I'm beginning to form a crush on Miles Teller and I fear this will be a swirling vortex from which I can never emerge. Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you.
Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. Japan-based chemistry company Teijin announced the development of underwear that can burn away body fat. The fabric is based on a polyester nanofiber, which is supposedly very soft and was first made public by Teijin last year. Teijin claims that people who have worn the Nanofront underwear in experiments for 40 consecutive days lowered their body fat by “several percent” and consequently reduced waist size by several centimeters.
Detecto Scale (USA) - DETECTO's ProDoc® PD350 series body fat analysis scales are available with digital or mechanical height rods and an optional P50 printer.

These chest-height digital scales use the method of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to estimate Body Fat, Body Water, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass Percentage, plus they also calculate Body Mass Index. For more information about the ProDoc® PD350 series Body Fat Analysis Scales from Detecto Scale click here. Sure, Teller's always been hot in that bro-next-door kind of way, but this new Miles is not the Miles fans used to. All that wearers need to do is let the fabric hug their skin to generate friction resistance when they go about their daily routines.
Usually, the so-called Nanofront fibers are used for industrial polishing cloths and are just 700 nanometers in diameter (a strand of hair is 7,500 times thicker). The company is already in talks with a number of apparel makers and hopes to commercialize its technology as early as in next year’s spring or summer fashion season.
As shown in this 5-minute demo video, DETECTO's PD350 series offers medical-grade accuracy and durability built for long life spans in high-traffic fitness centers, corporate or hotel gyms, nutritionist’s offices, and clinical facilities.

Nanofront is said to be 200,000 times more flexible than conventional polyester fibers (15?m in diameter). He grew a moustache, dropped down to six percent body fat, and gained approximately 15 abs.
This is the guy who played lovable pudgy drunk Sutter in The Spectacular Now, for gosh sakes! If you were at all familiar with pre-six pack Miles Teller, your first view of his new shape was a definite WTF moment.
And now he's pulling a Chris Pratt and jetting off to play superheroes and professional boxers?

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