However, if you go even a layer deeper you will learn that the cause of the awesome power of the catechings is due to epigallocatechin-3-gallate (aka EGCG).
One of the reasons there are so many green tea benefits is because of it’s phenomenal metabolism boosting properties.
The truth is, despite all the hype, green tea does not raise your metabolic rate high enough to actually produce immediate weight loss.
The green tea benefits here are especially cool because it works without the jitters of drinking too much coffee or taking bad diet pills. More good news comes from a relatively recent German study that has shown green tea mixed with hot water, when applied externally to the skin for ten minutes is really good for the skin, both superficially and medicinally.
I can sing green tea benefits from the highest towers and quote you study after study but none of it really means very much until you actually begin to take advantage. This is truly a powerful concoction and one of the most well regarded natural metabolism boosters out there . This may sound familiar to you because EGCG is what is most often quoted as the primary cause of green tea’s metabolism boosting properties.

However, by drinking it constantly you are compounding efforts and slowly but surely you will find out just how massively effective it can be.
Much like the acai berry, there are truly a whole range of positive qualities that come from drinking green tea.
These little suckers prevent a slew of disease including cancer, blocked arteries and blood clots. Another study even found that just by drinking a few cups a day you could reduce your chance of getting lung cancer by up to 20%. The Chinese have been drinking green tea for millenia and have been realizing the benefits before science had even existed. The majority of it’s benefits come from the powerful antioxidants that lay within the tea known as catechins.
Although you may not be able to pronounce the word take pride in knowing that it is mighty effective! Most people find that there is just enough to feel and notice a solid boost, but not enough where you feel totally out of balance.

They also help lower bad cholestrol known as LDL and dissolve the nasty triglycerides that are comprised of bad fats in the system. These catechins save your cells from free radicals that could damage your DNA and lead blocked arteries, heart disease and even something as vile as cancer. Green tea is simply a tool in your metabolism boosting efforts and in order to incur the benefits you have got to use it right. That means that the effects of it raise your basal metabolic rate causing, you guessed it, a solid metabolism boost.

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