Episode 65: Lyle McDonald is on the show to discuss the metabolic adaptations that take place when dieting, the connection between cortisol and water retention and the role of leptin in dieting and weight regain. Guest Bio Lyle McDonald Lyle McDonald is the author of the Ketogenic Diet, the Rapid Fat Loss Handbook and the Guide to Flexible Dieting. Sign me up now Lyle Mcdonald Rapid Fat Loss – One of the most effective tips is eating breakfast because it can assist people control their body weight. Yes, I should've paid better attention to all this, and sooner, but didn't, and am here now. The problem with RFL at your level of leanness is that you can only diet for 12 days out of your 4 weeks (since you'll have a refeed then need to eat at maintenance for two weeks).
Right, I figured on doing just the 1 RFL cycle, refeeding, and if I'm not by then a basket case switching to SFS 2.0 for the remainder of the 4 weeks.
If you want to look as lean as possible for the event, I think you should try to time it so you do your RFL right up until the event and don't do any kind of re-feed in between.
In terms of doing cardio, I have tried it both ways (with and without) and have not noticed significant differences either way. As for the replacing EC with YC stack, it is not actually a replacement as the two stacks perform distinctly different functions. YC is something that helps more in the stubborn fat mobilization, but it does nothing for blunting hunger.
I use both, the YC in the early morning prior to moderate cardio (as recommended), and wait minimum of 4 hours to take my first EC stack. At the end of the day, I would circle back to my original point that I think UD2 is probably a better program for what your are trying to accomplish. You could do a 6+1 CKD where you cut calories by something like 50% (maybe more) on the low carb days.
Two high rep workouts at the start of the week (can be done on an empty stomach) and then two lower volume but heavier workouts later in the week. Apparently there's a way to show images in-situ rather than as attachments which is all I saw when posting. I'm still working my way through progress logs on here, looking out for those of people whose stats resemble mine, so your results are enlightening. I'm surprised by the 10 lb drop in weight -- that that's possible even for a dieter with your starting leanness (*1). To me RFL is an unknown protocol, and as such I'm leery of timing it such that it ends my 4 weeks. Believe me I'm ever so slightly tempted to punt and just do whatever I usually do, especially since as I'd suspected shenanigans earlier in the week had some adverse visual effects, which are reversing as we speak.
The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook offers a scientifically based approach to quick weight and fat loss. I based the program around the idea of creating a diet that would provide the fewest calories possible while still providing all of the essential nutrients required by the body: protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Every aspect about how to set up the diet is laid out in a step by step form and the diet is based around whole foods that can be found at any market. In addition, guidelines for moving back to maintenance, as well as for using the program to transition into a more moderate fat loss diet are provided in detail. Specific training guidelines are also provided in order to provide the best results with the least time investment. The book provides specific recommendations (for everyone from beginners to advanced trainees) for both resistance training and aerobic activity in terms of how often and how much will provide the best results.
On average, caloric intakes on this diet will come out to between 400 to 1200 calories per day coming almost exclusively from protein.
So with all of that in mind, you may still be wondering what you can expect in terms of true fat loss per week. A 165-pound male with normal activity patterns may have a maintenance requirement of about 2700 calories per day.
A larger individual, say 250 pounds, may have a maintenance caloric requirement near 3,750 calories per day. Females or lighter individuals with their generally lower maintenance caloric requirements will lose less. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Jay’s before and after pictures here should tell you everything you need to know. Back to the kid, now his own BJJ coach (who also competes and also won gold 30 March in the Masters black belt division) sent word that in observing how well Zak performed on the diet and going on to win the Pan Ams that he wants to do it as well to drop a little weight for the upcoming BJJ World’s tournament the first week of June.
You will learn how to set up the diet, implement free meals and refeeds to not only maintain metabolism but also make the diet easier to follow. The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook is available in a variety of formats; however this has led to some confusion. You can also purchase the Rapid Fat Loss Handbook and A Guide to Flexible Dieting as a bundle along with online videos demonstrating the Home Exercise Programs (with fitness professional Sumi Singh) here (link will open in a new window in case you decide that bundle is not for you).  Since this will be purchased from another website, it cannot be combined with any other books on this site. I always love to hear back from my readers; if you'd like to provide some feedback about the book or how well the information in it worked for you, please feel free to use the comments section below. Purchased your 2005 edition a few years back have to admit that it is simply a gem, along with most your other books. Just wanted to know whether you believe I am missing out much by having the earlier edition and whether the calculator and exercise plan justify another purchase? The diet can be followed as a vegetarian assuming you eat some animal flesh (chicken, fish). Hi, am considering buying your book but before I would like to have more information about the programme you propose.

