercise and diet tips to speed the lower body fat loss along.
The fat in this area is different than the fat in your belly and different than the fat of a male. These receptors, called alpha adrenergic receptors, are very sensitive to the hormone insulin which means by lowering insulin you can reduce their activity. Fasting overnight for 12 hours before exercise is a great way to take advantage of a lower insulin state in the body and attack these alpha receptors. Keeping the workout short and intense and including weight training with the workout should allow you to exercise intensely with little worry of muscle loss.
Using short, 5 to 10 minute, intervals or sprints at the start of your workout will raise stress hormones that stimulate fat burning (these are called catecholamines). By the way, you will still lose fat faster from the upper body, but this will help even things out a bit. Follow your intense 5-10 minutes of intervals with 20 to 25 minutes of full body weight training. After your intervals and weight training, spend about 30 to 60 minutes doing a nice slow leisure walk. We realize that some people will read this blog and know exactly what to do to get started.
Integrative Physician, Author The Metabolic Effect Diet, Founder CEO Metabolic Effect Inc., Health, Fitness and fat loss expert. Insulin is perhaps the most well known of all hormones and in the halls of health, fitness, and fat loss.
Insulin is made in the beta cells of the pancreas and is released into the blood stream in response to food. When insulin is repeatedly secreted in large quantities, over time the cells become less sensitive to its message. This results in the body doing the only thing it can to balance things out, store all the extra sugar as fat. What many people don’t realize is that insulin is utilized even when sugar or carbs are not eaten. In other words, it begins to treat both these hormones like the boy who cried wolf and no longer responds to their signals. Many people refer to insulin as the fat storing hormone, but it is important to understand where this comes from. When confronted with excess food, insulin is released to get the nutrients into the cell to be burned. On your fat cells, LPL works to break down the triglyceride molecule (three fats attached to a glycerol backbone) to individual fats so they can be stored in the cell.
Adding insult to injury, the liver is no longer responding to insulin’s suppressive effect on glucose production. In other words, for body change you need enough insulin to build muscle, but not so much to store fat. While a whole book could be written on insulin metabolism, hopefully you are getting the picture that lowering insulin is not as smart as maximizing insulin sensitivity.
A 2006 study (volume 1 #1) in the Journal of Cardiometabolic Syndrome showed the amount of muscle on an individual determines 40% of his or her insulin sensitivity and 70-90% of blood glucose clearance.
The study showed activation of these fibers positively alters the expression of 800 or so genes responsible for insulin sensitivity. Combining the understanding of resistance training with a knowledge of how food impacts insulin allows adjustment of exercise and food timing.

The common belief that carbs should be consumed after the workout does not apply as strongly to those seeking fat loss. These times are in the morning after an overnight fast and then within 1 hour after a workout. For those wanting to optimize muscle growth, carbohydrates should be eaten throughout the day. Metabolic effect tambien incrementa parametros funcionales como la fuerza, la resistencia, flexibilidad, equilibrio. Metabolic effect se centra en la perdida de grasa a traves de la combinacion hormonal que produce un determinado entrenamiento que se caracteriza por su intensidad y su duracion. And if you are reading this article you may have experienced this at some point in your life already.
The hormone estrogen makes it so you have about 9 times more fat suppressing receptors in this area (for the science nerds I am referring to the alpha adrenergic receptors that are far more abundant in the subcutaneous fat of the female lower body). These hormones interact with both fat burning receptors (called beta adrenergic receptors) AND fat suppressing receptors (the alpha adrenergic receptors). The intense 30 minutes of activity will have released a bunch of fat, but releasing fat is not the same as burning it (for the science types, lipolysis does not equal lipid oxidation). It lowers cortisol and assures the fat that was released is indeed burned rather than restored.
So if you plan on eating whatever you want, don’t even bother with these exercise tips.
Others may need some help and find this material, while interesting, was a bit over their heads. Just as it would be extremely difficult to eat without hands, insulin feeds the tissue of the body in the same way.
So, when insulin interacts with cellular physiology it results in an increased ability for the cell to take in glucose. Insulin signals the liver to increase its production of glycogen, the body’s source of stored sugar. So long as the fat cells remain sensitive to insulin, the body can stay protected by storing all the sugar away for a rainy day.
When the liver loses its ability to sense and respond to insulin, it creates the most problems for metabolic fat burning and health. When the body is under stress, it will release stress hormones including adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol whose chief functions are to raise blood sugar. In modern times however, this ancient physiology can be damaging since rather than fighting or fleeing, we instead sit and seethe.
If the blood glucose is not used for activity, insulin has to be called on to adjust the blood sugar back to normal. When this seesaw battle of stress hormone secretion and insulin release happens too frequently, the body begins to lose its metabolic sensitivity. Remember, insulin’s primary job is to lower blood sugar and get it into the cell where it can be used for energy. As we discussed, insulin resistance can result in large amounts of blood sugar that cannot be used. After all, if the body can’t use sugar well, then surely it will begin to use its fat stores?  Unfortunately this is not how it works. HSL does the opposite, breaking down triglycerides in the cell so the fat can be released and burned. So, as insulin levels rise in the body they not only increase fat storage, but perhaps more importantly block fat breakdown. Rather than simply trying to lower insulin to extremely low levels and possibly losing muscle in the process, it is far better to maximize insulin sensitivity. An August 2010 review in the American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism points to muscle contraction as an insulin independent mechanism to move glucose into the cells. In fact, simply having low insulin levels does not guarantee you will remain insulin sensitive.
This means restoring insulin sensitivity has everything to do with using resistance training as the center point of an exercise plan.
To develop full insulin sensitivity it requires heavy weights and more focused contractions. Only heavy and full fatigue resistance training and sprinting activates these fibers, aerobic exercise does not. Obese individuals already have poor insulin sensitivity and very high resting insulin levels.

