As promised ladies, here are my TOP 5 FAVORITE AB MOVES & TOP 5 NUTRITION TIPS for BANISHING your MOMMY BELLY and Losing that NASTY Lower Ab-Flab … FOR GOOD! 1.) Lean back and prop your upper body up on your elbows (your back should remain lifted), palms facing down. 1.) Sit with your legs slightly bent, feet flexed up, and hands just outside of your hips, fingertips facing forward. 2.) Focus on lifting your hips with your abs, only use your arms and legs to brace yourself.
2.) Keeping your knees locked, walk your feet in towards your hands as far as you can until your hips end up in a high “pike” position. 1.) Lie face-up with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle, feet off of the floor, with your knees pressed together. Implement just ONE of these new nutrition habits from my book the Bikini Body Mommy Blueprint, for 1 FULL WEEK before implementing the next tip. REASON #2: The fish oil has plenty of data behind it that suggests that it has positive effects on the motivational centers of your brain (when taken in the dose I recommend), as well as increases FAT LOSS, and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. I have a diastasis rectus and still look like I am six months pregnant oer a year after my second.
Just a little note about 1 dailies My dad is a nutrition store owner and the one a days are one of the worst multis out there… Be-beautifuls and other multi vitamins are more sufficient in vitamins and such. I would like to join the challenge too… my son is 18 months now and I have over 40lbs to lose and I was wondering if it works for ladies that need to lose more weight. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
The most important supplemental fat source is omega 3 fatty acids, which you have all heard of lately due to the recent research. In addition to what has been obvious to me from a metabolic standpoint, I link drinking binges to junk food binges. Do not expect to be mentally sharper or perform well during workouts if you have consumed alcohol in recent days. In addition to all of the health benefits, water will keep muscles full and prepared for action.
It seems like 75 percent of the people who come into my office and 90 percent of the women want to lower their body fat percentage. Amino Loading with 100 % MR and Muscle Synthesis provide the specific fuel the body seeks for optimal mental and physical function between meals. Those who are highly stressed should consider Fat Reduce, Alpha Omega, 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis to combat some of the negative effects created by this problem.
Optimizing your natural anabolic hormone levels is an important part of the recovery process as it relates to weight training.
There is so much online advice on how to best lose body fat while building muscle simultaneously. Actually, my workout philosophy is evolving constantly and I am on a journey myself when it comes to my physical transformation.
That said, however, I can share some of the lessons I have learned since I started in March 2012. I started out using McGuff`s BBS Big 5 Workout as a template to which I added some additional exercises such as pullover, leg extension, curls, chins, dips chest fly – each exercise done on MedX machine exclusively.
Later in 2012, I got access to student house gym key and I gradually started incorporating free weight exercises – in particular I got enamored with the deadlift (both barbell and trapbar).
I will say this: BBS is a great starting point as its focus is mainly on big compound movements that engage much of the musculature. I currently focus on the deadlift, front squat, incline DB press, barbell rows, chins, shoulder presses and will throw in assistance exercises for isolated muscles at the end of each workout (i.e. If your goal is to put on some mass bodybuilding style: increase the volume, slightly decrease the intensity and train CONSISTENTLY 3-4 times a week focusing on ONE big movement + assistance each workout. Train consistenly for 2 years, eat well, sleep a lot, and if you are a human being: you will see great results. If any of these three varibles is lagging behind, you will notice in terms of lacking results. Take more days off in between workouts – and sleep and destroy a lot of food on these days. My weight has been plateauing for the last 6 months but the quality of lean mass and strength has improved after adding in the gymnastics ring workouts. I thought I’d wait for your update, but then again, it could take longer than two weeks due to tight schedule, etc, so I will post before that. Aside from supplements, I noticed that you didn’t mention exercises that target specifically the abs.
However, as of Jan 2014, I have seriously taken up the challenge of mastering the front and back lever on gymnastic rings.
Doing crunches and shit like that put a motherfucking load on your spine, so I never did direct ab training.
About Stephan I am a 25 year-old guy currently pursuing a MSc in "Biomedical Engineering" .
I am a biohacker who aspires to become better each day through self-experimentation, optimising fitness & nutrition, and mastering useful skills. The formula for losing excess body fat is simple: Increase your activity, especially exercise, and take in fewer calories. One obvious answer is that the clients don’t follow a proper diet, believing that the gym work is all they need.
To be effective for losing body fat, exercise needs to be done frequently enough and with enough intensity to use up stored body fat. Another possible monkey wrench is eating high-glycemic-index, or simple, carbs before and during exercise.
