Los Santos Gym is open 24 hours a day and is fully equipped with a treadmill, free weights, bench press and stationary bike. At the gym, CJ can drop excess fat, increase muscle by improving his overall stamina and physique. Every gym in San Andreas has a trainer on staff that CJ can spar with to learn a particular fighting style or new moves.
If you find a basketball on a court in Los Santos, take the opportunity to take a few practice shots.

Basketball Challenge: You must try and make as many baskets as possible before the time expires. Engaging each piece of equipment at repeated "intervals" will reduce Fat and increase Muscle. For example, one "interval" is equal to about 14 seconds of cycling or running on the treadmill. Not far from Grove Street, CJ often will practice his outside shot at a court that borders on Balla territory, so it's safer to end practice by the time night falls.

Raw, gritty and full of history, great prize fighters have come here to train over the years.

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