Excessive dio is discouraged during this diet and can actually be counterproductive, potentially causing strong downregulation of metabolic rate.
This plete handbook package bines Lyle McDonald' s Rapid Fat Loss Handbook and Guide to handbook Flexible Dieting with videos and extras for a total weight loss.
Do you need to drop weight and fat fast for a special event, like a class reunion or wedding?  Or is your beach vacation coming up and you want to look your best in that new bathing suit you bought.  Are you an athlete who needs to make a weight class without losing muscle or performance, or a physique athlete who is behind on their preparation and needs something that works quickly to get back on track. Or are you like the rest of us, simply frustrated with the slow rates of weight loss that make you lose focus and interest and quit entirely?  Or perhaps you just want to see some quick (and motivating results) to kickstart the same moderate diet approach that all of the experts is tell you the best. Clinical Research Shows That FASTER Initial Weight and Fat Loss Actually Gives BETTER Long-Term Results!
In another paper published in 2005, also in Obesity Research, l titled Who Succeeds in Maintaining Weight Loss? In addition, and more importantly, after just one month on the diet, markers of health…blood pressure, resting heart rate, cholesterol, triglycerides, among others…all went from really REALLY horrid to just about perfect.
You will learn how to set up the diet, implement free meals and refeeds to not only maintain metabolism but also make the diet easier to follow.
Lyle is a pioneer and one of the absolute best sources of science-based diet information in the industry. For only $47, you’ll get two complete books,access to the online calculator,  the home exercise handbook and videos, along with the Extreme 4 Day Rapid Fat Loss Special Report. THE TRUTH IS that it is possible to lose 4-7 pounds of of body fat (and up to 10-14 pounds of total weight) in only two weeks. THE TRUTH IS that doing so takes an extreme approach to diet and anybody who tells you that it will be easy is lying to you.  The program only works if you put the work in. THE TRUTH IS that if you adhere to the diet and exercise program laid out in my Rapid Fat Loss Handbook exactly as it’s described, you will get the results promised. I already told you a little bit about what the Rapid Fat Loss Handbook Program can provide in terms of results.  The average person can lose 4-7 pounds of fat (depending on how heavy they are to start) and up to 10-14 pounds of total weight (the difference is due to water loss). In contrast, diets that were based around whole foods, included exercise, and worked at re-training people to eat in a better way were the ones that not only worked best in the short-term but also gave dieters the best long-term results.  It should almost go without saying that my Rapid Fat Loss Handbook approach is set up around those three things. How to Estimate Your Own Bodyfat Percentage –  This is crucial to setting up the ideal diet for YOU.
The Right Amount and Type of Exercise to Do -You don’t need hours of exercise, in fact too much exercise makes the Rapid Fat Loss approach work worse. How to Use the Rapid Fat Loss Approach to Kickstart a More Moderate Fat Loss Diet- Sometimes you just want to see some quick results before moving into a moderate longer term approach.
The strongest canonical correlation (r=0.65) was the relationship between flexible dieting and the absence of overeating, lower body mass and lower levels of depression and anxiety. It seems to strange to describe a Rapid Fat Loss Diet based on heavy calorie restriction and then talk about flexible dieting but I was sure to incorporate these SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN principles of flexible dieting in my program to ensure not only long-term adherence but also make the diet work better. The book details the use of free meals (single meals that allow foods not otherwise allowed on the diet), refeeds (short periods of high-carbohydrate eating to help reset metabolism) and even full 2 week diet breaks (taken to stabilize at the new weight and give dieters a mental break).
I’ve read a lot of diet books, and most have gotten me to lose weight, but this is the first book that helped me learn how to keep the weight off.
I would like to commend this easy to read book which describes in adequate detail the logic and science behind a flexible approach to dieting. The Guide to Flexible Dieting helped me to understand and relinquish my perfectionism and guilt-ridden attitude towards dieting.

