Greater Seattle and Renton Personal Trainer Gets Local Residents Into Mind-Blowing Shape Practically Overnight……. Finally, You’ve Just Found Renton and Greater Seattle’s Most Heart Pumping, Muscle Toning, Fat Losing, Make You Stronger, Healthier and Feel Better Indoor Boot Camp And You Can Take This Most Results Driven Fitness Program For A FREE 1 Week Test Drive Just So We Can Prove It!
Award Winning Renton Personal Trainer and Body Transformation Expert Luka Hocevar has created a fitness & fat loss boot camp training system that gets Double the Fat Loss Results over traditional programs…with only HALF the time investment! Now Imagine How Your Life Would Be If You Didn’t Have To Worry About These Frustrations EVER AGAIN! I know it sounds like a bold claim to say that I can help these frustrations be a thing of the past, but just indulge me for a moment, fair enough? See, while I’m proud to say we are the number one personal training facility with the most results driven fitness boot camp in greater Seattle and Renton, I’m even more proud that throughout my near 8 years in the fitness industry I have been fortunate enough to help people just like you reach incredible body transformations and lose hundreds, even thousands of pounds (neither is an exaggeration).
I’m a nationally certified personal trainer and strength and conditioning specialist and have been involved in nearly every aspect of the fitness industry since 2003. Before I dedicated my life to fitness I played basketball for almost 20 years, playing all the way from high school through college to the highest professional level in some of the top European basketball leagues as well as the NBA Summer Pro League and have been a champion of Nike Battlegrounds – Slovenia.
I’ve been a personal trainer to top corporate executives, models, musicians and professional athletes competing in the UFC, NBA, MLB, Euroleague Basketball and NFL. My gym and fitness center in Europe has been featured in Men’s Health and been part of the 2010 Men’s Health Challenge Slovenia and I have written for Stack magazine and a number of international fitness magazines. But I’m not telling you any of this to impress you but rather to impress upon you that I know what it takes to help you reach the body and life transformation, get you lean, toned and strong and that you have come to the right place if you’re looking for no nonsense training solutions that deliver real world results in the shortest amount of time. But as impressive as they may be, I know there are still hundreds if not thousands of frustrated Renton, Bellevue, Newcastle, Seattle, Federal Way, Kent and Tukwila residents wanting to lose weight and finally get in great shape once and for all! Through my professional basketball career and over a decade of studying and researching everything training, performance and nutrition, getting mentored by the top fitness professionals across the globe, as well as over a decade in the trenches figuring out what works in the real world through trial and error -I finally figured out what works. Now I’m putting my experience and all my training to good use and extending to you the same benefits other people have received by attending my Renton Results Boot Camp. What sets the Renton Results Boot Camp apart from the rest is the balanced approach to creating change and amazing results. We use such methods as cardio strength training intervals, density training, circuits, as well as challenge workouts. I designed this program specifically to jump-start your metabolism for maximum fat loss, lean muscle tone and tons of energy.
Movement preparation and Dynamic Warm Up that kick starts your workout for the first 10 minutes of every class and will target weak areas with mobility, flexibility and core strengthening. It took me years and years of studying, work in the trenches (with over a thousand clients) and making mistakes, to identify what was the formula for fat loss success in my fitness program.
Yes, it may be a bit more pricey than, say, joining a local health club, gym or weight loss program.
At the end of 3 months I lost nearly 35lbs, inches and inches of my waist and 10.7% body fat!!! I’ve never in my life met anyone who is genuinely so passionate about helping people accomplish their goals as Luka is.
I have worked with other trainers and the thought of doing 30 min of cardio followed by weight would have me thinking I’m am walking out of this gym and never coming back! Luka and his amazing team of trainers helped change the way I do things in the gym and the other 23 hours of the day. I have honestly never felt better and I have energy all day for my full time job AND my own business that I run in my free time. I would like to give Luka & his staff a big thank you for all their help in my current progress toward my goal of losing 69 pounds.
I prefer the 5:45 AM camps and like to joke that I go at that time before I’m really awake so I don’t know what I’m doing! I am looking forward to the next transformation weight loss challenge and plan to reach my goal weight! Mayra had tried just about everything before from diets to hiring personal trainers at the local Renton health club. She never had any real results when it came to weight loss and had been seriously frustrated before giving Renton Results Boot Camp a try.
At the beginning Mayra’s mindset was holding her back because she thought her genetics were stopping her from getting the body she deserved, which meant she was skeptical about the program. After 6 months Mayra dropped over 46 lbs of body fat getting her body lean, toned and full of energy. Lee has always been very active and in good shape but she decided to take things to the next level and get in the best shape of her life in her 40’s.
