Also, it is advisable to have light dinners and that too early, because when you have too heavy food, and too late, it can leave you with a feeling of fullness, thereby making it difficult for you to get a quick, good night’s your sleep. Besides, a heavy, late night dinner also hampers with your digestion leaving you feeling bloated in the morning, and the problem with digestion can in turn lead to constipation and acidity in the morning if the food has been too spicy. It is not just about the quantity of food, but also the timing of food that matters, says, Krishma. The virtues of an early, light dinner have always been reiterated across different communities in India. Modern nutrition experts, though, suggest that eating dinner early can help you lose weight, especially if you eat at least three hours before you go to bed.
Choose your foods judiciously, so that your dinner remains, light, yet, filling and satisfying. Contrary to popular perception, walking directly after dinner strains your digestive system, because when you walk, blood is diverted from the stomach - where it is needed to digest the food - to the legs. In our day to day life we have to do our duties but if we do it with a touch of humanity, that makes the difference to the others life. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. It's simple math- if you want to lose a pound a week, you need to lose over 3500 calories, which is 500 calories a day, excluding all your regular daily activities.
One of the two serious reasons for you to not skip a meal, or even eat too little at a time is hypoglycemia. If you're too busy to be eating meals, chances are you also won't be drinking enough water. Shahi paneer, pav bhaji, aloo de parathe, paneer tikka masala or two burgers with extra cheese?

This lack of activity after a heavy dinner, makes it difficult for the body to digest the food properly and to burn calories. The reason for this, is that dinner eaten after late evening, actually slows down the body’s mechanisms thereby leading to a multiplication in the number of harmful microorganisms in the body. Overall, your foods should be high on proteins, low on calories, high on fruits and veggies as these are low calorie and keep you feeling full, and must have at least one soup and a salad. It is indeed a fact that skipping meals regularly in a bid to starve all the excess fat out of you is invalid and a bad idea too.
If you really want to lose the excess fat the right way, you need to eat right and exercise, which means you need to eat three times a day - all your breakfast, lunch and dinner too. So sometimes we comes up the (false) logic that if we skip a meal, we won't gain as many calories and therefore, will tend to lose more calories. People who regularly skip meals have been proven to risk inviting a roller coaster metabolic pattern. If you've been skipping a meal in the day, you're giving your body the wrong kind of signals. Dehydration leads to headaches, dizziness, sluggishness and an inability to sweat to name a few. This in turn leads to the storage of food as fats because there is no utilization of energy after a heavy dinner. If you eat late and heavy, you will not have an appetite for breakfast, the next day morning which will in turn, lead to further health related problems. This is because after you have eaten your food, your body requires at least three hours for proper digestion of food.
Also, as our body does not remain active in the night, it does not require high calorie meals either.

Avoid eating rice in the night, as it has high glycemic index and gives more energy but because you don’t do any activity where this energy can be used, the body stores it as fats. So, even if you have eaten nothing the entire day, do have your dinner, but keep it very light. This will eventually lead to spikes in your glucose levels coupled with a slow or delayed insulin release. Eating food is one of the three things important to survive, and giving that up 'once in a while' makes your body think there's not enough food to go. It is these cravings that come up at the worst possible times that really get to your body. All this leads to weight gain, that is why, a person must eat only until the time he feels full and this is why light dinners are preferable.
This is because if you suddenly have a very heavy dinner after fasting the entire day, it can affect negatively on your health. Every time you skip a meal, you give your body less sugar, thereby starving your body of energy. Another belief some people possess is that if they didn't eat before, they can eat a little extra now, as a little reward. This keeps your total metabolism in optimum conditions, you don't feel sick all the time because you didn't eat and you still stay on the road to health.
You learn to ignore the hunger pangs when you skip a meal, only to gorge mindlessly the next time.

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