I’m going to take a 2 week break, which actually falls at a great time with Memorial day, my birthday, and my daughter’s birthday, and resume as a cat 2 dieter. I went from a strongman contest weight of 260 pounds and 22 % bodyfat to a leaned out 197 and 9 % in less than 12 weeks.  This is the only book you’ll ever need!! Back to the kid, now his own BJJ coach (who also competes and also won gold 30 March in the Masters black belt division) sent word that in observing how well Zak performed on the diet and going on to win the Pan Ams that he wants to do it as well to drop a little weight for the upcoming BJJ World’s tournament the first week of June.
Keep in mind that this package includes two complete books, along with all of the add-ons, the Online Calculator, the Exercise Videos, and the Special Extreme Rapid Fat Loss report.
The entire Rapid Fat Loss Handbook Package, comes with a 6-week, no questions asked 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. Q: Will I, as a woman, get the same results as a man would with the Rapid Fat Loss Program?
Q: Are you really telling me that flexible dieting, going OFF your diet can make it work better?
Obviously, this will represent a fairly large caloric deficit; how depending on your starting body weight and activity levels. Seaford Delaware Looking this fantastic information that WILL help me achieve the body of my dreams. That's why we've been loving this quick circuit workout from the American College of Sports Medicine, which burns major calories in a short amount of time. A Conceptual Review of Factors Associated with Weight Loss Maintenance and Weight Regain, researchers K.
I am well aware of the nutritional needs of humans, and nearly every theory of dieting ever advanced.
There are plenty of so-called crash diets, but only one diet rooted in science and physiology allows you to do so safely without losing precious muscle mass and slowing down your metabolism – the Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF). Most, if not all of the dieting techniques that physique competitors use today are heavily influenced by Lyle’s protocols. I’ve done low carb dieting and intense exercise in the past and lost 42 pounds in 58 days only to gain it all back and more over the last two years. The second strongest canonical correlation (r=0.59) associated calorie counting and conscious dieting with overeating while alone and increased body mass. It is less about one particular way of dieting (though it covers several methods) than about how to maintain weight loss and health for life.
This is the one for people who want to customize their own eating plans going from basic principles that work and are backed with research. I had been focusing too much on what I could and could not eat on strict diet plans, and falling into the vicious cycle of deprivation, binging, self-sabotage.
With my old ways of dieting, I managed to achieve a frustratingly slow weight loss of 20# in a year. I found your RFL diet on his blog, and between his inspirational posts and your easy to follow diet, I’ve just completed an 8 week run of RFL starting as a 255 lb cat 3 and ending as a 224 cat 2. I just want to say thanks for developing this diet, and staying active with it with the blog and following the forums. Obviously, this will represent a fairly large depending on your starting body weight and activity levels. Keeping the intensity up — and the rest periods short — is key, so make sure you are pushing yourself during each 30-second spurt!

In The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook, Lyle McDonald has distilled this method with decades of research behind it into practical guidelines, with easy-to-understand categories depending on your starting point in bodyfat, weight and fitness level. I would consider it absolutely a must-have for anyone concerned with fitness and weight loss. This book helps you to figure out how to eat while losing, maintaining or gaining without getting into the minutia that other plans do. This is not a cookie cutter or paint by numbers approach for dummies, but a method of thinking flexibly about the whole business of adjusting diet to suit one’s needs, whether for weight loss or maintenance. The Flexible Diet enabled me to create my own diet template, where no food or food group was forbidden, therefore tailoring the diet to my tastes and lifestyle. In the 6 weeks since I began using the FD plan, I have been able to shed 10# of fat, shave inches off all over, and still maintain my strength and intensity in the gym.
Lyle is noted for his well researched, no BS, evidence-based approach to training and sports nutrition. With this book I was able to go from around 20% bf to 14% without killing myself, and all the while maintaining the muscle mass I already had developed. Free meals became special family affairs, and refeeds helped kill any residual carb cravings. He called in a panic 3 weeks out because the Pan American games were approaching and he was still 4# over weight and hadn’t been able to lose it on his own. Your no nonsense plan is extremely easy to follow and the best part is.Unlike most programs that tell you how to lose weight, RFH also devotes several chapters about how to maintain your weight. Delaware Looking for this fantastic information that WILL help me achieve the body of my dreams. I started low carbing again about a week before I ordered your book online to lose excess water by banning carbs and I didn’t think to incorporate some really healthy high fiber carbs in portion controlled amounts into my prior weight loss as I do with my two free meals. I’m using right now to gain some more muscle mass while trying to limit body fat gained, with very good results thus far.
The book is very concise and I couldnt be happier about my results!The diet did not disappoint, in just 10 days I lost 7.8 lbs, going from 133 to 125 pounds!
Learn how to do all the moves here, and get the printable poster of this seven-minute HIIT workout here.
I would highly recommend this as the first and possibly the last diet book that anyone could ever need.
According to the maths, I was required to consume over 500 grams of bohydrate within a 5 hour window before bedtime. Grateful, Bill Evans in Seaford Delaware Looking this fantastic information that WILL help me achieve the body of my dreams. I feel great, I’m not hungry, the fish oil is amazing and this really doesn’t feel like a diet.
The two regular meals on Sat and Tuesday with exercise a few times a week really help keep me on track. Obviously, this will represent a PSMF essentially ketogenic low- bohydrate, high-fat diets, without the dietary fat.

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