Conversely, fasting, or not eating anything, before exercise lowers the respiratory quotient. Lack of sleep also blunts insulin sensitivity, to the point where it can bring on latent diabetes. Excess stress may also depress the release of hormones linked to lower body fat, such as growth hormone and testosterone, both of which counteract the effects of cortisol in the body. One current controversy suggests that many fat people are infected with germs that provoke obesity. Increased overall body inflammation and elevated insulin have been linked to thyroid problems, and both are commonly found in those with a lot of body fat. The accumulation of environmental toxins has been linked to both obesity and failure to lose fat through exercise. Brace your abs in tight and lift your legs into a 90-degree angle (knees should be touching), toes pointed. Draw your abs in tight and press down through your palms to lift your hips up off the ground a couple of inches. Great sources include: eggs, greek yogurt, chicken, fish, bison, quinoa, black beans, lentils, and chickpeas. If you really want to lose the fat and ditch the pooch that making you feel so awful about yourself — Deal with it! Whether they have 100 pounds to lose (as I DID!) — or are just wanting to look better in their jeans, if you know someone who can benefit, please pass it on. If you loved this post and don’t want to miss others just like it, will you please take 2 seconds to follow me over on BLOGLOVIN? In many situations, properly raised grass-fed beef will have higher omega 3 content than some fish!

A fat storing environment is cultivated when drinking, and I have found that clients make bad food choices when they are drunk for lack of a better term. Drink 0.6 times your body weight in pounds to determine the number of ounces you need per day. Research proves that breakfast is the most important meal of the day when it comes to setting the pace for blood sugar levels.
I have kids who tell me that they play sports all of the time, but they are referring to video games. But you can’t diet effectively forever, and at times, the best long-term solution for reviving metabolism is to put on some muscle! We want the body to be overloaded with dietary fat for a period of time so the system can efficiently use fat as fuel. Stress will ruin your insulin sensitivity, causing the body to over-secrete the fat storage hormone, insulin.
Countless studies show that a few nights of poor sleep can negatively alter your insulin sensitivity. All of the different opinions on nutrition and exercise are numerous and can be very confusing to new readers.
From then on I alternated between MedX machine workouts and free weights workout which amounted to roughly 3 times per week, usually in the evening.
If you want to feel better in general and have max outcome with minimal time investment: BBS is great. You will stagnate at some point using the same protcol, that`s where you start looking at has worked best for your body and start refining your training phisophy.
He provides a template but you need to work out the nitty gritty details yourself that work specifically for you. Ok, it could have been more considering it’s your first 6 months of lifting but then again you are putting in the hard work but not allowing your body to supercompensate enough. Even with single digit bodyfat percentage, your ab definition seems to be better than someone that would just train their abs indirectly with squats, deads, etc (as one would assume from your post). Recently, I have incorporated ab rollouts on a wheel – activates your entire core like crazy. He’s a beast and super creative with building equipment or not using any equipment at all. Last time I checked my BF% was on a doc, made with a fat caliper with medical precision (not that plastic shit you can find on eBay), and got 6.97, but I suspect that percentage was a bit higher at the time and even more by now.
With a Polish family background, I grew up in Berlin, lived in London, Vancouver, Copenhagen and currently in Medellin, Colombia.
You get the best results by burning more calories through exercise while reducing your daily intake enough to cause an energy deficit and make your body tap into stored fat for energy. Some complain that it comes off agonisingly slowly, which leads to such behaviour as gross overtraining, a misguided cure that’s often worse than the disease. Resting too long between sets or gabbing interminably on cell phones is a good way to blunt exercise-induced fat loss — yet you see that going on all the time.
High-glycemic carbs enter the blood rapidly and trigger significant insulin release, and the insulin, in turn, blunts fat mobilisation during exercise. That will no doubt come as a surprise to many competitive bodybuilders, who habitually gain and then lose weight prior to a contest; however, it’s a classic example of yo-yo dieting.
