Debby Sly firmly believes that building confidence and having fun are the surest ways to improve your riding skills and Fun with Ponies is quite simply the most original, practical and enjoyable guide to riding and pony care available. An inspirational book that shows just how much fun riding is and helps demystify horsey terminology. Essential Sailing Destinations brings together some of the most talented sailors, editors and travel writers to share their knowledge, practical advice and favorite sailing destinations from around the world.
A comprehensive overview of the history and nature of the horse, an accessible guide to all aspects of horse care and an in-depth coverage of all the main horse breeds. Working on Human Body was a chance for us to art direct a great photography team (led by photographer Andy Crawford), and some lively children. From getting started to advanced competition, this is an essential reference for horse riders of all ages and expertise. We took this successful black and white back-list title – a revolutionary stretching and strengthening programme to prevent, identify and treat back pain – and gave it a new lease of life as a full-colour co-edition book with a fresh new style, newly commissioned step-by-step photography, and a thorough text revision.
We created the British edition of the US million-copy best seller – a diet book, not about ‘dieting’ but a visually effective and wonderfully simple technique that empowers you to make intelligent choices whenever you eat. Working with a team of hugely talented writers, illustrators, and photographers Studio Cactus produced this top-class partwork. A comprehensive overview of the history and nature of the dog, an accessible guide to all aspects of dog care and an in-depth coverage of all the main dog breeds.
There’s no denying that LeAnn Rimes is now considerably thinner than she was, say, a year ago.

Whereas Eddie focuses on the positive, LeAnn said a while back that she couldn’t help but be affected by all this talk about her figure, who, she also stressed, was very healthy.
In fact, it was precisely this (the fact that she was healthy and working so hard to stay in shape) that made it impossible for her to hear that some people believed she wasn’t taking care of herself and sacrificed her health for a Hollywood-type of body. Its pages are packed with fun ideas, including novelty plaiting techniques and hot grooming tips to pamper your pony and make him the star of any show. Straightforward riding techniques for all ages: how to get on and off a horse, how to do walk, trot and canter, and how to progress beyond the basics. Working closely with Dr Shapiro, we commissioned a home economist, dietician and food photographer, and gave this title a whole new look for the co-edition market.
Shapiro has created a unique visual program for weight loss where dieters are presented with images of food and information is provided in regard to their caloric content.
After months of speculation that she may be too thin to still be healthy, husband Eddie Cibrian also chimes in the conversation.
He talked with Extra a bit about it and, as it happens, the topic of LeAnn’s weight also came up.
I work out and take care of myself, and not in an over-obsessive way,” she said, as we also reported at the time. Great ideas for pony parties and games are illustrated with specially commissioned photography, including step-by-step sequences. A variety of illustration styles were used to deal with the different aspects of biology, encompassing existing artworks from previous DK titles.

We organized and art directed specially commissioned photographic sequences, shot in the UK, the States, and William’s home country of Ireland, to explain key techniques with outstanding clarity and ensure a truly international feel. A large part of the program involves comparing higher calorie foods with servings of lower calorie foods in terms of photographs.
Debby Sly’s lively personality and fun approach to pony care shines through in a book that is sure to have all young pony owners clamouring for their own copies.
Packed with information and advice on additional skills, equipment, ‘off-the-horse’ help, and general horse know-how. We then commissioned the Seemore digital artwork with the brilliant team at Alternative view Studios to tie in with the DK CD ROM Become a Human Body Explorer, and we all came out of this project a little more informed about our human biology.
He maintains that you can actually eat more food and still lose weight so long as you have an awareness of which foods contain the most calories.To illustrate his point he provides many visual comparisons. For example, a medium serve of French fries has the same calories as four ears of corn on the cob.
Early versions of the book lacked guidance in regard to meal planning but the more recent version contains a complete 30-day plan.Recommended FoodsLow fat foods are generally recommended because they allow dieters to eat a higher volume of food for a lower calorie intake. Picture Perfect Weight Loss is good for dieters who want to increase their awareness of the calorie contents of food but do not want to commit to a rigid calorie counting diet.

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