You can pair this workout with any of my other videos, or repeat it several times if you want it to be your only workout of the day.
It’s going to be a fun week so be sure to check back for plenty of new posts, and workouts!
Judy: I was never one that liked fruit with meat, but lately have been trying fruit sauces with pork.
Normally, a crown roast is a holiday sort of dish–its an impressive presentation for a glorious cut of meat, shaped to resemble a crown.
The meat had a great flavor, and with a simple spice rub (focused on pepper and juniper), you had a nice spice accent that didn’t detract from the pork. While the pork is roasting, you can get to work on the stuffing (and yes, I guess it is a misnomer and should be called dressing since it is cooked separately from the meat).
While the pork roast is resting (shortly after you removed it from the oven, you can plate it and load the central cavity up with stuffing. For my side dish, I cooked some fresh butter beans, and if I were hungrier, I had a mix of small potatoes ready to saute as well.
TweetIf you haven't already, you should subscribe to Mike's Table so that you never miss a post. I followed the same guidelines as I did in the first 8 week challenge as well as in the 2nd 8 week challenge. Still stuck to the 1200 calories (yes, even while nursing and still am) and didn’t cheat (or very rare that I did). I am not opposed to starches such as pasta and rice, but I just still stay away from them because I don’t like how I feel after I eat them. I wanted to show you all because I have a lot of you ask about the PB2(powdered peanut butter). Another favorite meal is organic chicken sausage (yes I know that sounds gross but it’s delicious I promise) with sauteed spinach and tomatoes and scrambled eggs. When I eat at Chick Fil A, (I do once a week for dinner), I always order a #7(grilled chicken sandwich) with a fruit cup and no fries. When I feel like snacking, I try and reach for a vegetable first like baby carrots or something. I still like to eat light for lunch like my protein shakes that I talked about in my first weight post, and like to eat a bigger dinner. So the 2nd weight challenge ended a few weeks ago and I actually won for the most percentage lost!
And to compare, here is a pic from losing 25 lbs from the 1st 8 week weight challenge, and then losing an additional 20lbs during the 2nd 8 week challenge for a total of 45 lbs lost. As I wrote you before, your story is what finally motivated me to get going, so thank you so much for sharing!! You have a tender, succulent cut of both the loin and ribs, loaded with (typically) a very flavorful stuffing.

I chose to fill the roast with a stuffing focusing on tarter varieties of tomatoes (a mix of yellow and green varieties rather than sweeter red kinds) and peppers (both sweet and hot) since they’re very in season now. Score a bit between each and trim back the fat cap so you can actually see the ribs (initially, they’ll be buried under fat).
Run your knife under the flesh a bit down the length of the rib and give each one a firm yank to slightly loosen them a bit from the flesh, but do not tear them out and majorly dislodge them. Just like when you’re smoking ribs, I think its a good idea to run your knife around the edge, grab it with a paper towel (its a lot easier to get a good grip this way), and tear it off like a big sheet of plastic wrap. In a bowl, coarsely crush the dry spices and mix them with the slightly melted oil (I had lard, you could use butter if you don’t have any handy).
When its time to eat, simply carve the roast into individual chops, give a good heap of stuffing with each plate, and pass the gravy around. When I mentioned before how I had joined that weight loss accountability group and lost 25 pounds, well I had joined again and committed to another 8 weeks and lost my remaining weight. I recently got hooked on slicing up a zucchini or squash and topping it with a little salsa.
To some that might seem backwards, but I have to cook dinner anyway for the family so I want to enjoy it as well. Drizzle everything with a little olive oil, and put in the oven at 425 degrees for about 15-20 minutes and it’s delicious. And please know that yes I still have a muffin top (gosh I hate that word so much) and no I’m not rock solid or anything. You can see in the picture at the bottom of the page (and in the video) that I got super sweaty during this workout!
My cut does not have the chine bone included, but yours might, and if so, remove it (it would be at the bottom of the roast). Tie tightly with the twine and force the skewers through if you want a little extra support to help the meat keep its shape.
If you have followed along in my weight loss journey (I’ve only talked about it once here, and once here where I lost my first 25 pounds), you all know I gained quite a bit of weight with my 2nd baby. I should preface this by saying when I initially started the weight loss group in January, I had about 45 pounds to lose then.
Then when I take my food home, I load my sandwich up with fresh baby spinach (at least a cups worth) to make sure I get in all my veggies that day. I was pretty thrilled and took that money and went shopping immediately because I had NOTHING to wear. But if I want to lose, then I think sticking to the 1200 is key regardless of what I burned that day. Whatever meat you go with, a crown roast is easy to cook, looks awesome, and serves a good number of people–hence the holiday popularity. Otherwise, its kind of like buying a jar of tomato sauce, opening it, and saying you made it since you warmed it up.

I, of course, forgot to plan ahead and had only skewers and no twine, but hey, it worked out pretty well nonetheless.
Saute for roughly 8 minutes, add the garlic for a minute further, and finally, add the tomatoes. Mix in the eggs and crumbled chunks of cheese quickly and spread this mixture into a well buttered baking pan. The other 30 pounds had just come off over those 7 months(from July-Jan) but definitely not by me trying by any means.
I had no special occasion for this though beyond stumbling across a nice cut of pork that I decided I must eat, lol. There’s something about cooking larger pieces of meat all at once that yields a more intensely rich flavor and this is one of those dishes. I brought this all together with a simple gravy made of pan drippings and juniper berries for a rich but clean flavor. Simmer on medium heat for roughly 10 minutes to cook some of the liquid out of the tomatoes.
Beat in the white wine, stock, salt, pepper, and smashed juniper berries, continuing to cook for roughly 5-10 minutes more until nicely thickened. I think more than anything my body was just re-shifting around over those several months and my stomach healing from the surgery.
Besides the weight loss accountability group I was in, I think having my blog where I talked about it too also subliminally held me accountable.
Things you can do if you are worried about that is nurse more frequently, eat oatmeal, and take that fenugreek stuff. So eager to take on a more butchery-centric project, I focused on more summery flavors to make this pork shine.
The total combination on one fork was luxurious and begs for a crisp white wine to cut the richness that lingers on your palette.
Even if you have 1000 calories left for the day, and you choose to go get a burger and fries, you aren’t going to get the most out of it.
I didn’t want to let you all down and I wanted to come back with another good report.
You are going to feel bad after eating all of that grease and then your skin will just look bad too.
My point is, you can’t eat crap junk food even if you stay under your calorie range for the day and expect the same results.

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