These foods also sap your energy, make you cranky and irritable, slow your thinking and wrinkle your skin. Agave has been touted as a health food because it is low-glycemic which simply means it does not raise your blood sugar quickly. So the next time you see the Agave bottle sitting next to sugar and honey at Whole Foods, please don’t think that is the healthy option. Jackie founded PEERtrainer in 2005 with the objective of helping people put their health, fitness and weight loss efforts into action. Jackie built an entirely new system using carefully vetted experts, technology expertise and community to nail the support piece and help people successfully follow through.

Join the PEERtrainer University "student community" and be notified whenever new articles, blog posts, and Ask Brian! HOWEVER- Agave contains high levels of FRUCTOSE, which contributes to insulin resistance, and helps you store fat, and trick your metabolism into thinking you are still hungry. According to Robert Lustig, MD fructose is metabolized in a way that turns it directly into fat.
Jackie founded the site with the realization that most people have a decent idea of how to lose weight. If you want something a little more exotic, The Chinese have used something called Monk Fruit Sweetener, or Lo Han Fruit.

You need to eat less, eat better and move more but people have a tough time following through. PEERtrainer recognized by US News And World Report as one of the best sites to stay on a diet and lose weight in June, 2011.
Monk fruit has become a popular sweetener in no-sugar-added coconut ice cream and other foods.

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