Boost testosterone, burn fat or gain energy with a few hassle -free, supercharged additions to your regular protein drink. When it comes to muscle-friendly calories, it’s hard to beat the iconic protein shake. Once the supplement choice of only crunchy granola types, green powders got a boost a few years ago from UFC champion Randy Couture when he started touting their benefits and showing off his ripped 205-pound frame.
With antioxidant-rich berries as their primary component, red powders are similar to their green counterparts in that their off-the-charts ORAC values can hasten muscle recovery after you heave heavy loads in the gym. Cocoa powder is richer in a class of antioxidants called flavonoids than other chocolate products, including dark chocolate bars. Traditionally served to Japanese emperors, matcha is made by grinding lightly steamed young green tea leaves into a fine powder.
Made by isolating the germ from the bran and endosperm of a wheat kernel, wheat germ is packed with zinc, which is necessary for keeping testosterone levels elevated during periods of intense training. Harvested from the Amazon rain forest, the deep purple acai berry has significant antioxidant capacity that can help quell muscular inflammation associated with rigorous training. Inspirational QuotePeople who don't take risks generally make about two big mistakes a year. Protein shakes recipes don’t have to be boring, uneventful combinations of water and your favorite protein powder. Half of these items are perishable, while the other half can sit in your cupboard for quite some time. Chocolate and Red Pepper – Your favorite chocolate protein powder with some real dark chocolate and red pepper to taste.
Morning Jolt – Protein powder of choice, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, dash of instant coffee grounds (or added black coffee), dark chocolate, whole milk. Paradise Shake – Fresh pineapple in milk, vanilla protein powder, small amount of blueberries and a dash of vanilla extract. Heavy cream, cream cheese, mascarpone and Greek yogurt are an excellent way to add flavor, calories and creaminess to your protein shake. This is a healthy and natural whipped topping that can be placed on top of any protein shake.
Don’t be afraid to toss in a little dark chocolate or cocoa powder into your fruity protein powder. Instead of making a protein shake, combine fruit, protein powder, Greek yogurt and a dollop or two of cream cheese or mascarpone and make a tasty smoothie. If you are on a cutting or fat loss diet it can be difficult finding creative ways to sneak in quality fats.

If you love peanut butter (or nut butter), add a dollop or two into your favorite chocolate protein powder. One of the most important meals of your day beside breakfast it is your healthy post-workout protein shake.   You have to consume your workout shake within 30 minutes ( the best time ) after your workout. The reason I use specifically a Papaya Fruit, Spinach and Raw Cacao is for their dense nutritional benefits. I recommend you having caffein before the workout, I tried before having it after and I felt a bit weird. Green powders can vary slightly, but they often contain a blend of greens such as alfalfa, barley grass, broccoli, chlorella, seaweed, spinach, spirulina and wheat grass.
By neutralizing cell-damaging free radicals, the antioxidants in this red- hot supplement also help stave off a number of chronic ailments including cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Australian researchers determined that the flavonoids found in cocoa can boost blood flow to muscles and reduce demands on the heart during exercise. Scientists at the University of Colorado (Colorado Springs) reported that the matcha they tested contained 137 times more than epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), than regular green tea. Optimal amounts of test- the most effective anabolic hormone the body produces-is critical for building muscle. This article provides suggestions and tips on how to make flavorful and nutritious protein drink recipes. You can actually turn them into mini-meals, filled with tons of nutritional value, macronutrient variety and taste.
Two cups whole milk, one cup heavy cream, a dollop or two of mascarpone, protein powder and flavors of choice. If you aren’t hitting your daily macro requirements for fat, or if you missed a meal, try adding a small amount of almond milk or coconut oil into your shakes.
If you hate, hate, hate veggies, try finely chopping up a golf-ball sized portion of spinach. Add your favorite protein powder to coffee, and combine with other flavors such as vanilla extract, cocoa powder, dark chocolate, almond milk, heavy cream, etc. Find as many low to non-processed food choices as you can, and ask yourself if there is a creative way to incorporate them into protein shakes. They are popular for a reason, and when combined correctly, can be made into amazing and tasty protein shakes. It’s a pretty basic concoction, but adding the equivalent of nitrous oxide to this fuel mix is just as easy. A wealth of antioxidant phytonutrients ensures green powders have a sky-high Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC), a measure of how well a food mops up those pesky free radicals that can slow muscle recovery and initiate a number of chronic diseases.

Unlike the lawn mower- clipping taste of green powders, berries give red powders a refreshing sweet flavor. Wheat germ also contains an abundance of selenium, which is involved in thyroid hormone production that keeps the metabolism pegged. A 2010 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study reported that supplementing with acai can improve cholesterol numbers.
They are merely suggestions, and items that can help you make some tremendous protein shakes. You can even ice your concoction, then blend with ice cubes for a refreshing ice coffee drink. Tossing in a spoonful of cinnamon or green powder takes no effort but the payoff can be substantial.
Scientists in Germany discovered that cocoa can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which can rise in response to balls-out training.
When you take matcha, you consume the whole leaf rather than just an infusion brewed from the leaves. Octacosanol, a waxy alcohol substance present in wheat germ oil, has been shown to hinder the release of pro-inflammatory compounds and increase muscle oxidative capacity, resulting in better exercise performance. On top of preserving the nutritional aspects, freeze drying fruits such as acai to make powders results in superior flavor over heat treating methods. The opinions expressed on this site are my own personal opinions and do not represent anyone else's view. By mixing in various herbs, powders or seeds, you can take your beloved protein shake from station wagon to sports car in seconds. Cortisol hinder testosterone’s anabolic effects and leads to greater muscle breakdown, so keeping its levels low helps boost hypertrophy. Besides helping fight against a laundry list of maladies, EGCG can stimulate metabolism and fat oxidation to help torch body fat, a number of studies have discovered.
Look for natural or raw cocoa powder that contains more flavonoids than Dutch processed cocoa, which is treated with alkali to give it to a milder flavor.

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