Tired of hearing about the negative health benefits of the fat that keeps hanging around your body? This energy enhancing supplement from GE Pharma contains the natural herbal stimulation required to absorb fat for energy. Staff Notes: GE Pharma FireStorm is a pre-workout supplement containing ephedra, caffeine anhydrous, hoodia extract, methyl synephrine, phenylethylamine HCL, yohimbine HCL and white willow bark.
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Now you can zap that fat for good with the powerful 25 mg ephedra loaded formula of GE Pharma FireStorm! This physical performance enhancer will promote weight loss, burn fat for energy, enhance thermogenic metabolism and suppress appetite. Ephedra extract gives energy boosts, which is similar to adrenalin and norepinephrine in the way they stimulate the burning of calories for energy. Your metabolism receives a further boost from caffeine anhydrous and phenylethylamine HCL, two organic substances known for quickening both the body and mind.

FireStorm keeps working even while you’re at home, with hoodia gordonii and methyl synephrine working to reduce your appetite for snacks between meals!
Start by providing your body a healthier diet, and then finish the job on your body fat with GE Pharma FireStorm!

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