I wanted to get back in the best shape like when I was training for boxing (hours per day), knowing that I have to be careful with me knee as I had knee surgery not that long ago. I have been training at the Results Boot Camp for almost a year now and have no plans to quit. I have been an athlete and in great shape all of my life (I played college basketball), I thought that after having a baby my body would fall right back into its normal shape.
I started training with his program and literally watched my body change in a matter of 2 months. I was skeptical that I could maintain my muscle while losing the fat as I had always done regular cardio and never had success. Because of Luka, Hocevar Performance and the Renton Results Boot Camp, I now feel better than I ever have. The Renton Mission: Results Boot Camp Program may be priced a bit higher than some of the other programs.
Not only is there a money back guarantee but you can try the Renton Results Boot Camp Program absolutely free for a week. Let’s be honest, if after a week of training in my program you don’t start to see a difference in your body, you can stop right there.
But as soon as you see the results and feel the difference in your body and your energy levels, you’ll realize what my program can do for you. As you may have noticed from the testimonials, the Renton Results Boot Camp Program has been a huge success for many local Renton and greater Seattle residents.
My boot camp training program fills up quickly and since my purpose is to help as many greater Seattle men and women get their dream bodies, I want you to be able to take advantage of this amazing offer. Remember, my program delivers real world results and helps people lose fat, get lean, toned and look great and my clients achieve these results fast. If you don’t take action today there’s a good chance in a year you’ll be exactly where you are today, or even worse.
You can choose to leave this website and continue doing what you have been doing, living the exact same life, staying in the same shape you are right now or worse….and you can continue putting your goals of a better body and a better life of till another tomorrow (that may never come)…. OR you can get your initial 1-week trial from the Renton Results Boot Camp by clicking the button below and getting on the fast track to real results, the body, health and life you deserve and always wanted. You’re intelligent and I trust you will make the decision that will take you to your goals. Renton Results Boot Camp is results driven fitness program that includes high-level trainers providing top notch coaching in exercise form, nutrition and motivation all with the purpose of getting you back to the best shape of your life n the shortest time possible.
Our program is based on scientifically backed research that has been backed in the trenches getting results with all our clients.
Our program is combined with our simple to use nutritional system that is not a “diet” but rather guides you to be able to change your habits and eat the foods you like while getting great results. We have worked with over a thousand clients over the years……and professionally speaking we have found that “I don’t have enough time” really means “I’d just like to procrastinate a little longer.” If you really want to change your body, the way you look and feel, then you can make time – that’s the truth. Our boot camps run 6 days a week, Monday – Saturday, and since they are indoors the weather is never an issue. If you are just price shopping or you’re not very serious about making a body transformation then you would probably be better off looking somewhere else. We do recommend you see your physician and consult them before doing any physical exercise.

We encourage you work with what you are comfortable with from the beginning and take any necessary breaks if you feel the need to. We stand behind our boot camp training system as the most results driven, simple to follow fat loss program out there, and if it doesn’t get you the results you’re looking for, you get your money back.
Ok, now that all your pressing questions have been answered CALL to register now and join the most exciting and results driven fitness program in the Greater Seattle area.
Renton Results Boot Camp is an indoor Fitness Boot Camp that offers Weight Loss Programs, workouts, Fitness coaching and Personal Fitness Training servicing the cities and surrounding areas of Auburn, Bellevue, Bothell, Burien, Federal Way, Kent, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Newcastle, Redmond, Renton, Seatac, Seattle, Sammamish, Shoreline,Tacoma and Tukwila.
An abundance of food from plant sources including fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and whole grain breads and cereals. If you eat 15 chips per day, (equivalent to 1 small bag, or 150 calories), you will gain 15 lbs. I’m a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer, and owner of Hocevar Performance and the creator of the Renton Results Boot Camp unstoppable fat loss system.
On a daily basis I also train everyday folks who are just as busy and want the same amazing, fast and permanent results as the athletes, models and corporate execs. I have even coached and consulted with personal trainers in both the US and all over Europe while I also attend the top fitness workshops, seminars and conferences around the world. This greater Seattle Boot Camp for Men and Women is unlike anything you’ve ever participated in before. I have researched exactly what makes people plateau in their training and diet, making them frustrated and causing them to quit.
You’ll never get bored doing the same old ineffective routine so your body will never plateau. Each month a different program is created that will make you leaner, toned, stronger, more energetic and help you move better. This program is especially designed for women and men who are looking for no BS training, nutrition and motivation that delivers real world results.
My regular fee for one-on-one personal fitness and fat loss training is $150 for a private hour session.
I designed my program to deliver you the best training, results and support at an affordable price.
But with Renton Results Boot Camp you won’t have to waste time at the gym waiting for equipment, being confused by which exercises to do, how to do them and the methods behind what truly works.
