If you’re thinking of starting the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, I can offer you some advice and insight on how it all works. Jillian Michaels is an award-winning trainer most popular from NBC’s The Biggest Loser. The DVD includes three 20-minute circuit-training workouts that burn mega calories and build strong, lean muscle. After the first day or two on each level I would mute the DVD and play my own music. Once you get to the point that you can mute it… do it!
I muted Jillian and started listening to my own music and the workout seems to go by really quickly!
I am very pleased with my results and I am in much better shape now – not to mention my endurance is drastically better.

If you want to see pictures, these are a couple of before and after pictures of others that I found incredibly motivating.
Often times people complete the challenge and don’t get the results they felt were promised in the advertising. Coupling this with healthy food choices will increase your success rate after another week. The best way to lose weight is at a steady pace so you can avoid the dreaded pounds that suddenly creep back.
Remember any workout is going to burn extra calories, so pick something you enjoy, stay strict with your diet and you will love the results.
Weight loss is the long term goal, happiness and how you feel is the most important part of this process to harness right now.

If you want to give 30 Day Shred a try yourself, you can click here to order it for less than $10 on Amazon right now and you should have it within the next few days. Just remember the more you stick to it exactly as presented the fast it will be over and the sooner you can up your calorie intake.

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