For example, don’t eat rice, sugar, banana, grapes, sweets, potato, fried food, meat, clarified butter, oily food etc.
Therefore keep elimination system in good condition by reducing quantity of food intake and eating only fruits, vegetables instead of whole food. Massage is very good to correct messaging system to adipose tissues in order to reduce fat.
Breathing exercise is important to reduce fat fast because breath distributes nourishment in body.
If you keep these habits after reducing fat up to desired level,  you will easily maintain your weight at that certain level.

According to reports, Illinois University researchers, after tracking 31 healthy postmenopausal obese women, declared that if women consumed the protein diet immediately after menopause, then, she certainly increased her weight loss chances by 3.9%. However, researchers accounted that with the help of the protein diet, the chances of lose muscle also decreased.
Meanwhile, sharing their study findings, they added that while conducting the study experiment these women were divided in two groups, one was asked to eat protein powder and the other consumed placebo food which contained crabs.
On the other hand, the reports further proved that another study, which got published by UK's Oxford University Researcher, proclaimed that in post-menopausal women the augmented weight was strongly correlated with the increase of breast cancer risk. When all poisons are eliminated, body fat reduces very fast and your body becomes gorgeous as per your dream.

Balanced diet and healthy food purify all systems of body and drain out poisons via potty, urine and sweat. Therefore, cut down the consumption of fatty and sweet food (sweet foods have carbohydrates which turns into fat) to zero.
And due to high volume of waste created by body, the result will be malfunction of elimination system.

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