Ok guys, today I am going to give you a 7 minute workout (plus warm-up and cool down) that will shred the pounds super quickly!
Repeat this cycle 2 more times, but increase the resistance by 10% 1Rep Max each time you go through the circuit. This should be followed by a Pectoral stretch for 30 seconds each side and an upper back stretch.
Circuits are no doubt one of the top 3 kinds of workouts for burning fat and extra calories fast.
There are also a lot of other benefits of circuit training such as, increased cardiovascular endurance and power, improved muscular endurance, strength, speed and tone, decreased blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increased insulin sensitivity (diabetes control) and many more. I have a degree in Exercise and Wellness, and I am a Certified Personal trainer under British Columbia Recreation and Parks association (BCRPA) and the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) and well as First aid and CPR. If you've ever wanted a chiseled six-pack or a flat, defined set of abs, you HAVE to be focusing on the rectus abdominis. To commemorate this glorious, Drake-infused occasion, we've whipped up the Ultimate Summer 2016 Playlist. But challenge yourself and stick it out, and you’ll pop out on the other side of spring with a completely upgraded, powerfully re-manufactured physique. The SUMMERTIME SHRED Workout Shuttle is split into 3 different workout routines, each with an emphasis on different muscle groups and performance goals.
Follow 1 of 2 different tracks, depending on your individual schedule, availability, intensity, and starting point. Start in a standing position, squat down, and kick your legs out into full push-up position. Do 1 push-up, hop forward into a low squat position, and explosively jump upwards into the air. Return to the ground, squat down, and repeat the rest of the movement for 10 total reps — each burpee should be one fluid motion. Hold for 1s, slowly lower the bar back to your collarbone (2), then down to your thighs (1), and repeat for a set of 10. Complete 12 reps of the flat dumbbell chest press immediately followed by 12 dumbbell flies back-to-back in superset fashion.

For both exercises, lower your arms until they’re slightly below chest height to get maximal range of motion. Dumbbell Snatch — start in a low, wide squat position with a dumbbell in between your feet.
Lie flat on a bench with a dumbbell raised straight up over your chest (1) — hold it so that your palms are pressing up on the top disc. Keep your core tight and lower the dumbbell behind your head, slightly below the height of the bench (2). Upright Rows — hold the bar slightly narrower than shoulder width and pull it up to your chin. Grab a dumbbell so that your palms face up and are pressed against the inside of the top disc. Tighten your abs, maintain a straight back, and extend the dumbbell directly overhead — this is starting position. Keep your upper arms stationary, bend your elbows, and slowly lower the dumbbell behind your head until it’s slightly below parallel.
Contract your triceps, press the dumbbell overhead, and squeeze the contraction for 1 second at the top.
Then get off and perform a quad stretch for 30 seconds per side, then a toe touch for another 30 seconds on each side. Not only do circuits maximize your fat burning capacity, if done will 100% effort that increase your fat burning rate for up to 48 hours after the workout, and they also as a training adaptation increase your maximum fat burning rate over time.
I believe that education is a means for application and application is a means for success.
Hyper-intense compound movements, ping-ponging supersets, and HIIT cardio all work synergistically to strip off body fat.
Exercises are strategically chosen to spike muscle-building hormones, stimulate growth, develop muscle groups that maximize aesthetics, smash the core, and tick off calories at a high rate. Regardless of which route you follow, workout SEQUENCE matters — if you need a random or unexpected rest day, or want to shift OFF days around (i.e.

This is a HIGH-velocity, fast-paced plan — rest for 45 seconds – 1 minute in between sets. Tighten your core, dip down slightly, and powerfully pull the barbell up on top of your collarbone (2). Dip your legs slightly and explosively press the barbell overhead (3). With your chest puffed out, abs tight, and lower back pinched, powerfully contract your glutes and pull the dumbbell overhead with your shoulder. Under control, lower the weight back to the ground, stick out your butt, and immediately complete the next rep.
It also isn’t a bad idea to fit in a tricep and bicep stretch in at some point during the cool down too. I have all sorts of tips and tricks that you can apply to have success in the gym and in life. Given its high-velocity, power-packed trifecta of turbocharged resistance training, slice-and-dice ab work, and fat-sizzling HIIT cardio, your training capacity will be inflated to new levels, your mental fortitude will be grilled to the breaking point, and your muscles will be demolished into an abyss of soreness and perpetual growth. Using an interval timer like Gymboss is an awesome tool to stay on track, plus it’s perfect for requisite HIIT cardio. If your diet spontaneously combusts and is a complete mess, you will not come out with a stellar beach body. You can also do pullovers on a stability ball, or perpendicular do a bench with your hips raised (it’s more difficult and engages the core more). Sprint speed is going to vary on a person-by-person basis — choose a level that’s intense and makes you run HARD, but at the same time make sure it feels safe.
Make sure you know how to do them properly and if you don’t, hire a personal trainer to teach them to you.

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