It is in the hours that you rest that anabolism (tissue regeneration and reinforcement) occurs. The greatest release of growth hormone occurs in stages 3 and 4 (also known as REM – rapid eye movement). Excessive cortisol is usually always present in those in which claim to be suffering from stress and its related ailments.
Not to mention the act of sitting over extended periods of time plays a significant role in back pain as some of our musculature gets accustomed to being in habitually contracted (hip flexors, possibly pecs) and relaxed (glutes, core) states.
We are still more primitive than many think in terms of our physiology and haven’t magically adapted to a lot of modern day stimulus and stimulants.

I have been guilty of some of the above in the past and have since learnt from it and now manage all of the above far better. ABOUTMike Nichols is an experienced personal trainer and nutrition expert based in Thornbury, South Gloucestershire. So in relation to training towards fat loss and muscle enhancement, your goals are dependent upon good rest too. So for example we can empathize with the emotions and circumstances of the people in the telly but are powerless to interact with them. Too much cortisol over a period of time also has the added bonus of breaking down muscle tissue and storing fat, not ideal for most!

This doesn’t likely help us support a solid structure when our musculature is no longer programmed to effectively support our frames. But there are still many people out there that do not realise the hazards of not getting the right kind of rest and the effect it can have on personal training.
Within his state of the art self-contained gym, clients receive customised exercise plans and nutritional advice to help them reach optimum fitness.

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