Pets never think about things like eating proper proportions, being overweight, or watching our diet, so pets must rely on pet parents to manage what we eat for us. Watch this charming video about a pet parent who really wants to do right for her pet's health.
Molly The WallyMarch 13, 2014 at 7:19 AMOver here across the pond we have the same problem but luckily I am tip top fit with all my hunting and chasing vermin. Does my pet need to lose a few pounds to get to an optimum weight for long term health and well being?" It's an important topic to discuss with your vet, just as Mommy did when I had to lose a little weight.

But extra weight adds up quickly for a pet, causing health issues, just as it can for humans. In real life, normal conditions, 88% of dogs and cats that participated in our feeding trial lost weight without having to greatly change their life style.
She was so unhappily surprised that I weighed 14 pounds when I should only weigh 11-12 pounds.
And we love giving you adorable little looks to get you to give us a treat, a bite, or a nibble of food.

Also my dog sister Angel has been sick and we got extra food sometimes in order to help her want to eat. There will only be enough for one dog in the starter kit, so she can give the info for you Mitzi Jo.

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