Robyn Sets a TT Fat Loss Record and Loses Over 34 Pounds in 12 Weeks While 9.5 Inches from Her Waist, 5.75 Inches from Her Hips, and 5 Inches from Each Thigh!
Linda Loses 28 Pounds and 7% Body Fat in LESS Than 12 Weeks and Changes Her Lifestyle Forever Without Feeling Deprived or Depleted! Jonny Loses 32.1 Pounds of Fat, Beats Back Pain, Saves Money, and is Ready to Take His Shirt Off at the Beach! Kelly Loses 13.5 Pounds and Over 6% Body Fat While Eating More and Still Enjoying a Cold Beer in Moderation! An expanding waistline can negatively impact your self-esteem, self-worth, and even your love life. Watch Your Saturated Fat Intake: Saturated fat that is found in most animal products can really add some pounds on your waist line.
Reduce Your Caloric Intake: Going on a calorie deficit will help your body use up the fat in your body. Use Abdominal Exercises: There is nothing like spot reduction but targeted exercises accompanied by the rest of the tips will help you cut down your body fat.

Eat Some Natural Fat Burner: Cayenne pepper, green tea, and flax seeds are natural fat burners. Cut or Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet: Your sweet tooth will stand in the way of your efforts to loose belly fat.
Cut or Eliminate Your Alcohol Intake: Alcohol is packed with calories and most of those calories end up in your waist. Stop Smoking: Smoking will ruin your lungs and make it more difficult to do any physical activities. Hire a Personal Trainer: It may go a long way to get a professional to help you in your efforts to lose the belly fat. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Choose organic produce to avoid dangerous pesticides and to achieve maximum health benefits.
Ensure that you keep a watchful eye on the saturated fats to assist you to lose your belly fat.

Your body will end up using the stored belly fat and you should soon be enjoying a reduced waist line. By reducing or eliminating your alcohol intake, you are doing your belly fat loss efforts a huge favor. Whatever body type you are, make sure to work with your body, not against it when trying to lose belly fat.
This means that your body will turn to the stored belly fat and this will lead to fat loss.

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