We all want to build a great physique – thata€™s why wea€™re on this site, after all.
However, a lot of us are looking for ways to speed up our results or push ourselves to the next level – thata€™s where supplements come in. Chances are if you are new to the world of bodybuilding this stuff can be pretty overwhelming.
Obviously we dona€™t have the budget for such a luxury, so wea€™ve gone ahead and put together a list of the three best supplements to be using.
They tend to work better when you use them all together but in case you have limited funds wea€™ll order them from most to least important.
Because with higher testosterone levels men are able to gain more muscle in less time, get stronger, get more confident, get leaner bodies and overall look more manly. Unfortunately steroids have some nasty side effects like severe back acne, losing the ability to produce your own testosterone, losing a lot of muscle size after taking them in and bad effects on the organs otherwise every guy on the planet would be taking steroids.
There are however available on the market right nowA supplements that increase the natural testosterone production in the body without the dangerous side effects.
These products do not work as fast and as effectively as steroids but they allow you to maintain your muscles even though you stop taking them in for a while. As a testosterone booster we recommend you take a look on our guide on testosterone boosting supplements. We have done a lot of work into researching the ideal dosage and ingredients so you can rest assured you are getting a quality product.
Supplement companies have gone through great lengths to brainwash us into thinking we need to consume tons of protein in order to get bigger. While protein does play ita€™s role in muscle growth you dona€™t actually need to consume 300g per day – 150g is plenty for most guys. In fact, it’s the fastest-absorbing protein and has all the amino acids you need to build mass.

Ita€™s the type of protein that is studied the most so you know what you are getting yourself into.
For any bodybuilding program to be a success you need to be consuming a solid diet and following an effective resistance training program.
With creatine and testosterone boosters in particularly it takes some time to work the levels up in your body.
So make sure to take advantage of those 3 muscle building supplements and use them to get better results. This is an achievable goal for anyone as long as they follow a solid diet and resistance training program. Hell, even guys who have been lifting for years arena€™t sure what half of this stuff does.
They have a team of trainers and experts to help them custom-design a diet and supplement stack to meet their needs. That is the reason why so many bodybuilders and athletes use steroids to enhance their performance to something that’s just almost unbelievable. These products are designed to increase the natural testosterone production in the body and allow you to enjoy the benefits of having higher t-levels.
We have put together a guide consisting of only of the most potent natural testosterone boostersA out there – loaded with ingredients that have been shown to boost testosterone levels. That means you will be setting yourself up for more energy, greater strength and improved muscle growth.
One thing you might have noticed is that these are all natural ingredients – no chemicals or weird preservatives that you cana€™t pronounce. You can find these products in our guide on testosterone boostersA however you will need to take it for at least 2 months in order to get the maximum benefit.
Having said that, we still recognize the importance of whey protein, particularly after a workout due to the fact that it absorbs quickly.

Most protein brands are fine but if you are determined in getting the best we recommend Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey.
While it might not be a€?reala€? muscle we dona€™t think anyone will complain about having bigger-looking muscles. If you feel you are no longer benefiting from it then stop for a few weeks then start the cycle over again.
Having said that, we all want to make gains as quickly as possible and thata€™s where supplements come in. They will be effective for most people and will give you a huge boost in performance and results. However, if you are patient and stick to the program you will be rewarded with some impressive gains. Whey protein powders, creatine, BCAAs, mass gainers, fish oil, multi-vitamins, protein bars, etc.
Figuring out which products can help you with your specific goals is almost a full-time job and it doesna€™t help that a lot of them can be quite pricey. If your goal is to build mass a bit faster than normal then you need to start taking these. However, by taking more of it you give your body more capacity to recover quickly from resistance training. There are a ton of products out there and choosing one can be difficult, so we narrowed it down to the 3 best muscle building supplements for you.

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