New studies show that nitrates in beets help blood vessels dilate, which increases oxygen delivery to working muscles.
This whole grain is chock-full of energizing complex carbohydrates and magnesium, an essential mineral for energy metabolism. Sweet potatoes have a high carbohydrate content, making it a natural energy provider for long workouts.
This legume is packed with iron, which has been found to be essential for athletic performance. Good news for junk food addicts: It’s possible to re-train your brain to crave things like steamed veggies and salmon.
The alertness-boosting effect of caffeine kicks in after about 10 minutes, reaches its peak in 45 minutes, then peters out after two to five hours, depending on your metabolism. As a dancer, it’s likely that someone you know has struggled with an eating disorder: Meta-analysis of 33 studies from 1966 to 2013 found that dancers’ risk is three times as high as in other populations.
We have just finished some very exciting months at Revolution, as we saw many of our clients reach their health and weight loss goals in time for the summer.
June and July also saw our first 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge, which we hoped would encourage and inspire Revolution clients to have a final push in the lead up to the summer.
And now *big drumroll please* we are announcing our male and female winners of the first ever Revolution 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge …. If you feel you missed out on this first challenge, Revolution will be running a second 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge at the end of the year throughout the month of November, before the silly season is well under way! Have your 2013 weight loss goals fallen by the wayside over the hot and sunny summer in the UK this year?

At Revolution Personal Training Studios Ltd we offer industry-leading fitness, lifestyle and nutritional guidance for our clients. Untitled Document BOOST YOUR METABOLISM Diet and Exercise Make all the Difference!
Recent data suggests that quercetin, a potent antioxidant in apples, can improve your endurance. For post-workout recovery, yogurt is stellar fuel with its optimum balance of protein and carbohydrates. So if you’re drinking up to push through a tough rehearsal, time it right to get the most powerful results. Harkness Center for Dance Injuries has launched a new online learning series to share information that can help performers prevent and manage common dance injuries. We thought that 30 days was long enough to see a substantial change in body composition and weight, but short enough to keep focused. This will be a perfect opportunity for you to enter the festive season looking and feeling great, and a chance to show your body a little TLC before it’s abused during the Christmas parties and food marathons! We can’t control how long it takes for our clients to reach their desired results; timeframes, commitment, willpower and individual circumstances are beyond our control. Results from a small study at Tufts University and Massachusetts General Hospital suggest that you can break the addiction cycle to bad foods by eating healthy options before your stomach starts growling. A by-product of the production of casein, which is a protein found in milk (and, subsequently, in Greek yogurt), the liquid whey in a cup of yogurt can fulfill 25 percent of your daily calcium needs, and 10 percent of your daily potassium. A former dancer and studio owner who is now a therapist specializing in eating disorders, Smith-Theodore offers guidelines for how dancers, teachers and parents of dancers can understand and cope with disordered eating.

Courses such as “Influence of Nutrition on Dancer Health and Performance” and “The Use of Anti-Inflammatory Medications in Dancers” offer practical information based on the latest research for health-care professionals as well as dancers and dance teachers. Our bespoke 12 week transformation programme is just the answer to help you reach your best shape yet. However, if you promise to bring your A game, we promise our expert personal trainers will try their hardest to help you achieve your goals. Hunger helps form neurological connections between taste and pleasure, so researchers believe that by eating healthy snacks before cravings hit, you can weaken the link between junk food and addiction circuits in the brain. It also contains protein and vitamin A, and contributes to gut health while strengthening your immune system. Although the writing is geared toward adolescents, advice like how to put together nutritious meals and when to seek treatment can be helpful for dancers of any age. Search the catalog at to see which courses (which run from $24 to $67) might be applicable to you. Speak to your trainer or call the studio on 020 7288 6121 if you are interested in starting your own journey to a happy and healthy body.
There are things we can do in our everyday lives to help boost our metabolism, so let’s take a look at what they are. TAZO OM GREEN TEA The hot, sweaty Southern summers require constant iced tea.  This tastes great and I love that it is helping me burn calories!

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