It has worked for countless other greater Seattle and Renton residents and it will work for you too! This Renton fitness boot camps training systems and continuous support are the reasons why I got the incredible results I did. He saved me and in those three months not only changed my body, but my life for the better.
I was one of those people that hated doing group classes because I was so self-conscience of my weight.
With Renton Results Boot Camp I am able to complete cardio and weight within a 35 min period and get the results I want!
By taking full advantage of the Renton Results Bootcamp and Personal Training services Ashli has been able to reclaim her body and is really rockin’ that bathing suit!
They really care to see you succeed, not just short term but also, and more importantly, long term. The last thing I wanted to hear was how good the training was & the progress she was making. I lost 22 pounds in that challenge, but what amazed me the most were the inches I lost &the total reshaping of my body.
That is in large part due to the trainers’ encouragement and positive reinforcement at the boot camps I participate in 4 times a week. That is a challenging goal, but my current progress has amazed me so much already I figure why not?! She joined the Renton Results Bootcamp transformation contest and with the accountability, nutritional help and intense workouts she dropped 16 lbs and 5.8% body fat in 8 weeks.
The pain shooting down my right leg was so bad that I couldn’t sit in my car without screaming, I had to have a stand up desk at work, and sleeping was always a question.
Time spent with Luka taught me all about training and nutrition, something I had never truly cared about.
I’ve since had y second baby and have continue training with Renton Results Boot Camp and Hocevar Performance.
I was really worried about not being able to do the strength workouts because of my bad back and knees. Most importantly, my pain levels have almost completely diminished and I have never been as strong, athletic and flexible. That it is because it is unlike any other program you will find in the greater Seattle are, which is people who have attended the Renton Results Boot Camp can’t stop talking about the amazing results they get. You will lose weight, get toned and feel great while being challenged in a supportive atmosphere! I have made it my mission in life to help as many people that have struggled achieve the body and life they want. I want to see my friends give me constant compliments and have everyone tell me how amazing I look!
I want to get into the most amazing shape of my life right now and understand there is absolutely NO RISK and NO COST to try out your results program. And if you don’t take action today imagine where you will be 5 years from now…I don’t even want to go there. It is proven to elevate your metabolism not only during the training but also after, so you will be burning fat even after you are done working out. You will be supported by hundreds of men and women who are striving to reach the same goals are you are. Our program is different in that we recommend 3 boot camp training sessions a week for maximal results (not like some boot camps where they recommend 5-6 a week and still do not guarantee results). We are passionate about and only looking to work with men and women who are serious about changing their bodies and our expert training, service and dedication to you and your goals reflect that. We created this program for multiple fitness levels as we have a system where the trainers can modify the exercises for individuals to make them easier or harder. When you feel up to it, and the goal is to continue to challenge your self more as training program progresses. Whether you have a few vanity pounds to lose, 50 plus pounds, or you’re trying to get back in the best shape of your life, you’ll find Renton Results Boot Camp is the perfect program to achieve your fitness and weight loss goal. If you sign up for the Renton Results boot camp program and follow exactly what is outlined in our manuals, and do not end up seeing any type of results in the first 30 days, just contact us and we will refund your money. While alcohol of any kind is not recommended for weight reduction, know that your effort will be hindered by alcohol and limit consumption to rare occassions. You may have heard of me or even seen me in the local paper, ads, community publications or on KOMO4 News having my fitness tips featured.
Because plateaus and quitting are not part of our Results Boot Camp mission, we create a training program that is designed to achieve maximum results in the shortest amount of time. The Mission: Results Boot Camp is my secret that ensures you look and feel leaner you month after month! When you join Renton Results Boot Camp Program, you’ll not only get support from me but also you’ll also receive some of the most valuable support from your peers who will always encourage and support you on this journey. And just as importantly, you won’t need to spend your time and money on programs or weight loss pills that just don’t produce results.
My life dramatically changed when I committed to training with Luka and joined the Renton Results Bootcamp. The training is challenging but different each day and Luka and his awesome trainers make the environment is motivational and supportive. They helped me see fitness is a gift and you give to yourself and it should not be a temporary goal but rather a journey, way of life.

I only trained 3x a week for 35-40 minutes and did some short metabolic furnace workouts at home on 2 other days. But by the end of August I decided that I was NOT happy & needed to do something about my ever increasing waistline. After each boot camp I feel wiped out for about 10 minutes after which I am rejuvenated for the rest of the day.
Again, thank you Luka, Pam, Albert, Ravi and fellow boot campers for your support and encouragement!
Her body changed drastically and her performance went through the roof as she completed the Ironman in Canada in less than 13 hours!! My doctor had followed the standard treatment, painkillers, anti-inflammatory meds and physical therapy. It was at a new gym in Renton being started by the husband of one of the dance teachers from the studio where my daughter danced. The boot camp workouts have become a part of my weekly routine, and while I may curse Luka during a workout, I really miss them when they are not on my schedule. I spent hours upon hours in the gym feeling discouraged because I could not get the weight off or my muscle back.