Even worse, diet cycling predisposes a person to a higher incidence of cardiovascular disease than what fat people who stay fat experience. Those who sleep less tend to be fatter for a number of reasons, chiefly an imbalance of gut hormones that affect appetite. Exercising when you’re under a lot of mental stress may inhibit fat loss due to stress-induced cortisol production. That can lead to diabetes, loss of muscle and elevated visceral fat, which is the deep-lying fat in the abdomen and is considered dangerous because of its direct link to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. One reason is that they have a decreased sympathetic response — that is, they produce less of the catecholamines, such as epinephrine and norepinephrine, which help release fat from fat calls. They have an easier time ridding themselves of upper-body than lower-body fat stores — a difference of hormone patterns. Low birth weight favours a later-in-life gain in body fat due to a preponderance of genes that encourage fat storage over fat burning. For example, a study of obese subjects found that 36 per cent of them were infected with a virus called adenovirus-36, which tends to encourage obesity by telling the body to develop new fat cells. The portion of the cell undergoing the most oxidation even under normal conditions is the mitochondria, which is also where energy is produced and fat is burned.
The thyroid gland regulates resting metabolism, and thyroid hormones work with catecholamines to increase fat use. The fat-induced increase in inflammation depresses the release of adiponectin, a beneficial fat-cell hormone that heightens insulin sensitivity and fat burning and depresses leptin resistance. Such toxins are fat-soluble and include pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables or in animal feed, and they are stored long term in body fat. And If we can actually make an impact the motivation centers in your brain to increase your motivation, in addition to fixing your nutrient deficiencies, increase your fat loss, and help you to be less sore from your new BIKINI BODY MOMMY CHALLENGE workout regime … you are going to have a better chance of success! Make a commitment to applying new things every day, and as time passes, you will be thankful for these productive habits.
You must drink water with and between meals to optimize health, especially during times of increased physical activity and heat.
I want my clients to satisfy cravings, but at the same time, I want to minimize the damage and prevent body fat accumulation.
Remember that a long-term diet, especially with low caloric intake, will actually teach the body to store fat to preserve survival. The body adapts very quickly to stimuli including those created through your nutrition plan. When you return to a lower dietary fat intake, the body will still know how to utilize the stored fat on your backside as fuel instead of your hard earned muscle. The specific ingredients, ratios, and proprietary technology found with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis provides high impact nutrition with only a few calories, signaling the body to believe massive amounts of food have been consumed. Furthermore, high cortisol levels elevated due to stress also activate fat storage receptors.
In our experience, those with inadequate sleep consume more sugar for a variety of reasons. While some people have trouble going to sleep, many more experience difficulty staying in a deep level of sleep. Over the past year I have immersed myself in these fields with the intent of finding the most optimal plan for MYSELF from various nutrition and fitness experts. Following this protocol for a good half year I made great gains working out no more than 2 times per week. I’m also an student and sometimes exams and shit leaves me so fucking stressed by the end of the day.
Specially my lower abs, which coupled with seating a few hours a day give me a little bit of anterior pelvic tilt. The question then arises: Why does exercise so often fail to produce acceptable fat-loss results? The one exception is when you exercise the first thing in the morning on a completely empty stomach. Studies with mice show that when the rodents lose a significant amount of weight after eating a low-calorie diet, they take twice as long to lose weight when they go back on the diet. Those who overly restrict calories lose equal amounts of fat and muscle, but their eventual weight regain will be all fat, making it harder to lose fat the next time due to a metabolic slowdown from muscle loss.

One such hormone, ghrelin, is a potent appetite booster, while another, leptin, decreases appetite. Cortisol aids the activity of lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that encourages the body to store fat. As suggested above, elevated cortisol often goes hand in glove with insulin resistance, further hampering fat loss through decreased fat use. Having a lot of visceral fat is strongly associated with tissue inflammation, which is extremely catabolic to muscle as well as the cornerstone of nearly all degenerative diseases.
Lower testosterone is definitely linked to greater concentration of fat in the abdominal area, especially in men. Women shouldn’t despair over the retention of lower-body fat but need to recognise that they won’t tap into lower-body fat stores until they’ve exhausted much of their upper-body fat.In women, lower-body fat retention is characterised by a higher density of alpha-adrenergic fat-cell receptors. Being fat as a child and adolescent makes it tougher to lose fat as an adult because fat kids have larger and more numerous fat cells that stick around for life. One problem with low-calorie dieting is that after a short time you hit a plateau and your weight-loss rate drops. They’re released when fat is mobilised, as occurs when you’re dieting or exercising, and their release inhibits fat loss. Oil that isn’t filtrated can lead to metal toxicity and other health problems that you do not want to deal with. Take alpha omega before and after any cheat meal and you will keep blood sugar levels under control, which will minimize body fat accumulation. Yes, weight training is excellent for fat loss and that would be the area of focus I would suggest for anyone aiming to lose body fat. If you have been dieting for an extended period of time with poor results, a sluggish metabolism may be to blame! The priorities of your nutrition plan should change often and so should your macronutrient percentages.