Thanks for your reply and adding any musts or conditions one has to meet to benefit from your programme… I hope your answers are positive since I can’t wait to try your method! I was wondering if I would need any cretine or bcaas to meaitain muscle or prevent muscle loss.
Neither supplement is required and shipping to Canada is generally 3-7 days after printing (which generally takes 2-3 days). This might be the silliest question you have ever fielded but my husband swears by everything you’ve written and uses it religiously to great effect ,so I figured ,what the hell, the worst that can happen is I get laughed at. How effective is it to switch from a strength training program to RFL for 3 weeks and then back to strength training? Many use the diet in exactly that fashion, they do a short spurt (10-14 days) on the diet to strip off some fat. As long as the dieter drank sufficient fluids and avoided dehydration, stones alone wouldn’t be a contraindication. Stones that caused obstructions and backpressure and renal disease, then any high protein diet would be contraindicated.
I did a Q&A about 2 weeks ago on dieting and depression which discusses that very thing.
Nope, they can place special orders through books on print but you’ll get them faster through my store. Would your programme still bring about more “spaceyness” or would it solve this problem (whatever it is)? This book will teach you in the beginning about the bodys chemical machine probably more than what you ever wanted to know. Anyway, just wanted to share with you what I have experienced so that you wouldn’t think the testimonies were just made up stories. I thought that tomatoes were high in carbs so I do not have any, and he says that it is on the limitless list so its fine.
Re the skin excess question, it is a function of magnitude of fat loss (obviously the greater fat lost, the more excessive the folds) and of age (older people have more redundancy, owing to loss of elasticity). Rail: The physiology of the diet is explained and there is no physiological requirement for dietary fat to burn fat. As far as Jay, the last time I heard about him (through the friend who put him on the diet), he had regained some of the weight but had maintained the great majority of the loss. 23 lbs of true fat loss in that time frame may be a push but should be possible with the rapid fat loss plan.
I recently bought your book and am still in the process of reading through it, so I apolagize if my question are answered slightly later into it. If I was to undertake this diet, I’m not sure how far I should try and take it, I mean – at what point would I be able to follow something more mainstream without feeling like the excercise is killing me? He has been interested in all aspects of human performance physiology since becoming involved in competitive sports as a teenager. On top of that, it is recommended do lifting weights workouts each and every morning in an effort to fuel your muscles, especially after fasting overnight. 20-25 g fiber is what I would shoot for (ideally; in practice, when I've done RFL, I've ended up eating hardly any veggies -- a little asparagus here, a little mixed greens there). The main thing is what I initially mentioned -- you'll only get 12 days of dieting in your 4 weeks with RFL. I'm leery of carbing up and ending with a thick, big-muscled, bodybuilder-esque look since that's not my preferred aesthetic. Recognizing that people need or simply want to lose weight and fat rapidly, I set out to develop the safest, most effective way of accomplishing that goal. This provides simply the safest and sanest way to lose fat quickly without sacrificing health (or muscle mass). With purchase of the book, you’ll also receive instructions for how to access an online calculator that will set up the diet and provide food recommendations. For those of you familiar with ketogenic (low- carbohydrate, high-fat) diets, a PSMF is essentially a ketogenic diet without the dietary fat. A lot of it, actually, will depend on where you’re starting out body weight wise (activity also factors in), as that determines your maintenance caloric level. At 800 calories per day on this diet, that’s almost a 2000 calorie per day deficit, 14,000 calories over a week, 28,000 calories over 2 weeks (note there is a slowing of metabolic rat that reduces these values somewhat). Over 2 weeks, that’s a 42,000-calorie deficit, divided by 3,500 calories per pound of fat equals 12 pounds of fat. I am well aware of the nutritional needs of humans, and nearly every theory of dieting ever advanced. There are plenty of so-called crash diets, but only one diet rooted in science and physiology allows you to do so safely without losing precious muscle mass and slowing down your metabolism – the Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF). With the purchase of this option, all three digital files will be available for immediate download but a hardcopy version of the Rapid Fat Loss Handbook will be shipped as well.
