1:Citrus Fruit – Adding citrus fruit to your water can speed up the fat burning process and help you feel more energized. The ideal afternoon boost is a combination of protein, fat and smart carbohydrates within the 100-200 calorie range. A 6 - 8 ounce serving of unsweetened Greek yogurt contains protein, carbohydrates (lactose - a naturally occurring milk sugar), and if you choose, a few grams of fat. While everyone doesn't love the tang of plain yogurt, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with some fresh or frozen fruit, or even 1 teaspoon of your favorite jam , which only adds 4 grams of sugar and 16 calories, compared to sugary add-ins in many yogurts. It comes in its own storage container, and tames your sweet cravings with natural fruit sugar, along with 3 grams of fiber (about one serving) to keep you satisfied. To determine the size of a medium banana: When you spread your palm, it's the distance between your thumb to pinky.
Stick with low or non-fat milk, the extra protein in the latte boosts energy and supports fullness.
You'll get heart healthy fat to satisfy your hunger now and later, along with protein, and assorted vitamins and minerals.
Oranges and lemons in particular are a great source of Vitamin C, and will help with fat burning at the cellular level.
Cucumbers – By sipping on a cool glass of cucumber water will help flush out your system and your metabolism.

Pair it with a tall glass of water for additional hydration to keep you energized and satisfied until dinner. Choose dark or milk chocolate as you prefer, since the amount for a dipped fruit has no impact on health.
Loaded with potassium and containing 10 percent of your daily requirement, a medium banana has around 110 calories.
That means limiting daily intake to 400 mg (two large cups of coffee - 16-22 ounces), to provide a boost when you need it.
Serving size matters, and you can downsize to single serving packets (often 100 -130 calories per pack).
This is due to the metabolic process of transporting fatty acids within the cell and mobilizing them to be used as an energy source and to do this it needs vitamin C. Research suggests that the capsaicin found in cayenne pepper can boost your metabolism shortly after ingesting it, and make you feel fuller. Cucumber has natural diuretic effects and the potassium and vitamins A and C will flush out toxins and get your metabolism moving. A walk or deep breathing helps, but if it's been a few hours since lunch, you might want a little refueling.
Good for mental focus and one of nature's own energy boosters, coffee also contains abundant antioxidants.

These caloric beverages steal your health and steal great food from you because they fill you up with not only the wrong stuff but the bad stuff too. That means loading up on vitamin c can naturally increase fat burning, so add 3-4 thin slices of lemon or orange to your water to get that boost of Vitamin C and help use fat as energy.
On its own cayenne isn’t that appealing so try this recipe: Mix slice strawberries, blueberries, and just half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper into your water. Add 6-8 slices of cucumber to a pitcher of water a refill you glass for cool, refreshing drink. Our PREMIUM QUALITY Yacon Syrup is Vegan, Gluten Free, non-GMO with no Fillers, no Binders and No Artificial Ingredients.
Drinking infused water for weight loss is one of the easiest things you can do for better health. GREAT FOR WEIGHT LOSS, Yacon Syrup is very low in calories and REDUCES CRAVINGS, so you will be losing inches in no time!REDUCES CONSTIPATION and digestive distress.

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