You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Rubino, Ultimate Nutrition is a company that manufactures weight loss supplements, protein powders, and countless other sports supplements. By the early 1990s, Ultimate Nutrition was one of the first companies to sell electrolyte-fuelled energy drinks, along with whey protein in a bottle.

Today Ultimate Nutrition continues to sell supplements and drinks for both weight loss and muscle gain. Chitosan has the ability to trap and block fat before it is absorbed by the body by binding to fats and lipids and destroys them before they can be digested.
Vitamin C works in conjunction with chitosan to support gastrointestinal health and reduce inflammation.

This will provide 1000mg of chitosan and 40mg of vitamin C, and although you shouldn’t take more than two capsules per meal, you can take multiple servings throughout the day.

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