Go Swimming – Doing a couple of laps in the pool is a great approach to burn off those extra calories. Take the Stairs – Avoid the elevator and go for the stairs to blaze some calories during the day.
Walk the Dog – Taking the dog for a 25-minute walk around the neighborhood will burn off 100 calories. Wash the Car – Within 30 minutes, all you need is a pail, sponge and hose will burn 100 calories while saving money in your pockets. Bowling– Instead of the movies or going out for drinks go to the bowling alley with your friends.
I can’t believe how many people still ask me with our in home personal training services if there is a fat burning pill that they can take in conjunction with an exercise program. Pills are manufactured crutches that may give you short-term, immediate results, but can do great internal harm if taken over the long run. I know that it’s hard to be patient and wait for the results you’re hoping to see, and I know that we live in an era where immediate gratification is the norm, but the long-term side effects of fat burners are definitely not worth the quick results. With all that said, there are ways you can quickly drop a few pounds and cleanse your system all at the same time with no harmful internal side effects. 3        Say bye-bye to wheat and dairy for a few weeks and just watch the pounds disappear.
These are the healthiest and safest ways that I know of to drop a bit of weight in a short amount of time. Contact Eric Collier 256-509-9807 for more information on this subject or to ask about our newest cutting edge health and wellness program (The Metabolic Jump Start Program).

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Play your favorite playlist and dance around for 20 minutes in your living room to burn 100 calories!
You can start with some chores such as washing dishing, mopping the kitchen floor, dusting around the house, scrubbing the bathtub and vacuuming the carpet. It is a great workout because you are constantly squatting, digging, lifting, and walking around, which are working your legs, arm and core muscles. Sugar is the bane of our existence and I cannot tell you enough how horrible it is for our systems.
If you have read my other posts, you know that wheat and dairy are the major contributors to inflammation in our bodies which will make it nearly impossible to shed those unneeded pounds. That means no oatmeal, quinoa, spelt, millet, or rice until you have reached your desired weight. There will be no damage to your internal systems and you will actually feel better, have more energy, and more mental focus once you have completed a week or two of living with these tips. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
This will be a tough step for many to take simply because most people don’t realize that sugar is added to nearly all processed foods.

Add a little squeeze of lemon to your water and you will begin to cleanse your liver and a clean liver equates a more efficient calorie burning body.
Start by cutting all types of breads, crackers, cereals, and pastas as well as all processed dairy – milk, cheese, and flavored yogurt.
I am by no means saying that grains are unhealthy, but temporarily eliminating them will increase your weight loss.
Add some resistance training and a bit of cardio and you will be on your way to the body you have always wanted.
Majority of these things you currently do daily but just don’t notice the amount of calories you burning.
People are high on sugar nearly all day long because all they consume are prepackaged foods. Exercising regularly not only helps you to shed weight by burning extra calories but also increase metabolism and provides you with energy. Yes, there is sugar in most fruits and vegetables, but these sugars are simple sugars that our bodies recognize, utilize, and then get rid of.

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