This includes a hardcopy version of the main book that will be printed and shipped to you from my print house Vervante.  This package also includes The Home Exercise Handbook and Calculator instructions which will be sent to you as a digital download. I have tried getting hold of them via our major book retailers,but was told they could not locate your masterpieces. I had been doing the south beach diet with very slow results and had only lost about 10 pounds. I understand I have to make radical changes, but there are some limits as to what am willing to do to loose weight. Concerning exercise, how much exercise is required to meet the plan requirements and the conditions to have that fat loss kick off?

Quite in fact, I recommend against the use of protein powders on the diet, I find that food re-education and long-term habits occur more effectively when people diet on whole foods.
I am currently located in Canada and was wondering how long i would have to wait for my book order to arrive as well as how much extra for shipping. You should discuss this with your MD, emphasizing the large amounts of fluids you’ll drink. Whatever it is, one should re-evaluate excess skin folds at least one year after the fat loss. However, most of my diet approaches tend to be relatively high in protein and achieving that level of protein intake without consuming excess calories (since almost no vegan protein sources are carb or fat free) tends to be more difficult.
As such my main concern with this diet is whether or not it would be safe for someone in my condition to undertake.
In order to manage my symptoms I really have to stay on a very low carb diet with no grains and no sugar. And do you think I could even follow your program when I’m not able to eat grains and most sugars?
Pursuing a degree in Physiological Sciences from UCLA, he has spent almost 20 years of his life studying human physiology and the science, art and practice of human performance, muscle gain, fat loss and body recomposition. It does not take proper time to burn fat because insulin, blood glucose and glycogen levels by the body processes are low.
Quite in fact, for the extremely overweight, no exercise is actually required to reap the benefits of the program. Obviously, this will represent a fairly large caloric deficit; how large depending on your starting body weight and activity levels. In The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook, Lyle McDonald has distilled this method with decades of research behind it into practical guidelines, with easy-to-understand categories depending on your starting point in bodyfat, weight and fitness level.
This file contains the login and password for the online calculator along with instructions for use and you will not be sent a separate login or password. Not only is this the most economical option available, it allows readers to get started on the program immediately but also to receive the hardcopy edition of the book.
I switched to RFL about 5 weeks ago and have dropped from 250 to 233 (that is after a refeed so not water weight). Hence my question in order to know if your programme is right for me, or if I good for your programme!
That is another no go for me since I want to keep it as natural as possible, since I am allergic to preservatives and many chemicals, as well as soy. I eat normal and have never dieted but realize that it’s harder to slim down after three children. I am a committed vegan, and I’m trying to lose a good deal of weight (which was gained before I became vegan, not afterwards). Its a continuum really, because sometimes I get better and then I can vary my diet a bit without problems, but usually I have to be very strict in order to feel well.
Over the years, in addition to working with the general public, Lyle has worked primarily with endurance athletes, a few powerlifters, and some bodybuilders. For sodium, I just doused all of my chicken breast in Cajun seasoning and my fish in Old Bay for the first week, then stopped after that. The true fat loss will be lower because of various inefficiencies and the slowdown of metabolic rate (which can start after only 3-4 days of severe caloric restriction). He called in a panic 3 weeks out because the Pan American games were approaching and he was still 4# over weight and hadn’t been able to lose it on his own.
Will the diet be as effective if I do not take such supplements or any appetite suppressants.
Do I need to sign up in a gym or doing no weight exercises will do, like sit ups, push ups and squats at home?
This is a common problem with patients who lose massive weight after bariatric surgery (my area of work), and we advise them to wait one year before reviewing whether they would need cosmetic procedures to remove the folds.
But I have a feeling you are going to tell me that the majority of Crossfit workouts are interval training workouts and should not be performed during Rapid Fat Loss. I was wondering if any of your books could be useful to me or if you could kindly point me elsewhere. Excercise has been quite a problem for me on any conventional diet, as even something as simple as walking to work (a ~5 minute walk) leaves me tired and out of breath. Through his books, articles and his forum, he has helped thousands lose fat, gain muscle and get stronger or perform better. For water, I averaged 12-15 cups for the first 7 days, then ramped it up to 20, 26, and 30 on the last 3 days. The packages includes the main book, the home exercise handbook and the calculator instructions.
My Fear as regards your program and you are allowed to laugh out loud cos my husband does everytime is EXCESS SKIN. I am deathly afraid of rapidly losing weight and having skin hanging off me because Ive lost weight rapidly.
From all your books, I am a little perplexed as to what book I would benefit from strarting off with first as I would like to trim at least 25lbs and have definition.

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