Well we can suggest you running as the simplest exercise that you can ever do to lose your numerous pounds from your body. After, your warm up increase the level of your jogging and then increase it to certain level.
To make your running effectively prepare a healthy die chart or ask your dietician to do for you. Once you are successful in following the above then your attractive figure is just waiting for you to embrace you. As you plan before you resume your studies the very way you need to plan out for your workouts.

If you start running at a high speed then you are going to end up with lots of tiredness and covering short distance. Whenever you run make sure you carry your stop watch or your all time friend (your cell phone).
Though initially, you might take time to cove certain distance but keep patience you would do that. If you live in a high storey building or have your office in the third or fourth floor then avoid using lift. For local market or shop where you can manage with by walking then avoid using four wheelers.

Yes, in this article we have highlighted the best ways that can help you lose weight and should be deliberately followed by you for better figure.
To make your running, an entertaining you may plug in your headphones and flow with the music of your favorite singers.

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