The mindset where everybody thinks they will feel instant change after taking the fat burner (despite the brand) is not on welcome list of reading this review on Pharmafreak Ripped Freak fatburner. In 2016, Phen375 has not made much fuss about itself and continues to rank as the major fat burner of people’s choice in UK and parts of Europe. The core ingredients that makes this product appeal is huge amount of condensed Caffeine powder. Caffeine, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, CH-19 Sweet Red Pepper Extract (200mg) and Raspberry Ketone Complex (167mg). Rare, but if happened it includes a slight afternoon headache along with insomnia that usually lasts for only first week.
User reports show that actually fat burning declines after 2nd month as body gets tolerant to the caffiene effect.
People who go to Gym and get amazed by how the product is packaged and endorsed by top bodybuilders that are PAID for. RDK Global, they are the manufacturer and distributor of top selling weight loss and pain relief natural supplements.
We really do not get how is that related to a normal person who wants to lose fat and be ripped with a powerful product.

It also would be nice for the company to consider disbanding their use of proprietary blends in order to be more transparent to their consumers, especially in terms of actual amounts of each ingredient.
Ripped Freak customers have reported a huge range of side effects that have been caused by the product.
3) Increases the activity of Hormone-Sensitive Lipase (HSL) – the most important rate-limiting enzyme in the fat breakdown process.
Unlike many other fat burners on the market, RIPPED FREAK does NOT include tiny amounts of several ingredients in its formula. Unlike many other fat burners on the market that require you to take 2, 3, or even 4 capsules per serving, RIPPED FREAK is so powerful that 1 hybrid capsule is all you need per serving! All their products are manufactured in FDA-approved laboratories in the United States and the European Union. I had already been using the Ripped Freak Fat Burner and Ripped Freak Pre-Workout during my contest prep.
Having said that, they’re not as bad as many other companies who tend to lump everything into one giant proprietary complex.
This reduces the effectiveness of the product, as consumers should stop taking any product that causes serious side effects.

But, do not use RIPPED FREAK with other stimulant or caffeine-containing products at the same time. Still we believe in order to be authentic, companies can not push products in people’s faces and say it works.
With Ripped Freak somehow in short period of time it managed to reach the attention of crowd. A friend of mine who works in the supplement industry happened to see the products in my gym bag and said he knew the main UK distributors of PHARMAFREAK were looking for an athlete to represent the brand.
So both fat burners operate differently and have great impact on fat loss and overall weight loss. The crowd who used it got divided into supporters and haters for many reasons but the major one was the intolerable side-effects.
But if heavily relaying on stimulants in the contents it means this pill have nothing to offer and no science behind it except Caffeine.

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