There cannot be a worse nightmare for a woman, than fuming and struggling to wear her favorite jeans only to find out the thunderous bulge on thighs that is usually a chunk of stubborn fat deposit.Yes, thigh fat is irritating and frustrating for most of us. But the brighter side of the picture is that it cannot be categorized as stubborn as the belly fat. Apart from walking you can do other cardio exercises or take uo any sports activity like running, jogging, tennis, cycling, skipping, jumping, squash etc.
Contrary to popular belief that weight training is bad for women, it is actually quite the opposite.
Cardio may help you lose weight but weight training assists it and makes the task easier by toning up your muscles and giving shape to them.
Reducing weight in thighs is a main concern for people who are overweight, particularly who are having excessive fat deposits at their middle and lower parts of the body.
If you want to purchase fitness equipment, but are short of funds you can opt for cash payday which will be approved immediately. You have given a lot of choice by making a list of 4 exercises but I think one should also keep in mind the diet factor. You can get rid of thigh fat with a little hard work, simple diet control and a fairly good amount of patience.
With a proper and well constructed approach you can lose thigh fat within a comfortable period of time and can maintain it easily.

Drink more and more water to keep yourself hydrated as well as full and satisfied so that you do not munch on unhealthy things when you feel hungry.Increase the fiber intake and replace the fatty dairy products with skimmed milk and dairy stuff.
Rest of the problem can be resolved by regular exercises for losing fat and toning the leg muscles.To begin with, walking is the best exercise to lose fat from legs and thighs.
Brisk walking burns fat fast from legs and is easy to do any where any time without needing machines and equipments. Only weight training can give you that perfectly chiseled figure and shapely and toned legs. As thighs constitute to a major part of the lower body, it is essential for you to keep your thighs in shape. Many people try different exercises to burn fats from thighs but final result is not satisfactory.
To begin with this exercise, lie on your back on the floor with the knees slightly bending which points to the ceiling and place arms at your sides.
This exercise boosts your stamina, strengthen your leg muscles, and increases your lower body parts strength. This is mainly because they follow ineffective or wrong methods for reducing fat which prove useless and also cause muscle injuries.
The simple way to start this exercise is, stand in straight position with your feet and shoulder apart, also keep your back part straight and begin slowly bending your knees and simultaneously backing your butt.

Elevate your pelvis upward towards the ceiling so that your body will be at 45 degrees to the floor. You can begin the exercise by standing straight, looking ahead, balancing on a single leg and stand. Fortunately lately I have stopped procrastination and started on a special diet, that also helps!
Limit the intake of white carbs like white rice, white sugar and white flour and other refined flour and food items.Opt for brown rice, brown sugar and whole grains like wheat flour, broken wheat, etc. Maintaining lower body weight is very important as it will bear the weight of the whole body.
Stay away from oily and fatty food specially the fried stuff.Also a no-no to sugar and sugar based sweets that fill you up with fat at all the wrong places.
While exercising for thighs, one should also concentrate on the buttock muscles as both are interrelated.

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