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Taken from the Weight Watcher's Quick & Easy series, this recipe truly is and it's delicious! I knew I had everything on hand besides the beef so stopped at the Butcher Shop for that, I used the leanest ground beef I could get (think my beef may have had a higher fat content tho!) and doubled the recipe since I have 7 mouths to feed.
I also served over brown rice since that is what I had on hand, and served with steamed broccoli.

When I was done with the beef, I drained the pan as I had some fat in it, then added the mushrooms and onions, wanted to cut down all the fat possible. I was searching for something quick for dinner as about to go out the door from work and "Weight Watchers" caughy my eye as I am currently in WW. I used white table wine and I did not have any jarred gravy, so I used a dry packaged gravy mix that was low calorie and low fat. I used broth for the sherry, made 6oz patties & went easy on the thyme since hubby isn't the biggest fan of it.

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