Intestinal parasites also called worms thrive in the cat’s intestine and bring about weight loss. Feline Infectious Peritonitis is caused by a virus and is often diagnosed in cats bred in catteries. So, if you observe sudden, rapid weight loss in your cat, you should contact your vet immediately. 10 Reasons Why Fish Can Be Your Good Pets In addition to popular pets like dog and cat, thereAre You Ready to Adopt a Rabbit?
13 fat releasing foods lose weight fast reader' digest, Liz vaccariello, author of the digest diet, explains how you can lose weight fast by eating foods you already shop for, as certain foods, actions, and activities can. Cat healthy weight, exercise, weight loss tips - webmd, How can you tell if your cat is overweight? The fat cat - 359 photos & 1012 reviews - modern american, 1012 reviews of the fat cat "way better than i was expecting! This ' fat ( thin ): eat, This ' fat ( thin ) million books amazon kindle. How fat cat lose weight - catster, A guide helping overweight cat healthy weight.. These include irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, Food allergies and inflammation or blockage of the digestive tract. Thus, many a times you may observe that though your cat eats a complete, nutritious meal it never puts on weight or continues to lose weight.

Feline leukemia, mammary cancer and sarcomas are the most commonly detected cancers in cats. It is caused due to the excess production of the thyroid hormone by a benign tumor on the thyroid gland.
In this type of weight loss, you will notice that though your cat loses weight, it looks health. Your cat maybe stressed or depressed if there is a new pet in the house, if there is excessive noise around, if they do not like a particular food brand or food dish or maybe because the food dish looks a lot like its litter dish.
Old age makes cats vulnerable to various chronic illnesses such as renal problems, heart diseases, feline hypertension, diabetes, Hepatic Lipidosis (fatty liver disease).
He will perform a comprehensive physical examination, urinalysis and blood tests to rule out the exact cause of weight loss. Rabbits are very popular and harmless pets next toHow to Protect Your Pets From Very Hot Weather? These gastrointestinal problems give rise to vomiting, diarrhea, poor appetite which eventually leads to decreased weight.
Intestinal parasites may also cause vomiting, diarrhea, bloating and difficulty in breathing.
Symptoms of feline cancer manifest in the form of loss of appetite, vomiting, lethargy and troubled breathing. Hyperthyroidism may boost your cat’s appetite, but simultaneously it could result in muscle wasting, diarrhea and vomiting.

Pet cats may also display behavioral changes if there is a change in the environments or if new members come home such as a baby or guests. Diabetes is one of the primary reasons for weight loss in cats as it results in loss of appetite. Great impact is observed on metabolic processes and appetite of the cat thus resulting in weight loss.
Other symptoms of diabetes in cats include frequent urination, urinary tract infections, sluggishness and sweetly scented breath. Knowing Your Pet’s Life   You should know how long your pets will live so10 Signs and Symptoms of Dog Pregnancy   How to tell if your dog is pregnant? Irrespective10 Tips How to Choose the Right Toy for Your Cat In order to engage your cat and to develop its7 Tips How to Choose The Pet Carrier   The pet carrier should be chosen in a careful way7 Food Your Cat Should Never Eat   If you are managing cat as your pet, enough careWhy Dog and Cat are Enemies? Most of the people believe that dogs and cats are10 Tips How to Choose the Right Toy for Your Dog Toys are very important means to let the dog play andHow do Parrots Talk?

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