Metabolism is revamped through the roof to handle the incoming nutrients, but there is no food to digest, leaving stored body fat as the only source available to burn. A good night’s rest is a key to successful days fueling optimal physical and mental energy to accomplish the tasks at hand. I have problem with eating super quality, organic food, it simply doesn’t fit in my schedule.
I’ve seen it graphically illustrated at Gold’s Gym in Venice, California, my training base. Even getting too much protein prior to training can provoke a sufficient insulin response to inhibit fat use during exercise in those who carry more body fat. The reduced glycogen stores at that time cause your body to rely on stored body fat for energy. In addition, compared to the first dieting phase, they take half as much time to put the lost weight back on when they start eating normally. One study found that those who slept only five hours a night had 15 per cent higher ghrelin counts and 15 per cent lower leptin counts than those who slept eight hours a night. Training too late or too hard before sleep may interfere with sleep and thus, paradoxically, counteract the otherwise beneficial effects of exercise on body fat loss. As if that weren’t enough, elevated cortisol tends to depress leptin, increasing appetite and making dieting harder than it should be.
Women also have more fat just under the skin because of the higher concentration of estrogen in their bodies. On the other hand, if you possess ‘cold-climate genes’, meaning that your ancestors came from a region of cold weather, you likely have a higher resting metabolic rate or even more brown adipose tissue stores, both of which favour greater fat-loss response to exercise.
Special thermogenic proteins called uncoupling proteins found in the mitochondria are key players. Type 2 fibres favour using glucose rather than fat as fuel and are far more friendly to muscle growth than type 1 fibres. Usually that means the hypothalamus in the brain has sensed the limited calorie intake and, to prevent tissue catabolism, downgraded the production and release of active thyroid hormone. They might also interfere with thyroid activity or make you feel sick when you’re dieting, which dieters often attribute to the rigours of the diet itself rather than the actual cause. Is it possible they’re just too advanced for me at this point since this is the first time I’ve worked out, or attempted at least, in over a yr? The best choices are extra virgin olive oil, avocados, mixed nuts, fats from organic meats, and the like. Going back to omega 3s, a key to reducing body fat is controlling the release of insulin because it is a fat storage hormone. I have dozens of patients paying the price now for drinking done years ago because certain fat deposit sites were developed directly from alcohol side affects and they take three times as long to burn off.
This will also help to dictate the change of some food sources, which is highly beneficial. We are well-equipped to deal with short-term stress such as being chased by a wild animal, but the long-term stressors from overdue bills, relationship issues, or sick relatives are what really take a toll.
The three most common traits that we see among those who are most successful are a sense of urgency to reach a set of goals, the ability to get right back on track when life knocks you off course, and the ability to consistently execute a well-designed routine with no room for excuses. I eat potatoes as much as I can, eat white rice as much as I can, but without a controlled diet, I’m unable to force feed myself for longs periods of time. There I’ve observed clients of personal trainers whose bodies never seem to change or improve in any way. Those who have a preponderance of type 1 fibres burn fat more easily during exercise than those who have more type 2 fibres. Then, depending on your personal learning style, I’d pick up either her DVD or the guidebook. Im so frustrated and really want to lose this weight and be back to my preprego weight, im not good with dieting and working out but im trying really hard…any tips?
The Alpha Omega was specifically designed to optimize your blood sugar levels following meals to give you the best chance to use food as fuel instead of allowing it to be stored as fat. Remember that coffee will dehydrate you to a degree so you must drink ample water to replace what is lost. Weight training elevates your metabolism for longer periods of time and activates a fat burning hormonal reaction.
That is not going to happen without the right genetics and efforts to do specifically that. Signs that you are overstressed include excessive body fat levels, consistent fatigue, irritability, and lack of motivation. Fat people remain fat, even when training under the guidance of a knowledgeable and experienced trainer. That explains why elite endurance athletes usually have a higher per centage of type 1 fibres; their increased fat-burning capacity and greater mitochondrial content favour increased endurance. Also, I take pre natals still so would the fish oil be necessary or is it even good to take if i am breastfeeding? However, some gains in muscle, say even 5 lbs, can help you burn many more calories 24 hours a day, seven days a week while improving your hormonal landscape as well. Overtraining syndrome has similar symptoms because high stress levels are one of the key factors involved with reducing your capacity to recover from training. Studies show that the obese often have smaller and less functional mitochondria, so they experience less effective fat burning and less efficient energy production and find it harder to exercise.

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