Here's how I lost 4 pounds of fat every week by going on a 30-day diet to test the effects of rapid fat loss vs the traditional slow methods. This actually ended up being a 29-day diet because I weighed in on day 30 (which technically should have been my last eating day before weighing in the next morning) and found that I had lost exactly 16 pounds. I was somewhat surprised that strength was affected just slightly more than my week-long fast of eating no calories at all.
It’s probable that I lost a minimal amount of muscle but when I lost weight as slowly as possible last year, I was actually weaker at 170 than I am today. The most scientific indicator of fat loss for this last month comes from my AccuMeasure fat calipers. I had no intention of posting about the week after this quick little 30-day diet, but the results have been pretty interesting, so I wanted to share. I simply want to know if the results will be the same in terms of weight loss and if my body composition will look any different?
I eat right and workout hard 11 months every year - and feast all month every December but keep the body fat at single digits.

Jeff Kastner has made the transition from fat to fit and is now in search of getting a ripped six-pack at 8% body fat..
How fast can I lose fat and is losing two pounds a week (so often heard in the fitness world) really optimum? Hard to say for certain, but I know I look way better in the mirror than the April version of myself. Losing four pounds of fat a week is not so impossible as many people will have you believe. I also increased activity again, doing the occasional cardio session and getting outside more in general. Since I tend to eat a lot more in the winter and will have no problem coming in around 180 next March again, I’ll be doing another 30 days.
I’m going to consume 3,000 calories every day for 30 days and burn 1,000 calories doing cardio.
This blog is how I do it, with a focus on intermittent fasting, nutrition and exercise for maintaining muscle while losing fat.

I have a little mole on the fat near my belly button which ensures I’m always taking measurements at the same exact point. I had suspected that there was some glycogen replacement from carbs being so low on the diet and that was probably the main reason for jumping back up to 173. My body seemed to take little time in readjusting to a normal amount of calories for maintenance.
Strangely, 3,000 is actually more than I’ve been able to eat in the past while trying to maintain 170. I ate most calories in the evening so that I always had something to look forward to and never went to bed hungry.

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