This new found interest made me want to keep pushing forward with him, and I am so glad that I did, 6 months later, I have dropped almost 35 lbs and I am now 30 years old and back at my college weight. To top it all off, the year before I had 2 knee surgeries and spinal stenosis surgery, this is very invasive. Even the doctors were amazed that I can squat, deadlift and sprint with absolutely no pain! How many other programs deliver guaranteed results and provides you with everything you will get in the Renton Results Boot Camp program? I will call 425-276-5721  right now and register for a free trial week of training…I can’t wait to get started!
Not only will you see real results right away but you also have your success money back guaranteed.
In fact, our training methods are 9x more effective than traditional exercise most people resort to.
We also have “Done for You” meals plans that are made to get you to your goal and not have to think about what to eat. It is proven this makes you 80% more likely to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself. We provide everything that you have to do around that to make the most incredible transformation possible. Our trainers are experienced and have a very good expertise and feel for when to push you and when to back away. Because we’ve had a lot of men and women in their 40’s, 50’s, and even 60’s experience incredible success while training in our program (you can check out some of the testimonials). Luka is an amazing inspiration in my life and has helped me in so many areas, improving myself mentally and physically! I decided to give up my 33 year post-baby battle with weight and promptly gained another 10 pounds! I always felt affirmed and encouraged along the way as each session I could see and feel significant improvements. Adding the healthy eating to the boot camp exercise brought significant results very quickly. I am still amazed that this boot camp thing really can work for all ages and all fitness levels! The medicines help cover up some of the pain, and the physical therapy, while helping, after 6 months was proving to be something that wasn’t going to get me back to “normal”. So a couple weeks before my 50th birthday, we headed off to see what Renton Results boot camp at Hocevar Performance was all about. I have kept the weight off, continue to get stronger and am really looking forward to taking it to the next level.
I have a lean, toned and sexy stomach and my body looking and feeling like it never has before. The doctors told me I shouldn’t lift heavy weights and had advice to restrict much of my physically demanding activities. As you can see from all the success stories we’ve helped countless people get the body they want and we can do the same for you. But remember, because of all the amazing results we’ve been getting for our clients the demand for our boot camp has grown so high that we often have waiting lists. Our training is programmed by top level trainers, is always changing so you don’t get bored, and the exercises will not only get you the body you want but will help you move and feel better.
We welcome beginners as well as people that are working on getting back into the best shape.
This program is mean to have you burn fat fast, get stronger, move and feel better while increasing your metabolism no matter what age you are.
And you’d be hard pressed to find a personal trainer out there who would put it on the line and put his money where his mouth is, with a results based money back guarantee.
I am forever grateful for what I have gotten from his Renton Results Boot Camp and I’m not stopping here I’ve a lot to achieve and the sky is the limit! I than had an MRI done and it was determined that I had degenerative disk syndrome (mostly due to years and years of not treating my back right) and a bulging disk from the injury that was pressing on my sciatic nerve causing me all the leg discomfort. Not to mention I am playing the best golf of my life and I know my fitness level has a lot to do with that. I love Luka and the Renton Results Boot Camp for all that he has given back to me – my body, my health and most of all my confidence.
I am able to climb a few flights of stairs and when I get to the top I am the one asking why there isn’t more stairs to climb! The trainers are continually encouraging all of us to do our best and set the bar just a bit higher. I had 2 injections in my back, neither one really help, and I started getting acupuncture treatments. The workouts were intense and because a lot of it was bodyweight stuff, I wasn’t afraid of it hurting my back more. Thanks Luka, Renton Results Boot Camp, and thanks to my fellow boot campers who push me to be better every workout.
He makes sure proper technique is used not only for maximum benefit, but to make sure you don’t injure yourself. The workouts are structured so a trained athlete, a stay at home Mom, and 50 year old guy like me can workout together all get a great workout.
I wanted to be able to play golf again, and I wanted to be able to sit on and ride my motorcycle.
I was the plank queen as Rebekah told me to just hold a plank if I couldn’t do anything else! The acupuncture had gotten be to a point that I was able to golf some and ride my bike, but I couldn’t believe that I was going to have to live the rest of my life with daily pain. After just 2 months working out with Luka, and following a meal plan he put together for me to help me achieve my goals, I went from a starting weight of 215 to 185, and lowered my body fat percentage from around 20 or 21 percent to about 15 or 16.
My sciatic pain is all but gone, I am probably in the best total body shape I have ever been in. At age 40 I ran a marathon, competed in triathlons and rode my bicycle 200 miles in one day. None of that training did for me what Renton Results Boot Camp has done for me in terms of total body conditioning.

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