We verify all service providers on the Service Noodle network to bring you the best quality services around. Metabolic Research Centers is an up and coming chain with locations popping up across the country.
The centers promote a weight loss program created by doctors and registered dieticians that focuses on a balanced diet of foods from all four food groups. The company offers vitamins and supplements that dieters may use, but most of these are optional. Dieters may choose their foods from a list, and they must drink 64 ounces of water every day. Dieters meet for weekly weigh-ins with counselors who are overseen by company dietitians, psychologists, and physicians.

The program also includes blood pressure checks, body measurements, individualized meal plans, food diaries, lifestyle management, and a stabilization program. We have over 70 independently owned and operated centers across the country and each one is committed to your utmost success. It’s a holistic program that focuses on life-long weight management, and addresses emotional reasons for eating. Leave the fad diets behind and come to Metabolic Research Center, where programs created by doctors and registered dieticians offer a nutritionally balanced approach to weight loss. We incorporate food from all four food groups and our program is well respected throughout the medical community.
We focus on weight management for life and use holistic principles that address both sound nutritional practices and life management skills.

More than simply making better meal choices, our integrated philosophy teaches you how to overcome the emotional side of eating. Combined, the components of the program help you to not only lose weight quickly, safely and effectively, but to keep it off for a lifetime.

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