A good way to understand insulin resistance is to realize that every cell in the body needs glucose for energy. Information on this site is provided for informational purposes and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your healthcare professional.
Send Home Our method Usage examples Index Contact StatisticsWe do not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any content in this site. The western diet, filled with processed foods that have little resemblance to nutrition and with refined sugars and carbohydrates that are immediately converted to sugar on ingestion, is creating insulin resistance women, men, and even children. This can be done through a comprehensive treatment program with herbal supplements and stress-lowering activities such as yoga and meditation.
You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing or partaking of any medication, natural or otherwise. Gerald Reaven, an endocrinologist at the Stanford University School of Medicine, coined the term Syndrome X (which is also called Metabolic Syndrome) to describe a cluster of symptoms that affect about 20 to 25 percent of men and women in the United States today.

Years of ingesting high-refined-carbohydrate foods, such as white bread and pasta, white rice, sugar, soda, alcohol, processed foods, and caffeine leads to too much glucose in the body. Although this process takes years to develop in most people, it is occurring in younger and younger women and men in western society. Adding hormone-free proteins with every meal and eating healthy fats such as olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, some dairy foods (including butter), and goat cheese is essential (let go of the outdated and incorrect “low-fat” theory which is what caused Americans to become the largest people in the world, and the most obese). If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your healthcare provider.
These numbers may grow rapidly, however, unless immediate dietary and lifestyle changes are made in American society. The cells are saturated with glucose, and the number of receptor sites available for insulin is decreased. The South Beach Diet, Somersizing, and The Schwarzbein Principle all elaborate appropriate low-glycemic diet plans that can be followed, along with appropriate exercise, to regain your health.

Its goal is to reduce increased cardiovascular disease rates due to hypercholesterolemia (elevated cholesterol levels) in the United States of America.St. Insulin’s job is to carry the glucose from a recent meal and put it into cells and out of the bloodstream. If the cells are unreceptive, the pancreas will react by secreting even more insulin in an attempt to get the cells to respond and allow glucose to enter them.

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