The main argument for HIIT cardio is the fact that it raises hormones and elicits responses in the body similar to that of lifting weights. In my opinion, if weight training three to four days per week, then one to two days of HIIT is very beneficial. The bottom line is, let?s STOP debating which form of cardio is best and realize that there is not a one size fits all recommendation. As stated in the intro, bodybuilders primarily use cardio as a means in increase their caloric expenditure (Cardiovascular training has a TON of other health benefits, but we will not touch on those benefits here). In addition, we would like to offer you the opportunity to join Team Scivation, our FREE Diet and Training service. In addition to commenting you get access to our forums allowing you to share knowledge or get advice and motivation from other members. Ezinearticles submission - submit quality, The diamond level of membership represents the ideal ezinearticles expert author and is the highest level of authorship that can be obtained on ezinearticles..
Dhea weight loss: miracle drug unproven experiment?, Dhea weight loss: miracle drug unproven experiment? Goku - dragon ball wiki - wikia, Goku cheerful, energetic personality love competition eating. A Google penalty can be harsh for any restaurant business because there’s plenty of competition out there in the dining world. Please complete your e-mail address and we will send you an invite for a free 30 day trial. We have not yet mentioned that we also were weight training SIX days per week in my pre contest fury to get lean and hard and dial it in. But if training five to six days a week, can you really increase the afterburn from weights? That gives you ample rest to make sure you can recover yet still keep your metabolism high.

The use of low-intensity cardio, done either pre or post weight training, allows one to burn more calories while not hampering recovery.
Continuous high-intensity cardio would be running at a high speed on the treadmill or elliptical machine for a long duration (i.e.
We recently completed a Scientific Study on Xtend where the subject who used Xtend during their workout gained 9 pounds of lean mass and lost 4 pounds of fat over the 8 week testing period. The current version will no longer be available due to Instagram's new platform policy for 3rd parties, which affects all 3rd party apps. No added fat loss and no noticeable difference, except the fact that our legs were tired and we felt like we were hit by a car at the end of the workout.
If you train five to six days per week, your metabolism is on fire and you are most likely pushing your nervous system to the brink of collapse as is! While I can see an endomorphic male (naturally fat) benefitting from sprints and HIIT, I would probably not advise this for the ectomorph (naturally LEAN) who has trouble not losing weight too fast! In fact, low-intensity cardio done post-workout may even enhance recovery due to increase blood flow and nutrient delivery. Therefore, I feel it is more practical to perform low to moderate intensity cardio on weight training days.
If doing cardio pre weight training decreases your performance, then it would be better for you to do it post workout. Putting too much stress on the anaerobic system and hampering recovery is one reason why I do not recommend performing weight training and HIIT on the same day. Thus, if you do HIIT, are you really going to raise it that much more or is it simply a matter of burning calories? Bodybuilders use cardiovascular training mainly as a means to increase caloric expenditure thereby increasing fat loss or decreasing fat gain.
Low-intensity cardio is not as strenuous on the body as high-intensity cardio or high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Now, one could perform their cardio separate from their weight training, but for most that would mean two trips to the gym, which is impractical; Hence my recommendation to perform cardio pre or post weight training. If you find that you are too tired to do cardio post weight training or simply find you become too bored and do not finish your cardio sessions, it would be better for you to do your cardio pre weight training. Obviously running at 6 mph will burn more calories than running at 3 mph, but one has to balance their activities to allow for proper recovery. Thus , I decided to add in HIIT cardio post workout for a week with my training partner Rob. And if that is the case, is it worth the strain on your central nervous system to burn the calories faster? You will burn the calories, circulate some nutrients, and not drain yourself to the point of collapse! We will address one cardio strategy bodybuilders can do while trying to gain lean mass or during any developmental stage based on both scientific literature and anecdotal feedback. It would be very hard for someone to complete a HIIT session pre weight training as it would decrease your performance when lifting weights or to complete the session post weight training as you will already be fatigued. For example, running a 100 meter sprint then walking back to the start, resting, then repeating could constitute HIIT.
We had been averaging a consistent amount of fat loss of between one to two pounds per week. HIIT is more intense than high-intensity continuous cardio and much more intense than low-intensity cardio. So for a week, we took Low Intensity cardio out of the PWO equation and threw in some HIIT.

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