Treadmills are great home or gym equipment that let you get a solid workout all year long regardless of the weather. Most treadmills have a variety of levels for speed and incline that challenge you in different ways. When walking or jogging on the treadmill, stay aware of your exertion, constantly assessing how you feel and if you can push a little harder.  This means that reading or zoning out to your favorite television show is out. Each of the following treadmill workouts is designed interval-style, which means they alternate between “working” and “resting” segments.  The most effective way to perform any interval program is to truly push as hard as possible for a given sprint segment and then really and truly rest during the recovery segment. Finish each protocol with a slow walking cool-down for 5-10 minutes, followed by flexibility training focusing on the legs: hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and glutes. After years of crash dieting, competing in figure competitions and plenty of negative self-talk, I'm now teaching women how to create a healthy lifestyle that's stress and shame-free.
I also help female fitness pros build their online biz via my annual Best of You (BOY Club) Coaching mentorship! For many of us now, the days are growing shorter, the nights are drawing in, and there’s a distinct chill in the air which signifies that summer is now well and truly done with for this year, soon to be replaced by the cold harshness of winter. We all know all too well just how difficult it can be to lose fat, and unfortunately in a cruel and all too familiarly ironic twist, just how easy it actually is to gain weight. In order to lose weight you need to ensure that you eat fresh, healthy, and nutritious foods, and that you get plenty of physical activity and exercise on a daily basis. When you think of exercise for fat loss you probably think of jogging around the block or hopping on the treadmill at the gym for hours at a time and performing other similar cardio based workouts. We’ll start off with the most common and well-known form of exercise when it comes to fat loss and calorie burning, and that’s cardio. People think of jogging or running when it comes to cardio but in reality cardio can be applied to pretty much any form of physical exercise that gets your heart rate up. Common examples of some of the more popular forms of cardio exercise can include: jogging, walking, running, swimming, cycling, and using various pieces of cardio equipment in the gym, including aerobic climbers, treadmills, elliptical machines, and exercise bikes. Although cardio exercise is incredibly effective when it comes to burning fat, many people tend to steer well clear of it because in order for you to burn enough calories for it to have been worthwhile, you will need to exercise for at least an hour, which can be incredibly boring, especially if you’re stuck on a treadmill or stationary bike staring at the same view for over an hour. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training, is a method of training that has a mixed opinion that is pretty much split right down the middle.
HIIT basically requires users to alternate between periods of low intensity exercise, and high intensity exercise.
Despite the fact that some people are against HIIT, if you do your research you will find plenty of credible sources that indicate that HIIT is a great method of training when it comes to fat loss. Last on the list is weight training, which many people don’t actually think of when it comes to burning fat. Whilst weight training will obviously build muscle, it will also help to burn fat as well, in a number of different ways. So there you have it, three extremely effective methods of burning fat that are all very popular and very effective in their own right. The admin staff at Gym Geek are all gym rats who love to share their fitness advice and knowledge!

117 views17 Gym Experts Tell Us The Biggest Mistakes Gym Newbies Make – And How You Can Avoid Making The Same Mistakes! The information contained on our website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, treatment or diagnosis in any manner. Always consult a qualified medical professional before beginning any nutritional program or exercise program. Enter your email below and we will email you our top gym tips and tricks before anyone else. Ben Greenfield, Get-Fit Guy August 30, 2010 Episode #001Page 1 of 4Which exercise machine will give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to burning the most calories?
It is best not to simply turn the treadmill on to the desired speed and time your walk or run. This type of training varies the intensity from a lower level to a higher level and back to a lower.
The interval training may start with the treadmill at a level 5 with no incline and increase to a level 8 with a 2-level incline. Stay focused on what you are doing and consciously think about how every workout should feel—challenging but not painful, yet definitely not comfortable either! Think about every sprint segment as a chance to generate breathlessness and force the body to react and change.
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Just because the weather is turning however, don’t let this be an excuse to binge eat, to slack off with the exercise and to simply let yourself go by gaining weight and losing muscle mass and fitness in general. We can diet for weeks upon weeks to lose a measly pound or two and with one poor meal choice for one single day, that measly pound will be right back and you’ll be right back to square one. As far as which forms of exercise you should choose however, well that’s really down to personal preference and a few other deciding factors that could be out of your control.
Whilst it can’t be denied that cardio is indeed an extremely efficient method of burning fat, there are other forms of exercise that work just as well. Cardiovascular exercise gets its name because it has been proven to strengthen the heart, which was known as Kardia in ancient Greek.
A great way of getting cardio in without even realising is to get involved in physically active games or sports. You can of course get friends involved, play games and sports, or listen to music to help stay motivated and to help pass the time.
Some people swear by it when it comes to fat loss, whilst others say that low intensity cardio is the way forward. An example would be a person walking on the treadmill for 90 seconds, before cranking the speed up and sprinting for 30 – 60 seconds, before slowing down and repeating the process all over again. As well as that, the more muscle you gain, the more efficient your metabolism will be because muscle requires for calories to maintain than fat, which means that the body has to burn more calories to maintain the muscle.
When it comes to exercise, there is no one exercise you should do in order to lose weight and get fit as variety is the spice of life, so mix things up and see what works for you.

Always seek the advice of a professional physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition.
The exercise and other suggestions on our website are not intended to substitute for proper medical advice.
Which cardio machine should you use when you want to quickly burn off last night’s cheesecake? If I had a nickel for every time I hear this question from a client or curious gym-goer, I'd have a pretty fat wallet! For the most effective fat burning workout on a treadmill, interval training with varying intensity is the way to go. A 30-minute run on a treadmill at 65 percent intensity is a good workout but burns fewer calories than an interval workout in which half the calories burned are fat. You can do interval training according to preset programs or manually, depending on your goals. No matter what your opinion, you cannot deny the fact that HIIT does certainly have a number of benefits and advantages. The great thing about HIIT is that it is over quickly and has the potential to burn upwards of 700 calories in less than 30 minutes! We assume absolutely no responsibility for injuries suffered while practicing any exercise program. Though the back rest on a recumbent bicycle can relieve stress on the lower back, neck, elbow and wrist, this type of bicycle should be used only if you have pain in these joints when you’re seated on an upright bicycle. Doing a higher intensity for the duration of the workout will burn more calories but only a small percentage of them fat calories. Regardless of which way you choose to use the treadmill, it is important to monitor your heart rate to determine whether the levels are too strenuous or not strenuous enough. You should be at 60 percent of your MHR during the first stage of interval training, then move up to 80 percent for the intense portion, then back down again.
If you have any conditions such as joint or back pain, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease etc., please seek professional advice before following any advice or information found on this website. By starting at 65 percent and raising it to 95 percent, then going back to 65 percent, you can burn more calories with approximately one-third being fat calories, thus making the same time on the treadmill more effective. To avoid this problem and get maximum benefit from a bike, choose a resistance that makes you breathe hard in order to achieve 90 RPM, or revolutions per minute; most indoor stationary bicycles show this number on the computer display. Calories burned depend on your weight and oxygen consumption, but expect to burn 8 to 15 calories per minute.

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