For these types, any type of glucose (sugar or starch) should be minimized both pre and post workout.
Instead, these types should time their carbohydrate intake at the most insulin sensitive times. Small amounts can be taken 45 to 60 minutes before a workout and larger amounts should be taken after the workout. Limiting high starch meals to morning and post workout, but increasing the amounts and glycemic index of carbs in the post workout period will help build muscle without providing too much of a stimulus for fat storage. Dairy foods are low glycemic index but are unique as a protein source because they stimulate insulin much more then their glycemic index would suggest. Whey protein and other dairy proteins can be used to provide an insulin stimulus without the high sugar load. Insulin can be both your best friend and worst enemy when it comes to fat loss or muscle building. Un aumento de la calidad de vida a traves de la actividad fisica y la sensacion de sentirse bien con uno mismo. Raise your hand if you have ever cut calories, lost weight or went on one of those marathon training running programs to find you indeed lost weight, but saw little to no change in the hip, butt, and thigh region. In fact they probably did shrink along with the rest of you, but at a much much slower rate.
But since the alphas are somewhat suppressed in this low insulin state, you have a better opportunity to stimulate the betas. Next, if you are not going to train with weights, plan on continuing to have a soft back side and less tone legs. While the information above is absolutely free and we hope you get results from it, we do have a premium training on how to attack lower body fat and cellulite. As with many things in health and fitness there is more to the simple story told about insulin. Insulin’s primary job is to make sure the cells have enough glucose, and therefore it has a strong impact on blood sugar levels.
When you first enter, you are acutely aware of the odor and may cover your nose in response.  After several minutes however, the smell becomes diminished and you no longer smell it. It also suppresses the liver’s capacity to make new sugar, a process called gluconeogenesis. While many blame the hormone cortisol for storing belly fat, the combination of cortisol and insulin is the actual culprit. The chief rate limiting step in getting fat into a cell and burned has to do with an enzyme called CPT-1. The body does this because it can easily convert the amino acids alanine and glutamine to sugar. Insulin is key to feeding our cells, and it is essential to get amino acids into tissues to provide fuel for muscle growth. Through contraction induced mechanisms the cell can get fed, increase its glycogen storage, and retain or even gain muscle.
A study in the February 2008 issue of Cell Metabolism showed that growth of the faster twitch type IIb muscle fibers has the most benefit in insulin and blood sugar control. Preworkout carbohydrate intake is not wise because it will raise insulin further and give the body sugar to burn instead of fat.
However, the recommendation to use things such as chocolate milk may push things more toward fat storage and may not be smart except for those wanting strictly muscle gain. By the time you finish your diet you end up smaller, but you appear more pronounced in certain areas. This program gives you the exact diet (meal plans and food lists), workouts (video demonstrations of the workouts to do), education (educational videos at every stage), and supplements.
When this happens, the cell does not get fed and blood sugar levels rise to dangerous levels. When the liver loses its ability to sense and respond to insulin this results in decreased sugar storage and an overproduction of glucose by the body. For example, if you are a pear shape you will often end up a smaller but more pronounced pear shape (and if you lost muscle a more mushy pear as well ?? ).
If you are excited about the information above but require more direction, hit the link below.

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