Here is an example of what the ingredient label should look like the next time you buy nut butters. All of your questions are answered from "which nut butter is healthiest?", "what ingredients should I avoid?" "should I eat PB2 peanut butter instead?" "what are partially hydrogenated oils, and mono- and diglycerides?" Stay tuned for my new blog series - "Everything You Need To Know About" - I will be posting a new food topic each week, starting this week with nut butters!Let's start with the health benefits. Each nut has their own unique nutrient content, so by occasionally switching between all the different kinds, you will be getting a wider variety of nutrients. Almond butter is slightly higher in monounsaturated fats and minerals, and peanut butter is slightly higher in protein.

Trans fat is a man-made, very unsafe fat that is scientifically proven to lower good cholesterol and increase bad cholesterol.
For athletes trying to maintain or put on weight, nuts and nut butters make an excellent snack because of their high calorie content.
However, this added trans fat can add up very easily - especially if more than one serving is consumed. You will find these listed on several food labels of highly processed, packaged goods such as baked goods, candy, soft drinks, etc.

There should be natural separation (meaning you'll see some oil at the top), and all you do is give it a good stir before each use. PB2 is "powdered" peanut butter that is highly processed in order to "defat" peanuts - literally meaning taking all those heart-healthy fats I talked about in the beginning OUT of your peanut butter!

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