Architect Chris Meadows has the bad luck to see an old girlfriend get hit by a car full of drugland hitmen. Take Unique at #31 and Power Pistol at #33, by the numbers that sounds real close, but they are 2 totally different powders.
The Australian powder list gives a great picture of what powders are almost exactly the same (some are) There are only a few plants that make all the powders. Relative burn rates are determined by burning a small charge of powder in a round steel ball.
As others have said, there are a lot of factors that affect actual burn rates and using guides such as these for anything other than amusement can be very risky. QuickLoad, which is in itself just an approximation, uses 7 powder variables to calculate performance in a given cartridge (pressure vs.
The most accurate models have been developed by the Army for artillery and don't scale well to small arms.
In fact QuickLoad states that it is not that good for any cylindrical cartridge and gets worse as pressures decrease. Not new to many of you but with me getting back in, it is helping for me to see the relative speed of newer powders to ones I have used in the past! Gold burned, although the deflagration rate alone is not the sole arbiter of the power of a propellant.

How fast heat can be conducted in the grain itself then becomes the limiting factor for deflagration (Dmax). I recently received a sample of Rivalus Powder Burn (Blaq Series) pre-workout supplement in the mail. The Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback.Get the latest Flash Player or Watch this video on YouTube. As far as taste and mix-ability, Powder Burn did ok and once I added my blender ball I had no problems.
A military grade approved formula with no banned substances gives POWDER BURN a powerful and safe formula for energy, mental focus and explosive workouts like never before.
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Brace yourself for one of my new favorite supplements: Amino Energy from Optimum Nutrition. Get a Free Sample of Top Secret Nutrition Weight Gainer 1400 from the Smackdown Rewards Store! This is a review for the MetRx Big 100 Meal Replacement Bar - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor. The chart does not list a tie (say HP38 and Win 231) So that along with the fact that many powders although not the same are so darn close it skews the whole list one way or the other.

For the reloader, the burn rate between two powders can change a LOT based on case volume, charge weight, and case geometry (straight-wall vs bottleneck, long skinny vs short squat), so the charts really don't mean anything.
Powders do vary from lot to lot and it's not really possible to say that they will always be in the exact same line up.
Just because two powders have similar burn rates doesn't mean they are suitable for the same purposes. Because in a town as violent as Miami, a witness doesn't stand a chance--especially when the cops who ought to be protecting him are more interested in dangling him as live bait.
Plus, their relative burn rate isn't always a good representation of their actual burn rate.
For best results, take an additional 1-2 scoops in the day and combine with exercise 3-5 times per week.

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